Thankful Month Has Come to an End. Thankful for This Girl

Well the month has come to an end.  Were you able to find something each day to be thankful for?  Did you share the thankful things with someone?  Did you tell someone you are thankful for them?  If you will notice I am down to the last child.  I am no less thankful for E, our 2nd surprise, our 2nd girl, I am thankful for them all differently.  Thankful that my family is an unusual puzzle of people, connected by love.

I am so so thankful for E, I am so very thankful for that surprise!

I am thankful that she loves smocked dresses, big hair bows, fancy shoes, and cute outfits.  She is a fashionista and at 3 years old I caught her doing a 360 in front of a mirror and realized how easy it was going to be at this age to manipulate her to not wear clothing I did not like.

I am thankful that E is strong.  Things were not easy for her but with each achievement I have cried for her.  To watch her walk, run or even climb, to listen to her talk and watch her grow, to see her go off to school.  I am so thankful that she is a fighter and can do everything her classmates can do.

I am thankful for the daily love notes she gives people.  She writes notes all the time delivering them to family daily.  She always makes a love note for any family member who is injured.  It is just too sweet.

I am thankful she loves school, her teachers and her classmates.

I am thankful she LOVES her church class and can’t wait to go to church to learn more about Jesus.

I am thankful that she is stubborn, headstrong, and strong-willed!  She is a fighter and she is loyal.

I am thankful that she can read and loves books.

I am thankful that when she is sick she still wants to sit on my lap and snuggle with me.

I am thankful that she loves her family.

I am so very thankful for E and am excited to watch her grow into the woman God has planned for her to be.

I am thankful for E

Go hug your kids and share just 1 more thankful day with them


Our Ball Boy

I am so thankful for our ball boy J.

J was our first SURPRISE baby!  What a surprise he was!!!  He came into the world to the sound of beeps and rushing nurses, he came into the world screaming.  Screaming he did for 20 hours a day for 10 long months.  You might not think that is possible, but in fact it is possible, and difficult, exhausting, and mind numbing awful.  But this is a thankful post so I will tell you why I am thankful for J.

I am so thankful for my J  because…

J is a ball boy I am thankful for the hours and hours each day he shot hoops in the house, thankful for each basketball game he played out each day.  thankful for the ‘wall ball’ and racquet ball, and football he plays in the house each day.  {also thankful the house seems to be set for sports inside}
J is a M fan.  This makes his daddy and sister happy that they have someone else to watch all M games with.
J is a math man, I am thankful for the head for math that God gave him,  in 2nd grade the big kids were writing out their math work on the chalk board for him to do.  Don’t give the kid a timed test but give him algebra 1 and he is happy.
J loves Jesus and wants to know more about him!
J is a funny boy.  I am thankful for his funny laugh, that he finds humor in things and can laugh long and hard.
J is a runner, he is already looking forward to a 5k in May, and planning out the 500 miles they need to run for cross-country this summer.
J is loyal child, at least loyal to O, he will do anything she suggests, he loves her and mimics her behaviour.
J is clever planning things out all the time.
J is a snuggler and will cozy up on the love seat with me in the mornings
J is smart, and kind and a perfect fit for our family.

I am so thankful for J

Go hug your kids and tell someone what you are thankful for, it is almost the end of the month, did you do it every day?

I Am Thankful For The Princess

I am thankful for O.
Thankful for the surprise of
“it’s a girl”
Those first few hours after she was born I was riddled with fear
what if she was a ‘mean girl’?
what if she was a prissy girl?
what if she has her heart-broken
what if she wants the most expensive dress for homecoming, or makeup like a clown, or a {gasp} boyfriend
what if…

I am so thankful that I no longer worry or even think about those what if’s

I am so thankful for O
thankful that she is not a ‘mean girl’
thankful that she is not prissy
thankful that she does not yet want a boyfriend

I am so thankful:
that she has a helpful heart
that she loves of her siblings
that she loves Jesus
that she pushes herself
that she does the hard stuff
that she stands up for what is right
that she helps people
that she plays with she siblings
than she really does not complain about sharing a room with someone 10 years younger
that she sees what needs to be done and does it
that she can wash dishes, do laundry and scrubs bathrooms
that she loves her family
that she talks to us
that she is open about what bothers her
that she is self motivated
that she is quiet or noisy, calm or rowdy

I am so thankful for O and I know that in 4 years when she leaves me for college that I will really miss her a lot.

Go hug your kids and share something you are thankful for

He Made me a Mommy

I am so thankful for C.
I am so very thankful for him!
He made me what I always wanted to be, a Mom.
When we had dress up day for Homecoming, I wanted to dress up as a stay at home mom, but the advisor said “that is not a job” well almost 17 parenting years later umm sir it IS a job!  A full-time job!

I am thankful for C
he was the easiest baby ever
he was a great play alone child
he would sit and look at books for hours
he made me think and rethink my parenting ideals
he is funny, makes me laugh and loves a good joke
he is SMART.  so very smart
he is great at tech stuff
he is willing to share his knowledge with others, tutoring a snow bird this week on her new tablet
he is committed
he is strong-willed
he is not willing to ‘kiss up’ to advance himself
he is a great singer
he loves his family
he is a sucker for baby A and will do almost anything she wants him to do
he is sentimental
he is a SERIOUS traditionalist
he loves Jesus with his whole heart
he’s knowledge of scripture and theology is strong
he leaves for college in less than 2 years and I will miss him

I am so thankful for C, and don’t know what I’d do with out him!
go hug your kids and squeeze the last little bit of your thankful month

What is Your Most Thankul Thing?

Okay I have been posting all month what I am thankful for…
Now it is time for you to participate and tell me what you are thankful for.
As an incentive I will draw out 1 Thankful Comment and send them my Christmas Banner

Here are the rules
1 follow my blog
2 leave a thankful comment
3 winner will be announced on Monday

If you don’t win you can always order your own just leave a comment, they are $2.00 per letter, I can personalize too if you want.

Now for my thankful days.
Nov 22 I am thankful for my whole family, for the grandparents who all get along, the aunts who really are friends, the in-laws that are not typical, they all like each other.  I am thankful for the chaos that went on today, the laughing, the yelling at the football game, the LOUD Wii game the kids played tonight, thankful that no one called the police it was loud!  Thankful for the table bursting with food, the conversations swirling around the room, the family football game (even more thankful that I got to miss out and wash dishes)  thankful for the friend who showed up for game time.  I am so very thankful  and I realize how very blessed I am.

Nov 23 I am thankful for traditions, thankful that my crazy husband gets excited about Black Friday Shopping, taking the 3 bigs, out to shop, stand in crazy lines and people watch.  Thankful that they have that time together, thankful that they look forward to being old enough to go, thankful that they are all happy, excited and kind to each other while watching the manic shoppers.  They left at 9:30 last night, went to WM and Target, stopped in at home, then went to North Chick~Fil~A to get something to eat and see a friend who was working.  After that they stopped in at Sears, they came home at 1am.  Happy and tired with NO purchases.  They just went to people watch!  Funny Family!

Okay so now is your chance to tell what you are thankful for!
I’ll leave this open until Sunday night.
Then I will post the winner on Sunday Morning

Go hug your kids and leave a thankful comment
OKAY Results are in for the Thankful contest that is now officially closed…
the WINNER is

Thankful for Baby Girl

3 Years Ago

We did not know how our lives would change in 3 short years.

She came her own way.
{Birthday}  She had a rough start, but has proven how strong she is!
{6 Hours after birth}1 Year Birthday2 Year Birthday3 Year Birthday

I am thankful for Baby A.  Although I guess now I cannot call her baby A anymore.  I am thankful that she loves her family so much, I am thankful that she loves to snuggle, she loves to color, she loves to sing.  Thankful that she loves big bows and smocked clothes, thankful that she likes to go to church, and loves her new class.  Thankful that she knows what she wants and is a hard worker.  I am thankful for A.  She makes us laugh, and makes me cry.  I am thankful that she is strong and healthy, that she is smart and funny.  I am thankful for all the time I get to spend with her every day.  I am thankful for A.

Go hug your kids and find out what they are thankful for

P.s.  Happy birthday baby girl!!!

Weird Stuff I see

I have a friend who is forever sending me the funniest pictures on Face Book, not the cute little ecards, not the published photos but things like the guy who rides his bike pulling a cart that looks like it should be in a parade through the North Target parking lot, or bad parking, or bad outfits.  {She has a fancy camera on her phone so you don’t know she is taking a pic}  I have to hold my camera up, choose the setting and hope to click a picture before they notice and come after me.

So with out pictures I will share some of the funny things I see.

There is a man who used to hold a sign SELL YOUR GOLD HERE.
Until he got fired and 2 guys hold yellow arrow signs that read WE BUY GOLD
The recently fired guy now holds a sign between then that reads DO NOT SELL YOUR GOLD HERE
Every time I see them I wish I had my camera ready it cracks me up.

There is a church that had a sign up
R looked at me and said “all the people I know are not my friends, I am sure that all the strangers are not going to be my friend either”

There is a guy who runs our lake and back up our street 2 times a day, he used to carry 2 gallon jugs of water while he runs, now he only carries one.  As he goes down our street to the lake, the jug is full, and when we see him on his way back up the jug only has a little water sloshing around in it.

My mom has a lady in her neighborhood that pushes her pet in an umbrella stroller, not unusual you say?  Her pet is a very large iguana.  That turns a few heads.

Daily I see a man riding his bike on a route I normally travel, nothing unusual about that except that balanced/hooked onto the handle bars is a crutch.  I don’t know why he has the crutch, it just strikes me funny that he rides a bike all over but carries a crutch.

At the craft fair there was an older man who was carrying his dog around like an infant, the dog was like that the whole time.

Years ago each week when I took E to ballet, there was a man riding his bike holding the handle bars of another bike, as though he was pulling a ghost rider, he would ride all over holding the handle bars of that other bike pulling it along.  The first time I saw him I will admit I thought he was stealing someones bike but I began to see him all over pulling the other bike.  Almost like a grown up security blanket only less cuddlier.

This Sunday we were driving to church but noticed a man stop in the left turn lane climb out and a lady handed him a white dress shirt.  He pulled off his sweatshirt and put on the white button down.  We don’t know anything else but O commented “Am I the only one who saw that man changing clothes outside his car?”

what about you see anything weird lately?
Go hug your kids and tell them what you are thankful for!

Nov 20 Thankful that GOD is still GOD.
I have a maker
He formed my heart
Before even time began
My life was in his hand
He knows my name
He knows my every thought
He sees each tear that falls
And hears me when I call
I have a Father
He calls me his own
He’ll never leave me
No matter where I go
He knows my name
He knows my every thought
He sees each tear that falls
And hears me when I call

Keep praying for a baby girl, and keep praying for Ellen!


More Thankful Post

I realized the other day that I left many blank thanksgiving days.  I am not less thankful I’ve had too much on my mind, and yesterday a friend added more for us to think and pray about.  I have been going about the busyness of daily life without stopping to write down my thankfulness and I need to fix that.  So here are my thankful days with the empty days filled in.

Nov 1 I am thankful for the dirty laundry in my laundry room.

Nov 2 thankful for quiet nights at home as a family.

Nov 3 I am thankful that Keith lets me go do fun stuff.

Nov 4 I am thankful for Facebook. 

Nov 5 I am thankful that I get to spend time with my mom. 

Nov 6 I am thankful for my privilege to vote. 

Nov 7 I am thankful for Keith.

Nov 8 I am thankful for the long time friends I have.  Some go all the way back to highschool and some go all the way back to college.  Thankful that they knew me at my worst and still chose to be my friend.

Nov 9 I am thankful that the family tolerates my ‘crafty mess’ and does not complain too much when I have an idea that I need to try.

Nov 10 I am thankful that I was able to reach past my own little world to help some malnourished children in another world.

Nov 11 I am thankful for 2nd Sundays and the memories we have of them.  It is Deacon meeting day and our friend was one of our pastors, he and Keith would be at the meeting so she/kids/me/kids would all go out to eat together.  Cheap and Fast were the requirements.  Thankful for the fun memories of those 2nd Sundays.  He is no longer on staff so we don’t go out anymore but I am thankful for those times.

Nov 12 I am thankful for the funny little kids I babysit for during Mom’s Morning Break Bible Study, they are so sweet when they pray at snack time.  I am thankful for their open hearts and funny stories.  I am thankful for the core group of ladies willing to give up their Monday mornings to serve with me.  Thankful that they let me know if plans change, thankful that they don’t complain about puke on their sholders or the number of times they tie someones shoe.  I am thankful for the fun chats we have had while holding crying children.

Nov 13 I am thankful for all the  blog things I have experienced

Nov 12 I am thankful for nap times with A. 

Nov 14 I am thankful for extended family

Nov 15 I am thankful that Keith gets a pay check each month, I know there are families that are not getting a paycheck anymore.  I am thankful that I can shop for groceries to feed my children.  I am thankful when I hear the food banks calling for more food that I can send in some food to them.

Nov 16 I am thankful for R.

Nov 17 I am thankful for quiet Saturdays at home.  Thankful that there was no fighting or arguing.

Nov 18 I am thankful for my church I love that our pastor preaches the truth in season and out of season.  I love that we have childcare workers who love on the kids, that the teen workers pray with and for our kids, I love the pastors who care about the church family.  I love that 3 of my kids all serve in the church.  I am thankful that I love my church!

Nov 19 I am thankful that I get to host Thanksgiving again at my house.  I love Love LOVE having everyone over, I love the conversations swirling around the rooms, I love watching the interactions around our house.  I really love hosting. {I think the kids and Keith do to, and I know Keith loves that we have a really clean house for 24 whole hours!}

Yikes It looks like I missed a lot of thankful days. 

What about you?  What makes you thankful today???
Go hug your kids and enjoy Thanksgiving preparation with them.


This Kid and His Science Fair Project

The kid did it again.
The Science Fair
The school science fair for the students in the Research Science Class.  Not only does he have 7th grade Science but he is taking an extra science class, with the added research, classes, meetings and science fair project.  He is NOT my child.  I don’t know where he gets it from!  I remember falling asleep reading my science book for homework, my mom let me not do science fair for a low exam grade when I was in middle school.  I smile when I think about how very much he loves this stuff.  Because he loves it, so do I.
Understanding is a whole different thing.

He did his research on the temperatures of play surfaces, manufactured vs God made.  He took a temperatures of a few surfaces each day at set times, he learned that the manufactured play surface was at the hottest, only 3 degrees away from burning.
{Not on fire burning but skin burning}

To say I am proud of him is an understatement.  He did it all with out my help.  He did the work alone, he did the research, the planning, the footwork, and the follow through.  His teacher was there for questions, suggestions, and assistance if needed, he had a friend print out the graphs.  But he did it.  I did not.  I did not drive him anyplace, I did not cut/glue/hand/help him in his board, research or paper writing.  He did the entire thing and I am so proud of him.

I did sit down with him one day while he was working, he was struggling with how to put his ideas into words, I looked at the question he had and realized I had no idea what the words meant or even how to help him so I just sat and cheered him on.

Wednesday was his day to shine, the Science teacher had some “judges” to give the kids a chance to present the information on their projects for the “real” science fair for the county in a few weeks.  R enjoyed the day and is really looking forward to showing it in a few weeks.

Sizzling Surfaces
Temperature Differences
Playground MaterialsShowing off his board and some of the graphsExplaining to me how the daily graphs work.  It really was interesting.Check out that cute kid working!Temperature Laser Gun
This had to be the funnest tool to play with.  We about drove R nuts asking him what the temperature was on surfaces, I am sure he measured a few tongues, walls, the oven{guess what it does run cooler than it says…} the freezer, foreheads, ears, inside cars, dinner, the air-conditioner vent.  Yeah it might need new batteries before it goes back to the air conditioner company we borrowed it from.

Nov 16
I am thankful for R.
Thankful for his sweet spirit, when his teachers stop me to tell me how much they love having him, they all put their hand on their heart and say “Oh I loved the rest of your kids but R, R he is just so sweet”  Every. Single. Teacher. Every. Single. Time.
Thankful that he loves Jesus so much and desires to learn more and more about him.  Last week O asked him to cover her spot for jr church and he told her “if pastor’s message is really good I am going to be ticked that I missed it”
Thankful that he reads with a passion.
Thankful that when he explains some computer thing to me he is nice to me.
Thankful that he is funny and witty.
Thankful that he is very smart, but does not complain about people who don’t understand.
Thankful that he loves his little sisters and is willing to play with them without complaining.
Thankful that he is loving and complimentary and kind and polite.
Thankful that he gives a great back rub.
Thankful that he will one day make a great husband.
I am so thankful for my R.

Go hug your kids and share with someone your science fair experience.
p.s. who are you thankful for today?

Wednesday Fun

Before a recent Friday’s football game I was helping E put on a cheer uniform.  She was twirling and jumping around in front of the mirror when she stopped to read the top VIKINGS.  She looked over to me to tell me that it had 2 suffixes~ing and s.  Which just made me laugh.  Very thankful for our teacher and the phonics that she works so hard teaching my girly!

Several weeks ago on a Saturday morning while it was still dark I woke the kids to go cheer O on in what could be her last race of this season.  After a few minutes J stumbled into my room and began talking to me.  He remembered that while watching duck dynasty on Friday night, they had a commercial for a duck dynasty marathon, and wanted to know “did they give any details about the duck dynasty marathon?”  I had to explain the difference between a tv marathon and a running marathon

Baby A’s new favorite word is “AWESOME” she is cracking us up, the other day was a jammies and pearls kind of day.  She spilled on her outfit, and when looking in her closet for clean clothes, when she asked to wear her “awesome hot toetoe jammies” so she did all day.

After  particularly long day I climbed into bed and snuggled into the nice cool sheets on my wonderful pillow as I lay my head down I had a bug climb past my ear. I jumped up swiping at my hair, ran to the bathroom and yanked of my pj’s searching for the bug.  I was exhausted and sadly realized that I was going to be awake for a very long time…  I hate bugs in my room!

O and I were addressing basketball fund-raiser information {I dislike asking for money so if you are a reader and you get a letter I am sorry Anyway, I am mostly hitting up family so you are good, since most of the family does not read this.}  Anyway we came to the envelope going to Keith’s cousins, O asked “What do I call them?”  I said “J and L, just like you address them in real life.” To which O replied “I did not address them by their first name I did not address them to their face at all this summer.”  Well, then, call the J and L.

Taking O to babysit for a long time friend {I baby sat her when she was a very young child, and much later she was my nurse after #4 in the mother baby unit}  We arrived at their house and I jokingly commented “I hope this is the right house or that could be awkward.”  She answered back “not to me I don’t even know what they look line.”  I walked her to the door.

After reading the above comments O asked “is there nothing in my life you won’t talk about?”
Nope honey it is all fodder for the blog

Go hug your kids and look for the funny things in your life

Nov 14 I am thankful for extended family that love on my children, thankful that the aunts spoil and love on them.  Thankful that the grandparents all enjoy spending time, in their own way, with my children. Thankful for the wisdom of the great grandparents.  Thankful for extended family far away that enjoy family times.  I am thankful for the diversity they bring into their lives.  I am thankful for the rich heritage of Faith in God invested in their lives.  Thankful for their prayers and love and interest for my children!