camping and pretty cups

camping & pretty cups

C went with the youth group on a camping trip this weekend.  Yes we are in the south so it is not terribly bitter snowy-cold but it is still cold!  And He likes it warm, the boy runs his space heater every morning so when he is done with his shower his room is toasty warm, he will probably never leave the south.  Anyway, I think about 80 went camping.   This morning it was reported to me that at 2am another child went to go to the bathroom and they found C standing at the hand dryer trying to warm himself.  The poor boy was freezing!  {It actually dropped down to 39 degrees so it was very cold}.  We picked him up in front of the gym and told him to take off his hood we were going to dinner, he begged to go home, said he had not showered since Friday morning, smelled like a campfire and felt like a homeless person since he was wearing every piece of clothing he took in effort to get warm, the kid was right we had to roll down the windows in the van he stunk. 

I like to have an idea what meals we will be eating for the month so I make a menu, this is just a rough plan and it can change as our schedule changes.  I also like to ask the kids for their imput on meal ideas.  Yesterday at lunch I asked them if they had any thing in particular they wanted to eat this month.  C was gone so he had no imput on the menu, although he likes anything except rice he is easy to please.  They were all naming meals they like, chicken chili, ravioli, hot rolled sandwiches, lasagna and tacos.  J asked if I wanted “sides ideas” he said cantaloupe, and R said cheesy potatoes.  Then E piped up with “can we have chocolate chip cookies?  Oh and pretty cups”.  I am not at all sure why she said pretty cups…  But I assured her we could have chocolate chip cookies but I was not buying pretty cups at this time,  now I’m going to have to take her to IKEA with me to buy pretty cups in the near future…

I hope you are finding the funny in your life!



6 thoughts on “camping and pretty cups

  1. I may have some pretty paper cups you can use. Let me check. E would love them.

  2. Bethany says:

    What are hot rolled sandwiches? I may need to try this!

    • overholt8 says:

      hot roll sandwiches~ crescent rolls (what ever brand you like or have a coupon for) roll out into rectangles and top with lunch meat and cheese, roll up then roll in sesame seeds and bake for about 20 minutes. We all love them, I think it may be an original pampered chef recipie that after you roll in sesame seeds you slice then bake for apatizers but we dont slice them and use them as a great fast or on the go meal. We like the buffalo chicken and munster cheese or ham and cheddar cheese.

  3. You should ask her what she means by pretty. She may just mean fancy or colored or whatever. You could also give her the project of making plain plastic cups pretty with ribbon or something. I found some cute gold plastic cups on clearance one year (50 cents for 20 – no lie)
    and My baby girl thought I’d brought home the finest in gold stemware!

  4. overholt8 says:

    oh Cape Wearing Mom! what a great idea! we always have left over paper cups from family parties I’ll just give her some and let her have at it. That might keep her very busy tomorrow afternoon! Thanks for the idea!

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