jumping in feet first…

I often jump into a project feet first without thinking the logistics through all the way,  I have done many big projects on my own or with a little help from a friend or child, but this one might just be my biggest.  Keith travels for work, more than some and less than others but he travels, and when he is gone I like to accomplish something to show off when he gets home.  You’d think survival without him would be enough.   In future posts I’ll show off some of what I have done with little or no help.  BUT this time… yeah this time I may have jumped into the DEEP END of the pool without my floaties on… 

I hate Hate HATE the original bathroom to our 1920’s house.  It smells, it looks ugly, it smells, the toilet clogs, the water pressure is not the best, the toilet clogs all~the~time, and it smells. {oh did I mention it smells???}  We have redone a lot of things in our house but that bathroom keeps getting pushed down on the to do list.  Well not anymore.  I have been pinning ideas of bathrooms I like on my pinterest account, {you can go check it out if you want just look under Jen Overholt} to see the ideas I have and I like.

Now this bathroom is small, the sink is in a little alcove and the toilet is behind the door under very tall cupboards.The sink cabinet space is 32 inches wide by 16 inches deep this area is very dark I want a new mirror without a medicine cabinet  and 2 wall sconces put up, a friend’s husband is coming to do that for me {electricity scares me} in a few weeks.

I am NOT a fan of this cabinet it is not a good fit, and is impossible to clean!  The toothpaste, paints, and dirt just stick to the wood grain and I cannot scrub it enough to get it clean.  The counter is not attached to the cabinet or to the wall.  A friend is giving me her unwanted pedestal sink in a few weeks. 

The offensive smelling clogging toilet is actually okay but the floors under the toilet as is the plumbing are the offenders, I think years of boy’s using this bathroom has led to pees getting under that laminate and sticking around smelling.  I pinned directions on how to remove the odor I’ll let you know if it works or not. {Do you like the duck decal?  Yeah that is from back in 2000 when we moved in, all 3 big kids shared that bathroom and they were little so I decorated it in bright colors and ducks, If you look close at the cabinet picture you can still see some bright yellow I did not get covered up yet.}  The toilet space is 33 inches wide by 17 inches deep. If you open the door all the way and someone is on the toilet the door smacks them on the head.  The door stop is the toilet bowl.  The toilet works fine I plan on keeping the toilet just getting rid of the duck decal.

These cupboards are original to the house and are super tall, I have to stand on the toilet to reach into the top ones they go up 8 feet tall.  Do you see the bright yellow peeking out of the sides nice huh?  I love the toothbrush and toothpaste pulls so I will be keeping them.

This whole mess started when I was talking to C and wanted to see how easy it would be to pull up the laminate flooring.  Yeah it was too easy only connected at the edges of the room, which I am so very thankful!  But once I started to pull I could not make myself quit…

Here he is trying to act like it is hard to pull out…  it was not.  The tub is cast iron and it is staying.  I plan on breaking the surround tile  it is a creamy brown color and dated, although he things I should redo all the tile work.  We’ll see.

This is where the nervous laughter kicked in and I could not stop.  Keith has not yet left town and I started the project already.  I was just too eager to get started.  The floor space {not counting the sink and toilet areas} are 4 feet 8 inches by 4 feet 6 inches, the tub is 3 feet wide.

Like I said it is a very small bathroom.  But it will be a nice small bathroom when I am finished. 

My immediate Plans Are

have C pull the toilet
pull the cabinet and sink
remove all the flooring and wood trim
break? pull off the yuck tiles from the shower surround
remove the ceiling popcorn tile
remove the ceiling light
replace the bathroom window {that I will have to have Keith help me with I am sure of}

Then I will have to wait for his next trip to begin putting the bathroom back together.  SO I’ll keep posting on my progress so you can see if I learn to swim in the deep end or if someone throws me a floatie.  I hope I can swim. 

Enjoy your evening and if you hear nervous laughter in the near future realize it is just me having a mild panic attack as I begin this project.

go hug your kids they need some love



6 thoughts on “jumping in feet first…

  1. sandra says:

    That is a good plan. My master bath is smaller than that, and we had the problem with the door, so we changed it so that is now swings out. Problem solved.

  2. phyllis says:

    Jen, call Divine Design!

  3. R Overholt says:

    Yes the bathroom stinks, and it’s super tiny

  4. lisa says:

    If keeping your tub make sure you protect it when you bring those tiles down. Wish we had more than 1 bath when we go to redo ours. Good luck with your project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. […] out a floatie. I realized it AFTER I got started, not before when it would have been less mess. Jumping in Feet First  Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage […]

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