Great’s cookbook

 I love to bake, I love it so much that when I was preggers with child number 1 I baked 72 dz cookies in 2 days time.  Okay so I have a touch of OCD as well, but I love to bake.  The first memory I have of baking I wanted to add water to chocolate chip cookie recipe because I thought it looked too dry, thankfully my mom did not let me, but she also did not let me bake again for a very long time.  I started serious baking after being  married a few years.  The year of the 72 dz our house reeked of chocolate, I made chocolate thumb print cookies, cut out sugar cookies, chocolate caramel cookies, fudge (which was yucky) chocolate pudding cookies peanut butter balls,and peanut butter cookies.  We gave tins of cookies as gifts, we took plates of cookies when we went to friend’s houses, we had cookies well into January, which was nice to have after C’s birth when Keith’s parents came down for a week.  A few years later Keith’s Grandma Imogene gave me this, her old cookie cookbook.  I was thrilled, I love family things and I love baking, she knew me and thought I would like the book, it makes my heart smile still.  I have made many of the cookies in this book but what I love most about it is the splatter and notes she left in the book.

She liked the white bowl for Ethel’s sugar cookies

Apparently the peanut butter honey cookies were “no good” and I have not yet tried them.

This page is a favorite it is peanut butter cookies, when I first got the book this page had splatter and was wrinkled since then we have added a blop of chocolate milk, from a “helper”, a splat of Crisco, and the book opens right to this page.  And when I am feeling a little blah this is the page I go to.  I love this book and I love the history of the book.  I love to think about Great as she made cookies, she was passionate and loved her family.  I love this cookie cook book.  One day I will pass it on to one of my girls and I know that they will love it as much as I do.

Yesterday I changed it up a bit and when I made the peanut butter cookies I decided to put a heart on them instead of the normal kiss.  An idea I copied off pinterest, I Got Reese’s hearts, because what goes better with peanut butter cookies than more peanut butter and chocolate.

Baby A knows where the goods are!

 Only 1 raw cookie ball landed on the floor, does it look like a bite has been taken out?  Well it has, while I was grabbing my camera to get a picture of the cookies with melty chocolate hearts on them, little  A decided to pick up the floor cookie to take a bite.  I yelled out in disgust she dropped the cookie and ran out of the room crying.  I called her back to love on her.  But I am probably the ONLY MOTHER in America who finds raw dough disgusting and I refuse to let me kids eat it uncooked.  I know I am terrible and I know that Keith and C sneak it when I leave it in the fridge.  But I will not knowingly let them eat it raw.

Fresh hot and melty chocolate heart in a peanut butter cookie.

Some hearts and some kisses, for the traditionalist.

***Oh and a side note I make many things in my cupcake pans so when the cookies spread no one can say “hers is bigger than mine” and the brownies are all the same size when taken from the pan, no need to keep slicing the edge to get it straight.   Keeps things simple and me from over indulging in brownies. ***

SO there you have it a happy cookbook and yummy cookies.  I took plates of cookies to my child care helpers for Bible study share the love people, share the love.

So very thankful for this gift that keeps on giving from Great.



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