Its that time again… family Christmas card pictures

 It is that time again… family Christmas card pictures.   Or as Keith calls it family torture time.

 I will admit that it can be torture, there is the year I was pregnant with number 3 and I wanted to get a picture of numbers 1 and 2 in their matching Christmas jammies in a big Christmas basket holding a strand of lights and candy canes, and sitting on a little wooden bench in their matching Christmas outfits.  BUT  I could not get them to look up at the camera at the same time, forget sitting still or smiling…  I started by speaking sweetly, offering them candy and finally growling {okay yelling} “look at the camera and s-m-i-l-e!!!”  I was so very frustrated with them acting like an almost  2 yr old and almost 4 yr old…  yeah that day goes down in the bad mom file.

It has gotten much better now that my expectations are much lower, I just want ME to look good.  I start planning pictures as we begin assembling the Christmas outfits, this year was blue {and since my mom always buys the Christmas outfits we go with what she chooses}  The 2 little girls can still wear matching clothes but the big ones all shy away from matching smocked dresses, and I have no idea why…

Our pictures were  not too traumatic for anyone this year.  We were all happy, no one was sick, or hungry or thirsty, we all coordinated and the littles matched, everyone’s shoes fit, no one fell on the way to the park for the pictures.  We had cute props and happy kids it was going to be successful!  Number 1 is becoming the family picture comedian, he willingly climbed on a gate to hang my Christmas banner.  Number 4 was able to mostly look at the camera with his face and eyes, he gets distracted by the environment and often keeps his face towards the camera but when we go back to look at pictures we see eyes facing anywhere but the camera.  Number 5 was obsessed with the cute suitcases my sister brought along as props and would not put them down for even a minute  The littlest one did not run off during pictures this year although she did have a huge crying fit for some of the time.   There was a random “musician” recording a music video right by us who kept the big ones entertained and close to hysterics as they tried to not laugh at him.  Lets just say we are quite confident he will not be going far in his musical career, but a boy can dream.

So here it is our Christmas card picture.  This picture represents our family the best.

We can all breathe a sigh of relief until next year.

Merry Christmas.

Jen and family

One thought on “Its that time again… family Christmas card pictures

  1. katie hughes harden says:

    I am so enjoying this! I look forward to getting to know your family and reading more run-on sentances! Reminds of the girl I knew 100 years ago! Love the family picture!

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