January Pictures

If you remember my new year resolution it was to take a photo a day and I did a pretty good job capturing every day activities.  I missed a few days here and there but had fun with it.  Here are a few I liked.

As for teaching my children to stop and breath, I’m not doing so good.  January was so very busy thankfully we still have 11 months to learn how to stop and breath.

For Christmas E got 2 beauty heads, we decided to put 1 of them in O’s bed, we used a body pillow, sunglasses and we decided to let her read from an IPad.  When we were done we were laughing so hard we were almost crying.  O did not find it as amusing as we did.

Go Blue

Happy Birthday O

Yes that is 6 IPads C is our tech guy

the boys played putt~putt together and only 1 ball went into the water

R and Keith watching Harry Potter together

The mouse and no motorcycle

On the morning of E’s birthday we woke up to a pink sky we decided it was a birthday present to E from God.

Pantry eater likes Krispy Kreme 

E wasn’t feeling well so she and Daddy were reading books before heading back to bed

How are your resolutions coming?



2 thoughts on “January Pictures

  1. laura says:

    I heard some of the balls went out of the putt putt place. Grandma had a great time doing putt putt

    • overholt8 says:

      When we all played as a family 1 ball went bouncing into the parking lot. and 1 ball went into the water, this is a different time, E went to a party there and she won’t stay at a party alone, we had plans later so I had the boys play a game. They had fun playing together.

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