4th Of July Shirts

 I love pinterest, a lot, as shown by the “family drama” preformed in my bathroom a few weeks ago.  And I do my best not to let it consume me, not to allow it to make me grow discontent with my house, my clothing, my car, my family, or my lack of work out routine.  I think comparison is a killer for so many people, and with pinterets a click away it can be very hard.  I work hard to keep my boards clean and useful, and often go through them purging things I realistically know I cannot do, cannot afford, and cannot give up my precious time for.  All that being said there are some pretty fabulous ideas and things to do on that site.

I saw this shirt, pinned it and LOVE it.  You can go to Ashley’s blog and check out how she made hers and I’ll show you how I made mine.
Here is what I used:
1 white t-shirt from target $5.00 each
1 bobbin of ruffled ribbon from Hobby Lobby {$2.99} $1.50
{it is actually called decorative trim and I got it during the half off ribbon week they have each month}
some left over blue tulle but you could use a scrap of blue fabric FREE
star buttons {A’s was free and E’s for all 3} $2.75

Here are my directions:

~Carefully plucked off the heart pocket from the target shirt
 {I actually put 2 tiny holes in the shirt, so don’t lose heart I just positioned the ribbon over the holes so no one but my 3blog readers knows that}~Measure how long you want your stripes to be and cut the ribbon a full inch longer {to fold under when sewing but if you want to heat seal the edges then you can cut it exact you could also use that big fat ric rac that H.L. has if the ruffle ribbon is too “ruffley” for you}
I used 3 long ribbons and 2 short ribbons but you can be accurate and go for 7 red rows

A’s shirt the long stripes are about 6 inches and the short stripes are about 4
E’s shirt the long stripes are about 8 inches the short about 5 {her blue is more rectangle than square}

~Use a ruler and a pencil to draw out the lines to follow for the stripes and I pinned A LOT!  Way more than I normal when sewing I did not want them to shift, or run up or down.I had company so we watched Duck Dynasty together while I sewed, which means we laughed a lot while I was sewing, which is probably why I was not too upset about the 2 holes in the shirt…~Straight stitch the ribbon onto the shirt trying hard to stay on that line but not worrying because a little wonky would be fine.
 ~Cut your blue fabric to fit in the opening, it is not exact just close. { I used white thread to sew mine on because I was going to pluck the threads off and let the tulle stand out but have since changed my mind and I am fine with the white.}  Do what you want for the blue square.
 ~Clip your threads and smile at your work!  Now you are ready for the parade and fireworks!Baby A has only 1 button {I made hers first and only had 1 star in my button jar}E has 3 stars because I ran to Hob’lob the next day to grab more.

This is what my girls will wear for the 4th, we will have an easy day, swimming, playing and eating then we will go down town to watch the fireworks.  {Keith and C will be in Europe that week so they will miss out on our festivities but will be having an amazing time without us.}

Let me know if you tried the shirt out and what you used for the stripes and stars.

Go hug your kids, the big one just took the van to go to lunch with his friends, I am too young for a very independent driver!


6 thoughts on “4th Of July Shirts

  1. sandra musick says:

    They are to stinken cute. I can’t believe you do all you do.

  2. overholt8 says:

    Thanks! if you will notice by how dark the pictures are it was late at night when I made them. I have lots of half finished tasks, and wish I had more time to complete them all. But those were a quick project I think from start to finish for both shirts {except for E’s stars} it took me an hour and half. And watching Duck Dynasty made the time feel even faster.

  3. Christine says:

    For a variety of reasons, I won’t be making the shirt, first and foremost, five boys would turn their noses up at wearing them 🙂 Oh, and I don’t even own a sewing machine. They are cute shirts, though!

    • overholt8 says:

      Yeah I can’t see too many big boys wearing that shirt,she had directions for a boy shirt on her blog, but my boys are too old now, if they were younger I think some of them might go for it.

  4. Keith says:

    I will not be making any of those shirts either. Also, I’m not sure they will be too fond of celebrating Independence Day while I’m in England.

    • overholt8 says:

      Funny you should say that b/c I made you one!!! and one for C also! thought about making one for the entire group! then you can all match hahahaha

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