a new pillow

This week J’s allergies have been terrible. He has been drippy, itchy, sneezing, coughing, he has been just miserable.  On Wednesday morning he was especially yuck feeling so I let him stay home, gave him a stronger medicine and listened to him sneeze and cough all morning long.  When A went down for her nap he asked if we could sew something together.  {I am pretty free with letting the kids use my sewing machine; it is over 20 years old so it is low tech.}  This fall I purchased some soft University of Michigan flannel when I took the baby up to see her Great Grandma.  He decided to use that to make a pillow cover for a pillow his Grandma and Pow gave him a few years ago. 

He measured the pillow, added a half~inch on each side for the hem. 

Then he pinned the sides and sewed it together. 

He is very good at using the machine BUT has a lead foot.   He stuffed the old pillow into the new case.

And hand sewed the opening shut.

He did a great job! 

Now he says it is his favorite pillow.

Now this sounds sweet and wonderful and a great bonding afternoon, but I’d been up with 2 of the kids the night before. I slept on the floor with only a pillow pet for a pillow {which is not as comfortable as the commercial makes it sound, but thanks Aunt Kim for that little bit of comfort at 2 a.m.} I was tired, very tired.  I wanted to take a nap, I wanted to put on the electronic babysitter.  I planned on putting on a movie that would last at least an hour if not more, snuggle into my bed and take a nap.  I had dishes to wash, laundry to do and dinner to plan.


I stopped

I decided that time with J was more important than a nap, the dishes, the laundry and even dinner.  I sat and listened to him and his stories while he measured and cut.  I let him tell me all about a basketball game while he pinned the fabric.  I stood over him and breathed his sweet~stinky boy smell while I watched as he guided the fabric into the machine. {That makes Keith so nervous, he is afraid they will sew their fingers…}  Then I laughed at his jokes while he hand sewed the opening shut.  When he was done he said “I am so thankful for a mom who will craft with me, I love you mom.”  THAT statement alone was worth the tired eyes, dishes in the sink and funny smell from the laundry room.  THAT made me tear up with joy.

That is why I want to stop and live in the moment with my kids.



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