Today I was crabby

Today I was crabby.
I had more to do than time
I had a great start

The house needed a good scrub so after squandering a few minutes on Facebook, I got right to it.  Sweet baby A came looking for something to do, someone to play with, some one who would listen.  I was dusting the bookshelves, moving some books around, making a yard sale/donate pile.  I handed her a tiny ball to play with while I worked.  She must have dropped that ball behind every book on the shelf, I would pull them out she would laugh as though she had preformed a great magic trick and then drop the ball onto another shelf.  It was fine in the places I had yet to dust, but a bit annoying where I had already been.  After she tired of that game I continued rehelving, she pooped, of course I had to stop to change her, and then came the fussies.  She asked for another bottle, and then for a book.  All my kids have loved the same book, MY GOODNIGHT BOOK by ELOISE WILKIN, and honestly I have no idea why, it is a sweet soothing book written in 1981 a hand~me~down from the children I babysat.  But it is not a great work of art, a masterpiece of picture book, it is just a sweet story of a little girl getting ready for bed.  We read that book 10 times this morning.  She wanted to snuggle so we took a nap together.  I love napping with my kids, they almost all have napped with me at one time or another, some quit as little babies and others still like to nap with me.  After our nap I finished the bookshelf, then it was time to collect the rest of the children.
I had so much to do and I was out of time, there was laundry on the couch, dishes in the sink, trash to take out, sheets to wash, floors to sweep and I was out of time, This made me crabby.  My house made me crabby it was not my childrens fault I had poorly managed my time.

MY house is still a wreck but I have great family and friends who encouraged me to leave the house and make memories, so THAT is what I did today.
And every so slowly with each splash in the pool, each laugh, each squeal in delight my crabby began to fade away.

I did manage to sneak into the house to sweep the dining room while they were in the pool, so that room was dusted and swept.
I had to cook around a pile of dirty pots from last nights dinner.
BUT we made memories we went swimming we laughed and we talked
There is a mound of  clean laundry on the couch, we had to sit on the floor tonight to read books
BUT we made memories.

The house and mess will be there tomorrow but I can never get today back with my kids.
I’m so very thankful for the wise advice from friends and family.

go hug your kids they need your love

4 thoughts on “Today I was crabby

  1. Neal Gaylor says:

    The last part brought tears to my eyes!

  2. christine says:

    You made the right choice! And you have very smart friends. Keep listening to them.

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