crayon hearts

I know it is not even February 1st and I am already talking about valentines.  Since E is in kindergarten this year we get to pass out valentines to her classmates, but since this is not my first valentine rodeo I know it is all about the prize NOT the paper valentine.  I remember choosing what valentine I would give to each person in my class, who got the sweet one, and honestly who got the yucky one.  But not any more, now it is about the tattoo or the candy~mostly the candy.  This year E is making homemade valentines… crayon hearts.  They are super cute and simple to make.1 box of broken naked crayons

2 super cute helpers {speaking of naked}

snacks are a must

fill the muffin tin with broken crayons

just like this

put in a 300 degree oven until nice and melty

cool on the counter then in the freezer {for best pop out ability}

attach hearts onto paper hearts

place in a zipper baggie 

label and pass out to classmates/ball team/ballet group/etc.

{which C informed me is Latin, guess the big study session is paying off}

We had a good time making hearts, playing Toy Story Yahtzee and snacking while crafting this afternoon, but just so you don’t get any ideas about it being neat and clean this is what the table looked like when we were finished with the 2nd round of yatzee and hearts.

So our valentine craft is done.  I’ll put it into baggies and label them tonight without any help from my girls.  Now to see if J is willing to give these to his 2nd grade class or if I will have to remember to go buy a box for him to pass out.  I think he will go for the hearts. 

Tomorrow I plan on posting a few of my favorite January pictures.   It has been fun getting a picture a day, the camera stays out on the counter and the memories are being preserved on my computer.


P.S.   R says to tell you that if you are planning on giving these to children who might think they are candy, tell them they are crayons, and use crayola because they are non toxic, they only taste nasty.


3 thoughts on “crayon hearts

  1. Ellen says:

    Good ol’ R!

  2. Harriet Montgomery says:

    I love this idea. I never did like store bought ones and Nathan & Jacqueline make their own if they have time. They come up with some really cool designs. Maybe we’ll try this one this year.

  3. R Overholt says:

    Yes good old R (that’s me)

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