Beauty Tips

I must confess, my make up bag is a small zipper pouch from THIRTY ONE,  I only apply make up on Sunday mornings, and when I have a meeting to go to, a wedding, an important event.  Which means about 2x a week I quickly put some on, usually in the car while Keith is driving, or I pray for stop lights to apply it while sitting at the red lights.
I have had the same hairstyle forever,  no matter the cut it always does the same thing but it does the same thing fast, I can go from shower to out the door {with out kids in my way} in less than twenty minutes.  I keep it just short enough to not go in a pony tail or that is how I’d wear it every day.

So the beauty tips I have are not how to put on eyeshadow or how to have a fabulous up~do.
My tips are more practical.

I have made some observations about people and their beauty regimes…

Showering is not an option.  Some of my kids all dread them, dragging their feet and trying to get by without taking one.  Why?  I do not understand, why stay smelly, dirty or have yesterdays sweat build up on your skin?  If you are sitting on the toilet in the morning wondering if you can get by without taking a shower, the answer is NO.  Get up, get in scrub up and rinse.  Seriously people YUCK.

Along the lines of showering hair washing is not really an option, yes I know there are people with super thick hair that can get by without washing every single day.  But you know who you are and you know who you are not.  If you are standing at the sink hopefully brushing your teeth because THAT IS NOT AN OPTION!  and you are looking at your hair wondering if you skip will anyone notice?  YES we notice, and we are grossed out.

As for hair coloring.  I color my hair I admit it.  And I admit that I sometimes have roots showing.  I know it looks bad and as soon as I begin thinking, “hummm maybe another day before I color” I realize that I am pushing it, I stop my plans and color my hair.  I have hair that grows ridiculously fast {over an inch a month}  So I color every 3 weeks, those of you who have slow-growing hair enjoy a longer space between coloring!

One more hair issue that needs to be resolved.  Ombre hair is not a fashion statement.  It is a sign you should have grabbed a box of color at  Wal~ mart or made an appointment to see someone. It looks like you don’t have a mirror in your home or you are too lazy to fix it your self.  Do something!  Having 6 inches of one color and 4 inches of another color is not ombre, it is tacky.  Ombre fades gently from one color to the next, it is for fashion, clothing, walls, and furniture.  It is not for hair.  If you have decided to go back to your original color, then go buy a box that looks like your roots, and finish the whole thing off once and for all.  Your friends who are telling you it looks amazing are lying!

I know that fancy shampoo, soap and coloring jobs are expensive.  You can buy great shampoo for a really low price, so use it every day.  Soap is cheap we use ivory it is about $.33 a bar.  That is even cheaper than the no name brand.  I know getting a color job can really be costly so plan ahead, if this is not a beauty regimen that you are going to be able to upkeep than don’t start it.  Or go with an inexpensive brand.  There are some great ones out there.

Here is a fashion tip as a bonus.  Lounge pants are pajamas and we all know it.  We all think you are lazy to sleep in those pants than run to Wal~mart in them, you don’t look cute you look underdressed.  Grab a pair of pants or shorts and take a minute to finish dressing!

So those are some of my beauty tips.  What else should I have put on the list?
Go hug your kids and make them get clean, your childs teacher will thank you!

10 thoughts on “Beauty Tips

  1. ktharden2011 says:

    Never ever ever wear snow boots with comfy pants or shorts. Especially in Florida!

    • overholt8 says:

      You are right!!!
      Unfortunatly I have to fight E on that one, she has pink glitter boots that she wants to wear all the time! thankfully they are getting too small, woops I mean sadly they are getting too small!

  2. Sherie B says:

    Never one to mince words, are you? As usual, you made me laugh! Oh, and I agree with you wholeheartedly!!

  3. ktharden2011 says:

    Never ever wear snow boots with shorts. Especially in Florida! Why even own them? It doesn’t snow there!!

    • overholt8 says:

      I agree!
      If it is snowing you should not be wearing shorts, and IF it snows here than… stay inside!
      What about if you live in snow land, and you want to run out to grab the mail or take out the trash? Is it acceptable then?

  4. ktharden2011 says:

    E is little enough it’s cute. Sorry about the double comment-stupid phone…

    • overholt8 says:

      No problem, and she looks cute in a fun skirt and long sleeve shirt or jeans and the boots but yesterdays black vlevet skirt black and cream stripe shirt with red on the shirt did not look cute with the pink glitter boots she wore to Lowes. But again she is little and there were people in their pj pants there so we looked less bad than they did!

  5. sandra musick says:

    I told Micheal yesterday I didn’t want to ever go back to WalMart. Now I know why the people look like they do. When my grey shows tell me:)

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