The Mouse and the Motorcycle…

That sounds way better than what really happened… 

We live in an old house, and by old house I mean it is almost 90 years old.  So we have a problem with mice/bugs/termites/uninvited guests…  We have battled mice since moving in and except for the year that our yard could be confused with animal hoarders we have had mice.  Once I found a mouse super highway under our couch, another time I found that they really like my chocolate stash {it’s for baking, at least that is what I tell my kids}, and the time Keith found them in a pile of dirty dishes waiting to go into the dishwasher.  So yeah I hate them I put out poison, glue traps, whatever just to try to kill them.  And when you kill them if you cannot find them they stink and they have flies, big. dumb. slow. flies.  If you are a rodent lover who wants me to stop killing them feel free to come over and rescue them yourself. 
All this leads to last week.  On Tuesday I was washing dishes and noticed a few of the big dumb flies on the window, but did not smell death and wondered where they came from, by the week’s end we had lots of big dumb flies I still had no idea what died or where since I still did not notice the smell anywhere in the house.  Then on Sunday morning I decided it was a good idea to empty the diaper bag before adding more to it.  I have the greatest diaper bag which is not really a diaper bag at all but that is what I use it for.  {I got it here and it is called the ORGANIZING UTILITY TOTE}  Any way it has wonderful pockets perfect for water bottles,diet coke bottles, baby bottles, you get the idea.  So I was pulling stuff out of the pockets, the stray hair bow, elastic bracelet, sticker, crayon and some dusty weird shaped dried up thing…  YUP you guessed it, it was a mouse.  I know it was a mouse by the sad dried up tail and the tiny claws, it was a small mouse but it was a mouse.  Not the cute mickey mouse clubhouse mouse, not the cute little cartoon sweet story mouse but a rodent IN MY BAG, MY BAG!!!  I yelled out shivered and yelled again, the thing had been dead so long it was dusting {the after death rot dust}  I had been carrying around a dead mouse for who know how long in my bag, IN MY BAG.  I took the whole bag to the porch and shook it out, that dead dusting rotten mouse lay on my porch.  I carry that bag with me everywhere, church, ball practice, ball games, the store, and the grocery store, shopping, I let the little ones dig thru it looking for things to do when they are bored. I carry baby stuff, snacks, my things… ugh.  I scrubbed my hands over and over then threw the bag into the washer after a good soaking with oxyclean.  and washed that bag right up.  I love that bag and I love the print so I do plan on using that bag again but it might be a few weeks before I do.  I know one thing I will be looking before I reach in and grab anything out of a bag for a very long time.

So not really a mouse on a motorcycle but more like a mouse in a diaper bag, which does not have as nice a sound as the other.  And for the record, yes I took a picture, it is part of my Picture A Day goal, I plan on posting some of them at the end of the month.



7 thoughts on “The Mouse and the Motorcycle…

  1. mechelle says:

    You could always move up north~~I’ve never seen one, probably would not react as well as you~~but I also have cats!!

  2. Ellen says:

    Ahahaha….this cracks me up every time I think about it!

  3. Cara says:

    Oh, wow! It’s like your worst nightmare come true! Ugh! So sorry, but made for a great story. 🙂

  4. sandra says:

    When we lived in Pa. we had a family of mice in the basement. Well if you know me and mice it wasn’t a pretty sight. Moved here have seen the tree rats they love the fruit trees. I couldn’t be so upbeat if i were you, so i guess it is a good thing i’m not. I can handle just about anything but the rodents. I don’t believe they are Gods creatures. That said, your stories crack me up:)

  5. That is seriously one of the worst things I have ever heard. You need a super cat or two or four or maybe a whole platoon. 🙂

  6. christine says:

    As someone who also lives in an old house in the country and is constantly fighting the mice population, that has got to be the nastiest things I have ever read. So glad it was you and not me!

    • overholt8 says:

      Oh it was terrible!!! we had a super highway under the couch and when I sat at the computer I could catch them running along the wall. not to mention the ones we hear playing soccer in the attic

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