The Washing Machine… The Final Book{I hope}

The final book in the washing machine saga
Or is it the final book???
At any rate, the thing is fixed, and running loads of laundry like a money laundering scheme,  I think the machine is happy to be running again.  I know we are happy it is running!
As you all know {or the 3 of you who read my blog} in the first part of the washing machine saga blogs, I said the repair man came at the beginning of the time alloted and after a little more than an hour had ordered our parts and would be back the following week.  Well, not so fast.  On Monday Keith got a message from Sears Repair that we needed to reschedule our appointment, since I am the one home and will be here when they come I was the one who called back.  After a few minutes of pressing 2 now press 1 now press 5 now please hold and speak clearly the department you want, I just kept pressing numbers and saying {shouting} “I just want a HUMAN please give me a HUMAN” every time it asked me to talk, I am sure that the pressing numbers helps them along but it makes me turn into a crazy woman just trying to get help.  I finally got through to a man, who said I was in the wrong department BUT he could help me Yahoo!  Here is a sample of our conversation J is for me and PG is for phone guy and it goes a little something like this…

J~ I need to reschedule my appointment to get my washer fixed
PG~ good news I have an opening on Wednesday afternoon between 1~4
J~ ummm that was when I was scheduled to have someone come fix the washer BUT I was bumped out of that spot and now you want to come in that spot and fix my washer
PG~yes you can have it, it is open now
J~but I did have it and someone took it from me
PG~do you want us to come on Wednesday from 1~4 we have an opening for that time
J~that WAS my spot and now I can have it back?  The spot that I put on my calendar and YOUR guy gave me last week?
J~yes I would like my spot back
PG~okay then I have you down for Wednesday from 1~4
PG is this the number we can call you at when we are on our way
J~ no that is my husbands number here is my number 555-2222
PG so do you want us to call that number when we are on our way
J~yes please
J~ oh and the repair guy who was here last week said our parts would be shipped to our house before the next repair person comes
PG~oh you don’t have your parts yet?
J~ummm no
PG~oh let me check that for you
J~whistling a happy tune so I don’t come through the phone on the PG
PG~yeah it looks like your parts were never finalized on your order
J~ WHAT?!??!
PG~yeah it says “pending” on your order
J~pending WHAT?
PG~I dont know…
J~can you please order my parts
PG~sure I’ll order them for you
J~thank you
PG~okay now they won’t be in for a few more days, it looks like we are going to have to move your repair appointment to Friday
J~WHAT???  my Wednesday appointment that got bumped, is back on Wednesday and now I am being bumped again?
PG~yeah your parts will be in on Wednesday afternoon or Thursdays, unless it is urgent and then we can overnight them to get to you by Tuesday or Wednesday, but it is not urgent
J~ what constitutes an emergency?
PG~this is not an emergency
J~*cry talking now* I have 6 SIX kids which makes 8 people and 8 people’s laundry that I have been taking for 2 weeks now every night to my sister’s house to get done, how is that not urgent?
PG~I understand
J~what?  really you understand you have 8 people in your house making dirty laundry???*still cry talking* with no washer???
PG~*silence and pause*so your order is placed and the parts should be here before your appointment on Friday the repair tech will call you the night before and then the day of your appointment
J~okay *sniffling* thanks
PG~thank you is there anything else I can help you with

So that was NOT fun but I put out a whine on Facebook and had my sister come get 3 baskets of laundry and a wonderful friend {who was having surgery 2 days later}come and get 4 baskets of laundry a total of 15 loads of laundry for me!  I was so blessed by them I cried again {told you I cry a lot} They brought the laundry back washed and dried {my sister} and folded in the right person stacks {my friend} I was thrilled.

Fast forward to Thursday when I am expecting the call from my friend PG.  I get that call, my parts are still not in, and I have a choice they can come Saturday morning from 7am ~12pm or any day I want the NEXT week.  I choose Saturday.  My favorite PG says, if the parts are not in on Friday please call again to reschedule…  Friday PG calls to remind me they are coming on Saturday and please call back IF my parts are not in.  Yeah, my parts are STILL NOT IN.  But I chose not to call back incase they came in later, which they did.  I was so thankful.

The PG calls one more time to tell me that my service tech is running behind is that alright or do I want them to come next week, I tell them YES it is alright as long as they come TODAY!  About an hour later, she calls me and it goes a little something like this: TG is the Tech Girl and again J is me…
TG~ I am coming to check to see what is wrong with my washer. 
J~we know what is wrong with the washer and the boxes of repair parts are on our table
TG~we don’t normally do repairs on Saturday, just service checks. 
J~*I  tell her how I am frustrated with her company* I know you had nothing to do with all that has happened and I know it is not your fault but this has been broken for 2 plus weeks and I tell her a little about PG and that whole mess, and blah blah blah
TG~oh honey I will come and fix it if the parts are in you do not need to go another day with out a washer
J~oh thank you
TG~do you mind if I grab lunch before I come the company makes us take a 30 minute break some time after 12 and before 1
J~*sniffling* yes honey get your lunch and then fix my stupid washer

So my washer is fixed but is on an extension cord because the first tech said my wires were not grounded and that is why my computer brain died, but the tech today said my brain was not dead and I did not need that replaced.  But since Keith and my F~I~L started to fix the wiring the machine is now plugged into an extension cord run into my room.

I don’t care as long as it is washing clothes
BUT it now sounds very rattly inside the spin cycle so I get to start this process ALL OVER AGAIN next week
I am breathless with anticipation!

Go hug your kids, they need your love
p.s. on a happy note I had a day mostly to myself and it was wonderful


Cowboy {GIRL} CowPOKE Day


Last week was W week in E’s kindergarten.

They had a COWPOKE day, they could dress up in cowpoke clothes {no weapons please, no ropes, no spurs, no guns…}
“Ye~haw cowgirl”
“Yippie~ki~Ay, Get along Little Doggie”
Were stated, shouted and sung through the house while on a full on gallop

{E wore the cow skirt I made for chick~fil~a day last July, she will be wearing it again this summer!}
Their teachers had  plenty of activities planned.
They would have a few games, read a few books on cowboys, do “western” papers, they would have fun, and a guest cowboy.

 They had pony races around their playground.
They “roped” cattle, using a hula~hoop and safety cones.
They searched for sheriff badges.
They had a pony obstacle course around their play ground.
They played toss the snake.
They listened to a “real cowboy” who lives on a ranch crack his whip.
It was a very loud crack, he explained that they don’t hit the cows with the whip, but the crack of the whip scares the cows into cooperation.
Overall it was a great day during W week!
Later that night she and 7 lucky friends from her class all caught the stomach bug, at least we were in good company!

Go hug your kids, they need your love

Some days Are Like That…

Some days are better when they end. 

Some days start out fine, then quickly spiral down.

Sure there were some good things today:

A friend made me come do a load of laundry at her house, then she chased me around town to give it back washed/dried/folded.
My sweet 4yr old friend came errand running with me for a few hours today, she entertained me with her made up stories “just pretend Mrs Jen, not for real…” and entertained baby A while we shopped and went into a few different stores, teaching her dance moves while riding in the shopping cart.
O and J sat snuggled in the chair reading books while I made dinner.
I got to visit with a friend while we babysat for the Mom’s Bible Study at our church.
I tried a new recipe for dinner and no one complained, {it was okay but if I make it again I need to make a few changes}
E was able to last at school all day without coming home sick.
No one else in the house is showing signs of the stomach flu.
C helped R with some poetry homework.
I ran to the grocery store all~alone.
My sister showed up at my house and took 3 baskets of laundry for me.
My friend is coming to take 3 baskets of laundry for me tomorrow.
{seems like there is a lot of laundry talk}
The weather is beautiful today and tomorrow

If I focus on the good things rather than the inconvenient or frustrating, then things don’t seem so terrible.

The repair company called
we were bumped from our time slot,
we were given back our time slot,
we are bumped again from our time slot because the parts were never ordered,
we are now given a new time slot of Friday,
if our parts come in…
Our pool turned green after the weekend rainstorm.
J chose a terribly written book for bedtime {and I am a book snob, it is going in the garage sale pile tonight}
My sewing machine has to be sent out by Sears since it is a Kenmore, but it looks to be a better choice financially to send it out to fix than buy a new one, now I need to go out to Sears to take care of the matter.
I tried to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies to drown my problems in warm cookies and cold milk and I burnt the entire batch of cookies reading the poorly written book to J.  {now I really don’t like the book}
I have a weird headache on my right temple.
And my legs are so hairy right now I could be confused with my son. {legs only}
I might be out of diet coke.

Keith is home now and ironing
all the kids are in bed
 I am going to spend some mindless minutes in pinterest.
I found a diet coke in the cupboard
{things are already looking up!}

If I focus on only the negative the day seems terrible, but if I look back I see the good, the fun, the friendships, and family, that make me thankful for the people in my life.
Very thankful that tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start, full of potential to be a great day. 

go hug your kids, they need your love




The Washing Machine Saga Continues

Washing Machine Book 3
We’ve gotten used to baskets lined up in the kitchen for one of us to grab and run over to my sisters to toss in a load, and although I hate them in the kitchen, it is easier to grab then to  climb into the laundry room that was a wreck before the repair man came and now things are displaced it is even more of an obstacle course to get to the baskets.  We also do not need them lined neatly by our washer since it is not working.
All this is fine and dandy UNTIL last night…

E has health issues {Takes too long to explain here, sometime I’ll explain} so she frequently wakes at night in stomach or colon pain and comes to get us, we offer her a heat pack and will either let her in our bed or go to her bed and lay down there with her.  I do not mind her company in bed I can sleep in about any position and as long as no one touches my pillow I adapt.   Keith does not like them in our bed, he is a bed hog and they cramp his sleeping over the entire surface of the bed style.  
Last night was no different, except it was in the end.
I woke up to E standing near my shoulder telling me her belly hurt, looking back she was pointing to a different area but at 3:11am I was not in a spot what’s different in this picture kind of mood.  I scooted over and let her climb over me into the middle of our bed.  She snuggled up to me and laid quietly, I dozed off and assumed she did too.  At 3:30am  she did the “throw up cough”, you know the one you can hear as soon as you become a mom, the cough has made me jump up on more than one occasion in the middle of the night to run grab a trash can and catch the child before the mess is everywhere.  As I sat up and grabbed our quilt {a different one than the original story quilt, but wouldn’t that have been ironic if it was the same one?} because she was already bent over, she threw up ALL OVER KEITH”S BACK it was honestly the funniest thing I have seen at 3:30am.  I grabbed her and with the quilt still in my hand started trying to catch the throw~ups.  Keith just laid there stunned, he had no idea she was in our bed and was violently woken from sleep with terrible noise and puke on him…  {as I typed that I was laughing thinking about it}  He laid there, she sat there and I had to grab the box of wet wipes to clean them both up.  After I managed to get him clean and her clean enough, she stopped throwing up and went to the bathroom on her own to wash up.  I started stripping the bed when it hit me, I can’t throw these in the washer to get them clean tonight, it is the middle of the night I can’t wash them until sometime tomorrow.  I know my sister would do anything for me BUT this is not anything and she would not be happy if I showed up to wash a load of puke sheets at her house at 4am.   Thankfully the original story sheets were clean and folded and put away so I remade the bed while Keith took E upstairs to get her clean jammies.  We retired to the couch while he went back to bed, in the meantime we woke up baby A who had enough sleep and was bright~eyed and bushy~tailed ready to play.  We made a sorry group at 4am, thank heavens for satellite we were able to watch some mindless tv in between the pukes and baby A wanting to play.
It was a long night for me.  Keith could not help any because he was leaving for a 3 day camping trip to the prairie with R and the science fair kids.  They have a whole science camping field trip planned, to top it off we’re supposed to be getting some nasty storms this weekend and they might get rained/thundered/hailed/lightning/stormed out…
I will be taking loads to my sister’s house once school lets out, and will spend a thrilling evening and weekend running back and forth to do laundry and praying the whole time no one else in the house gets sick.  We do pukes quite well and as I visit with friends I realize that my kids puke more than the average person, I guess we are over achievers.  Once we had the stomach flu {baby A was about 8 weeks old} we all had it except Keith, most of us had it twice and a few had it three times.  Even baby A had it which was scary for us.  We get the bug about once a year and are pros with it.  The bigger kids don’t even wake us up all the time, they get a trash can and go lay on the couch.  I have trained them well.

O has a weekend basketball camp and C has a job interview.  Last summer he worked on a maintenance team at our school and he hated it, it was a solitary job and he is a social person, he spent hours sweeping and collecting trash every day.  He is hopeful that this job works out.  He needs to save for college and wants to get a moped {how did I not think that getting Keith one would open a whole can of worms}  So a family stomach bug is not in my plans, praying it does not pan out that way.
Enjoy your weekend and may it be puke free.
go hug your kids, they need your love


The Washing Machine Saga

The Washing Machine Saga
It is not nearly as exciting as any other series of books/movies to make up their entirety in a saga.
But I feel that it is turning into a saga…

Book 1 The Washing Machine
The repair man came out today, he gave me a 4 hour window and thankfully he was at the beginning of the window.  I was so very thankful!  Keith talked to Sears Repair and they offered him a warranty for $200+ that would guarantee the price would be less than the cost of the warranty or they would give us a voucher to save $500 on the cost a new machine.  {or something like that…} We’ll take it!  The poor repair guy spent over an hour on the phone with tech support since the “brain” was broken.
Now I wait another week without a washer until the parts come in and they come back to fix it.  I am so blessed to have family and friends who have offered their machines to me.

Book 2 The Sewing Machine
The icing on the cake is my sewing machine is not working anymore…  It has been giving me fits for months the tension would not adjust, and is wrong, it is not holding a stitch, the bobbin won’t take and I can’t get it to thread {the bobbin not the top needle}.  It looks like it is off to the repair shop, although my mom wants to take a look at it first {it was her machine originally, it sewed my graduation dress my wedding gown, and sweet sleeping gowns for some of my newborns.  It has memories, or at least I have attached memories to it.  I like it, it has no frills no fancy stitching, no embroidery, nothing but sewing.  I often look at the fancy machines but am content with mine.  Now if it will only work for me!  I have a recital dress to alter and baby gifts to make, a few tops for E and a few super cute skirts to make for O.

Book 3
I’m afraid to ask
So to complete the Broken Saga I promise not to touch any appliance or equipment that might break.

Go hug your kids they need your love


oh on a yummy bit of news, I was chatting with a friend who told me to take my kids to steak~n~shake for their happy hour, how did she know it was just what I needed!  And nothing broke while I was gone.  Even thought baby A drank almost my entire NutterButter Shake on her own, she did save me the cookie crumbles at the end it was a nice treat to a broken day.



No More Bottles

No more bottles
We’ve reached a milestone in our house that makes me sad.
This week baby A officially gave up her bottles.
I am so very low~key on things like bottles, potty training, and dressing themselves, I figure eventually they will desire to learn how to do these things and I let them go at their pace.  Honestly how many kids want to take a bottle or wear a diaper to kindergarten?  We don’t go to day care or preschool so the deadline is kdg.  The only thing I have made them give up is the finger/paci/thumb-sucking.  And I’ll share that another time.

I knew the bottle thing was coming soon, she was taking longer and longer at night drinking it, she would suck for a minute and give me the bottle then after a minute ask for it back, the cycle continued until she finished the bottle.  Last week she did not finish the bottle, about half way through it she let me hold it and went to sleep.  She still wanted to snuggle and have her feet/legs rubbed but no bottle.  This weekend I made her a bottle before bed, went to my room sat down with her to drink her bottle and after one sip of it she gave it back.  She did not ask for one in the morning but instead said “no tank~tu bottle”.  Every night this weekend I offered her a bottle and it sat on my headboard because within minutes there was no interest shown to it.  Last night I made her last bottle.  She was so tired and started asking for it, I gave it to her she put it in her mouth and pulled it out.  This continued until she fell asleep.  She never took a drink out of it.

When everyone was soundly sleeping and Keith and I could chat for a few minutes in peace, I told him “she’s done with bottles” and started to cry, he looked at me like I’d lost my mind and asked why was I upset over not making bottles, washing bottles, finding them with cottage cheese in them… 
I am sad because she is no longer a baby.  I know she has not been one for a while but I was not ready for this.  I love Love LOVE having a baby in my arms, I love the smell of them, the sounds of them, the weight of them sleeping and resting, I love having babies and now I don’t have a baby anymore.  She is growing up right before my eyes and I am not ready.  I know I have 3 years before she starts school.  She is still in diapers, still sleeps in a crib in our room, still lets me rock her and hold her sleeping in my arms but she is not a baby.
So today I will sadly pack away the bottles.

go hug your kids, they need your love


Family Visits

Family Visits
This weekend we had out~of~town family visit and we had such a great time!  Until last year our children had never met, until last year we had not visited face to face since the grandparents 50th Anniversary, { 14 years and 7 kids ago…}  Until last year when we celebrated the life of our husbands {cousins} Grandma we missed out on a great friendship with the bonus of being family.  Until last year we did not know what we were missing.  So glad we have become better friends and not just family!

They flew down for a week of vacation, but when they were planning their trip and telling their kids they were coming to our state for vacation the kids wanted to come visit so they added in an extra 2 days for family play.  My kids were thrilled and Keith and I were glad to catch up with them again.  It was too short of a visit we hope next time it will be longer.

While their visit was too short we did a lot of:driving trucks, tractors, and bikes

eating goldfish and driving trucksa little swimming more swimmingsome jumpingsome cousin tossing into the poolin with a splashsome more jumpingC trying to toss O into the poolC trying to toss O into the pool with J’s helpC and JO work to toss O into the poolC and JO almost have her, she is feistylooks like they have herYahoo they FINALLY got her in the pool

The kids had plenty of fresh air and sunshine while the adults visited the cousins swam, jumped and played.  I am not sure how they are not all waterlogged today.  My kids fell asleep when their heads hit the pillows both nights completely exhausted but so happy.  We are looking forward to their next visit down!

What did you do this weekend?  Were you able to enjoy family and fun or was it filled with work???
go hug your kids they need your love

Stupid Washing Machine

Stupid Washing Machine
Okay I know that since a WM has no brain it cannot actually be stupid but I think mine is, and since it is computerized it technically has a brain.  We bought a jumbo {and by jumbo I mean easily doing 2 normal size loads at once} WM 2 years ago.  It cut my laundry down from 24 loads a week to only 12 and I knew that it was love at first use.  It was quiet, an energy star, used half the normal amount of soap, and even thought it took a little longer than any other machine it was doing 2 loads at once!  Happy Day for me my marriage to the laundry room was ending now we could date a few times a week but not for days on end.  {My mom asks “how do you have so much laundry” simple, a person usually has 3~4 loads a week, multiply that by 8 people and add in a bed wetter, and a pool, 2 runners, and you get about 24 loads a week.}  It is a simple machine to use and has been run about 1,500 times since we purchased it.
The Love of that machine is over!
A few months ago we noticed that the “Quiet Series” was no longer quiet, and after that we noticed that the “quiet series” actually began to sound like a jet plane taking off in our house, we have to shout when it is on that stage of the cycle, it is impossible to nap or rest while it is running, and forget washing the bed wetter’s sheets in the middle of the night it wakes the whole house.  All this leads to yesterday, I have a list for the week of things I’d like to get done {I’ll write a cleaning blog later I know you are thrilled about that!} all week I’ve been plugging away at the list, it looked something like this.
M:sand, prime, paint, dresser
T: sort all paper, cut coupons
W: work on Ebay
T: LAUNDRY, sand, wax, load dresser
F:Sams, Publix, Target
S: downtown market
Did you see it, LAUNDRY on Thursday, well before we left for school Thursday morning I put my sheets and quilt into the washer set it for “sheets” and took the kids to school, when I got home the machine told me it had 28 minutes left.  I took the drawers to the super cute dresser I’ve worked on this week outside to sand in prep for the wax coat, sanded them and the dresser, brought it back inside and my washer said 28 minutes left.  Hummm weird you say?  Me too.
I can’t open it because our lid locks but I stood in the laundry room listening and I could hear the motor running but nothing was happening…  I gave the machine a little jiggle, and then a big shake, a few buttons were pushed, I rattled the lid, shook the machine a little more, then I tried shutting it off but it would not shut off.  I held the power button like I did when our old computer was not working properly, nothing happened so I unplugged it but the lid stayed locked and I could hear water draining…  At this point there may or may not have been some whining and complaining and a few moments of head planted on the lid of the machine enjoying the pity party table for one.  I plugged it back in and opened the machine I had 4 inches of water in there and the motor kicked on but nothing was happening.  I finally pulled my sopping wet sheets and quilt out, re~started the machine threw back in the sheets and quilt, and walked away.  The stupid machine got to the same part and stopped working again.  I waited to see if anything else would happen and finally had to drag that sopping wet quilt to the back porch to the kids play set to hang it over to dry.   At dinner time I could not find 2 of the kids, after searching for them {actually just glancing around the house and yard} I called out, both their heads popped out from under the quilt,  I tried to get a picture but now my camera is acting up…
Now I am stuck dragging loads of laundry to my sister’s house while I wait for the repair man to come to my house.  I am so thankful for my friends who offered to take a load to their house to wash for me and a few friends who offered their machines to me…  But what I really wanted was piles of clean laundry for the kids to put away yesterday,
it was on the list…
Hope your list gets done this weekend and your machine does not make you drag sopping wet quilts out to the yard for your kids to make forts out of…  Which sounds like great fun but if we take blankets out then I will have no way of washing them…

go hug your kids they need your love

Report Cards

Yesterday report cards came home, so during dinner I had each of the kids bring me their card, the little ones jumped up to find them, the bigger kids were glad I asked to see theirs too, the biggest kid pulled the folded up report from his pocket.  I went through everyone’s card commenting about their grades out loud, and while I was pleased that there were mostly A’s and a few B’s I was honestly more pleased with the teacher comments, although after the final report was read I was wishing that some of their teachers had more creativity in their comments.   But one struck me, one of the comments was _____ deserves encouragement with the subject and the improvement they have made.  That comment stuck in my mind I was glad for the reminder.  My children are strong academic students, I credit it to all the reading we did to them as little children, the tv off and free play to discover and learn, and their quest for knowledge.  {They all have an area that needs improvement that they struggle in and sometimes that is what I focus on, not the work put into the subject or the improvements they have made}
But this teachers comment reminded me.
So after dinner I called out “load ’em up”
Little A echoed it through the house, the 3 littles were in jammies having bathed before dinner,
asked could they go in jammies?
All loaded in the van and E asks “what are we doing? Where are we going?”
I said” ____ teacher says they need encouragement so we’re going to get a treat.”
Her question back up to me,  “can we all get something or are we just going to watch?”
“no baby, we’ll all get something everyone worked so hard”

We left them hanging until we turned into Dairy Queen.
We all went in, jammies and all, had our treat and relaxed, it was a nice way to end a semester.

So thankful for the reminder from that teacher.  We can all use some encouragement for improvement.  What can you do to encourage your kids today?
go hug your kids they need your love



The Princess and a boy

Last night we had a moment.  A sad father moment.

A few weeks ago the Princess, came into my room at bed time, she is an excellent stay out of bed girl, my night owl, and that night I assumed she was going to pull some thing to stay out of bed longer.  “Mom,” she asked “how do you know if a boy likes you?”
Okay she had my full attention.
How do you know?
A boy?
I flashed back to laying in the hospital bed when I realized that one day my sweet pink bundle would get her heart~broken by some boy.  Some boy who would not realize her worth, her value, her beauty, that she was chosen by GOD, some boy would make her question her beauty, her intelligence, her worth.  Oh I was not ready for this at all, her dad {the middle school principal,} already suspected that THE BOY was interested, he sees the students in the halls and at lunch he sees the ebbs and flows of relationships.  But I was not ready.  How do I teach my daughter what to do in a God honoring relationship with THE BOY, how do I make her see that acting ditzy, foolish, flirty would not make THE BOY honor her, value her or respect her.
I told her that THE BOY would start to talk more to her, maybe sit by her, end up walking with her, he would be around a lot more.  I told her that THE BOY must speak properly around her, not make rude comments and be a gentleman.  Always.   {There will be more relationship instructions, later}  I did not need to tell her that most importantly of all that THE BOY must love Jesus with his whole heart that he must want to become more like Jesus, I did not need to tell her this, she knows this.  This BOY does.

I realized that we have been preparing her for a relationship with a boy her entire life, she has observed us and our relationship since birth, how I respond to Keith and how he responds to me.  She sees that he respects the independent me, the artistic me,  the distracted me, the disorganized me, the real me, and that he will do anything for me.  She sees that he always takes care of the trash, the yard, his ironing, can do the laundry and kills bugs.  She sees these things.  And  most importantly she sees the love and respect.

How do you know if a boy likes you?
That question has echoed in my mind for weeks now.

Last night we were sitting around laughing and talking and she asked “if he asks can I go to the Spring Fling with him?”   At that exact moment time stopped, no one spoke, crickets stopped chirping, Keith’s face turned red, he looked up at her shocked.  His girl was growing up.  From birth she has been Daddy’s girl, she has had his heart since birth.  She had a boy notice her and she wanted to know if it would be alright to notice back.

She is asking if he asks can she go with him?
He has to ask her father before she can say yes.  Every boy will have to ask her father first.

From birth I have prayed for purity, for the Princess and THE BOY who would take her heart.  I have prayed that the Lord would guard their hearts,  minds, and bodies.  I know this boy will not be the only boy to look at her and I will continue praying for our Princess and THE BOY who takes her heart.  {I pray this for all my children.}

How do you know if a boy likes you?

How can I turn back time?

Go hug your kids they need your love


P.S.  If anyone finds out how to turn back time let me know, I am not ready yet.