Resolutions… what’s yours?

               Happy New Year!!!

2012 How many times have you written the wrong date this year??? Me not so many only because I don’t often write the date, but this summer I did sign my maiden name and it has been 18 years since we were married. I know the next time I sign in at a Dr’s office I will put the wrong year.

Soooooo, the big resolution time has come and gone, have you made any, have you broken them already? I made 2 simple resolutions, one I saw on pinterest {you know crack for crafters, and a black hole where time just disappears} I wish I had pinned the idea but I did not actually even read it. The header said something like, pictures 365  from what I gathered by the tiny print after the header the goal was to take a picture every single day this year. I tried searching for it again on pinterest and found a lot of 30 day ideas, with a nice check list of pictures to take. I think I like the 365 better and the no check list. So that is my goal, to take 1 picture every single day this year. I like this goal, it is do-able, it is simple, just 1 picture every day, no restrictions, just a picture. I like this goal is because I gave a few family members those wonderful and so fun to make digital photo albums {I had an amazing coupon! which made it even better!} when I was working on those albums I discovered that a few of my children did not have many individual shots, there were lots of them with someone but many were hard to find alone. So I had already decided that I needed more individual shots then I saw the idea on the pin pinterest and I decided that would be my resolution my own personal resolution. I may post a few of my favorites as the year goes along, and please ask me if I have kept it up. I want a full set of pictures on my creative memories photo storage keeper {memory manager} to choose from this year. As a side note if you are interested in Creative Memories please check out this link and you can order right from Kim Overholt~she’s my friend and sister-in-law and an amazing teacher too. That is where I get all my supplies from.

My second resolution is to teach my children to stop and breathe. We are a busy people, places to go, people to see, things to do, worlds to conquer… you get the idea. But what are we teaching ourselves and our children??? Go Go GO GOOOOO!!! We are constantly saying yes to things and running from event to event. I tell my kids “I feel like I am running a marathon, I hate to run” {usually I say this as we are running late to school, church, an activity…} Many of these things are required of us. But what about the extra stuff, the party, the youth activity, the ball game, going to see friends, the g-n-o, the trip to the mall, target, IKEA… What can we take back for our family? What can we all give up for our family? What are we teaching our family? Are we teaching them to cherish their time or are we teaching “time management” as we drag them from ball practice, to music lessons, to church, to cotillion {it is a southern thing}, to the game, to get homework done, to bed. What time management? Yours? What about time to sit and visit with them, to listen to them, teach them, to read a book for fun, work a puzzle, build with legos, what about playing with all the toys they got for Christmas? When is there time for that? Sure there are a lot of positive things kids can learn from all those activities, but what about playing with the neighbor until dinner time, working on resolving a conflict on their own, what about riding bikes, or shooting hoops, what about free play time? We are a nation on the go, but can we be a people on the go slow? My grandma used to say “stop and smell the roses” {I am sure many other grandmas said the same thing} and when you take a child to the park you have no choice but to stop and smell the roses, watch the line of ants, chase the butterfly and look at the clouds. That is what I want my kids to learn, stop breath and enjoy. So we will be saying no to things this year, we will relax more and spend more time together.


4 thoughts on “Resolutions… what’s yours?

  1. mechelle says:

    well said Jen~thanks for the reminder to STOP and smell the roses!

  2. You are so right about the time thing. We’ve been trying harder but it’s always something. Glad to know we aren’t the only ones!

  3. R Overholt says:

    Have you kept your resolution?

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