How do you… lunch?

I get asked, all the time, HOW DO YOU DO IT???  I will attempt to answer these questions by category, because honestly some things are just too overwhelming…

So today is school LUNCH, I make 30 sandwiches a week, I pack 5 lunches 5 times a week, 5 times a week I attempt to send a balanced lunch for my children, and some days it is a big fat FAIL!  Last week was payday, so money was tight before payday, and lunch supplies were l~o~w.  Tuesday I sent cereal, in little containers and instructed the kids to buy milk, some bought chocolate and some bought white, they had bananas and apple straws, and all were fed and all were happy.  Last Monday I served 3 of them chocolate chip pancake sandwiches, filled with peanut butter, they had apple slices and veggie straws with the pancake sandwiches and they were again  fed and happy.  (Just please don’t report me to the food and healthy lunch police)  Then hardly complain when I send weird things in their lunches they are used to strange things from me, I like to keep them guessing.   

It helps to be organized and the more organized I am the less crabby I am and the easier it is to get lunches packed, hair brushed, shoes tied,  and kids out of the house before 7:35 each morning.  SO on the weekend I head to Sam’s Club and buy bread it takes 3 loaves of bread to make lunches for the school week, fruit and cheese sticks.  I do the bo/go at our local grocery store to get the snack stuffs for their lunch, crackers and cookies.

Then I repackage it all into serving sizes all at once, that means I measure or count out all the cookies, goldfish, crackers, all of it.  My hopes for giving each child the correct serving size is the hope that I am teaching them to enjoy things in moderation and showing them how small an amount of cookies they can have compared to how many apple slices or grapes then can enjoy.  Our family struggles with weight and as a leader at weight watchers once said ” lets face it you are all not here at this meeting because you had too many carrot slices”.  So I package it all up.  I also give the little kids half a serving and the big kids a full serving size.  The foods company’s serving size recommendation is for an adult not a child so I give them half an adult serving.  I then put the sorted and packaged foods in to 2 tubs I keep on the bottom shelf of my pantry.

   For the last 11 years of my children’s schooling I have spent precious minutes each morning making sandwiches, time I could be spending making sure they are eating breakfast, and making sure teeth are brushed, homework is not forgotten, and shoes are found.

BUT this summer I had an epiphany, I was talking to my sister and realized that Smuckers makes and freezes sandwiches so why can’t I?  That day I made 2 sandwiches for each child and froze them, to pull out the next morning around 7:15 I wanted to see if they would be ready to eat at their different lunch times.  I did not tell the kids I was experimenting with them I just did it.  YIPPIE No complaints about weird bread, watery, stale, dry, wet or gooey.    The next morning I pulled out the 2nd sandwich for each child, again no complaints YAHOO I was so excited I could make sandwiches on the weekend and save so much time each day.  I was eager to make and freeze,  I was a little too eager I bought 6 loaves of bread and made sandwiches as each child likes them {a few pb only, 1 honey only, and the others are pb and honey}.  Soooo 2 weeks frozen was not a good idea, by the end of the 2nd week the bread was a little frost-bitten and hard.  {lesson learned only freeze 1 to 1.5 weeks at a time}  I line it up assembly line making and bagging them up.

Ever see those giant bottles of honey at Sam’s and wonder who uses them before they crystallize?  Yeah we do. We go thru 3 tubs of peanut butter and 1 big bottle of honey a month.

Today C decided to visit with me while making sandwiches.  I enjoy the stolen minutes with my kids, sure it might be faster to do it with out visiting but then I would miss out on what they are thinking, or what is happening in their lives.  So I go slow and enjoy the chat.  I label the baggies with their letter, and then put into the door of my freezer.

They are in 3 rows, girls on top, boys in the middle and C gets the bottom row,  they are labeled so if they get moved they all still get the kind they like.  I just grab out 6 every morning {C gets 2 sandwiches for lunch} and toss into their lunch boxes along with V~8 Fusion juice in a BPA free bottle, or boxed organic chocolate milk, cheese sticks, crackers, cookies, and some fruit.  I also pack E a snack for after rest time at school.

SO that is “how I do… lunch”  every school day all year-long… 

enjoy your day and go hug your kids they need the love.



4 thoughts on “How do you… lunch?

  1. When I was their age we can home for lunch but one day I had to stay. I was so excited but my mom sent cooked rhubarb which I like but those around me made fun of me. Oh well, their lose.

  2. sandra says:

    If your honey does crystalize all you have to do isput it in the microwave.

  3. overholt8 says:

    That is right, you can also put it on the stove in a pot of hot water.

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