Happy Valentines

This little girl wanted to say “happy valentines day”We went to party at school today

We went into this little girl’s class, she passed out her heart crayon valentines, choosing which “girly” colors went to which girls, the poor boys she just pulled out a “boy” color heart and gave it to them.

Then we went to this boy’s room for a valentine party, they made big head picture valentines which were super cute.  He also handed out his crayon heart valentines.   Notice his “homemade” shirt?  I had no idea he’d want a valentine shirt so I did not buy one or make one until this morning when he asked for one.  I just pinned a felt heart ornament {that I had been using to make decorations} to a red shirt.  He was happy and I WILL be looking for a real valentine shirt on clearance for next year. 

These boys were waiting for dinner so they could open their valentine presents ~ each child got pajamas or a t~shirt and a fun pen, marker or pencil set, and each child was thankful for the items picked specifically for them.  We want to give them something useful but something that  will let them know they are loved, appreciated, and celebrated

And this little girl just wants to shoot some hoops.  As soon as the back door opens she runs out and grabs a ball and starts playing basketball,  I just could not resist another picture of her in boots and tutu.

Keith and I enjoyed a nice quiet meal out ~it was so quiet.  I am so thankful we enjoy each other’s company.

I hope your valentines was filled with love and loved ones.



2 thoughts on “Happy Valentines

  1. Ellen says:

    That little A is SO stinking cute! I LOVE that Valentine’s outfit!

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