Science Fair, Basketball and a Catapult Launch

This weekend was above average on the busy scale and I think I was left with a van shaped seat imprint on my bum for all the time I spent as I raced around town for and with the kids. 

Friday morning O’s Physical Science class had a big catapult launch.  A few weeks earlier they were able to get into groups, to work on researching, building,and successfully launching a catapult.  O and the girls in her group chose each other because they all care about their grades, pay attention in class, work well together and wanted to get an A.  Thankfully they all met at a central location {not our house} and worked on it together, we only had to provide a ride to the house.  It was fun to watch the groups launch their tennis balls.   Before the launch they filled the ball pocket with glitter when they released the tension the girls were all sprinkled with glitter.  When O’s dad came out to watch they filled the pouch with extra glitter and let him pull the release, he was COVERED in glitter.  Great fun for a middle school principal to go into meetings sparkling.

That same day R’s science fair project was being judged for the county competition.  We have done our share of projects and honestly are tired of them, so when R asked if he could participate, our only stipulation was he had to do the ENTIRE THING WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM US.  And he did!  We did not even supply a glue stick.  He worked on it at school, after school and on weekends with only the guidance of his wonderful teacher.  He designed the project, he researched the project, he worked on the paper and display with out our help.  Do I feel guilty for not helping him, yes, a little,  BUT he did it!  HE DID IT!!!  This was his project, this was his work and this is his reward.  HE CAME IN 3RD FOR THE COUNTY {in computer science category} ALL BY HIM SELF.  After running out to a not so local community college to see his project we were delighted to see that he was getting an award but disappointed because of plans we had plans we were not able to attend the awards ceremony.  We are so proud of him!

From the science fair we rushed off to a basketball game for O to help do stats and J to be water boy.  Unfortunately our girls varsity team lost but because they came in 2nd place in regionals they will go on and play again this week.

Saturdays in the winter mean Church Basketball League for our family.  The big one gets community service for working the games, and all the others play in the league.  This was also the beginning of state solo and ensemble competition so I ran back and forth between games and the school that hosted the competition.  C was singing in it and his group earned an excellent.  E and J play on the same team and J loves all things about basketball he is getting pretty good at ball handling, and is learning to think the game.  We challenge E to touch the ball 3 times a game, some games she manages to look adorable and not ever touch the ball.  But I tell her “if you can’t be the best, be the cutest”.  Last year she would “play” in a tutu and lots of bows. 

Because we are at the gym all morning I try to avoid the concession stand by bringing lunch and snacks for the kids.  I grabbed a mini bag of popcorn, I don’t normally cook the mini bags so I read the directions, it said 3 minutes which I felt was too long but set it anyway.  Two minutes into the cooking process the entire bag caught on FIRE, A GIANT FIREBALL OF FLAMES in my microwave,  I left it in there and the flames soon died because of lack of oxygen, R came into my room holding a shirt over his mouth the rancid smell of FIRE burnt popcorn was billowing into the entire house.  R opened all the windows I set up fans and we laughed about the fire.  3 days later our house still smells faintly of fire corn.  I have cleaned out the microwave but am a little anxious to use it again for fear that the wiring inside was damaged.

The kids entertaining themselves between games. {Blue 7 is not ours but is a classmate of E and his siblings play in the later games}A dunking the ball during halftime of O’s gameA so very excited about “toot hoop” shooting hoopsA getting sleepy and comfortable during O’s game.

That evening we went to the Liberal Arts College in town to watch one of Keith’s former players basketball game.  Although her team lost we still had fun and A loves to cheer for Ashee.  And as a bonus we went out after with out any kids {YAHOO}.  We only got 2 phone calls in that time too, E was starving even though C had dinner cooking, and J was too hot in his long sleeve jammies and the suggested sleep shirtless was not an option…

We stayed home for our own super bowl party of sorts, we had junk to eat and ended up watching more of an old game tape of Keith’s college days than the super bowl.  I think we had more fun that way.

Monday night was the NHS and NJHS award ceremony at our school.  C was inducted into the NHS and O into NJHS.  We are proud of the awards that I pushed them so hard, that they worked so hard to earn.

C and his award

O getting her award from her dad

We are looking forward to a much more calm next weekend, just 3 basketball games and then shopping with O, she had a growth spurt and all her dresses are too short. 



2 thoughts on “Science Fair, Basketball and a Catapult Launch

  1. I love the way O looks every Sunday. Proud to be her grandmother.

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