Marshmallow is Extremely Flammable

{Please read the title with the word Extremely in the same way that Sid on Toy Story said “Extremely Dangerous”}

I said Wednesday that I was going to try to make the S’mores brownies Valentine night for dinner.

I did not know exactly how it was made, but I read the description and I was pretty confident I could duplicate.  I was thinking brownie, graham crust and marshmallows, how simple?

So I made a graham crust, with some sugar and graham crackers and butter.
I pressed the graham mixture on the bottom of the pan.
DSCN2453{This is before I put the butter into the bowl with the crumbs}.
I made brownie from a mix, {I use the 9×13 pan there are so many of us}DSCN2455I poured the brownie mix on top of the graham crust.  Baked it for 25 minutes.  DSCN2456Then topped with marshmallows cut in half, I pressed them into the gooey brownie batter, and put them back in the oven for 1o more minutes.  When the timer was down to 2 minutes I turned the oven to broil.  After a minute I looked in, they were beautiful. Puffed up and toasty brown,  I looked away ***DANGER DANGER***  Do NOT look away from your S’mores brownies.DSCN2458Or your oven will billow out smoke.  You will shout FIRE.DSCN2459Your brownies will look like THIS.

When you shout fire your 8-year-old will yell out from his bed.  Grab the Fire Blanket, Call 911.  I called back “no fire, just burnt marshmallows”  My sister went into his room to let him know it is was all fine his reply “Please tell mom not to shout out fire if there is not an actual fire”  I went in and he asked me “mom did you have the oven to high?  And did you put the marshmallows on the top rack?  Maybe you should put it on a lower shelf?”  I answered you are probably right and next time you can be my helper so I don’t burn it again.”

It was ruined the marshmallow on top were BURNT and not in a burnt marshmallow at a campfire way, more like I dropped my marshmallow in the fire and cannot get it kind of way.  To salvage I used forks and pulled marshmallow burn off the top of the brownies, when I saw the gooey mess I remembered that I set the timer for 10 minutes shorter than it needed to be so I would cook them the full timer THEN add the marshmallows in, but forgot my plan.  I put the brownies back in the oven to finish cooking.DSCN2454I cut the rest of the marshmallows, and when the timer dinged again I topped them with the left over marshmallows, it was not nearly as pretty the 2nd time around.  I learned my lesson and stood at the oven checking it every few seconds.DSCN2460They came out beautifully and are DELICIOUS!!!

DSCN2462Keith and I snuck a bite we’re waiting for the kids to go to bed so we could have the yummy S’mores brownie, which Keith said would be even better topped with mint chocolate chip ice cream.  He was right.  When we finally got to them, they were a bit crispy and would have been easier to eat if they were toasty and warm still.  So this needs a little tweaking but it will be worth the effort to get it right.

Did you enjoy your valentine day?  I left surprises in Keith’s office all day, we had a lovely visit at his parents house, his Aunt PG is down for a week!  Had Yummy Olive Garden Chicken Gnocchi soup and after the kids went to bed, brownies!

Go hug your kids, and enjoy a nice family filled weekend.


8 thoughts on “Marshmallow is Extremely Flammable

  1. Just an FYI…marshmallow is also highly explosive. Have you ever made s’mores in the microwave? You know…graham cracker, chocolate bar (Hershey’s, but that goes without saying…), and marshmallow, stacked in said order and popped in the microwave for 30 seconds. When it comes out, you put another graham cracker on top. Clearly it won’t satisfy you if you like a burnt marshmallow in your s’more, which fortunately I do not. Anyway…if you don’t watch the microwave like a hawk, you MAY end up with marshmallow all over your microwave. And in case you were wondering, it’s not a treat to get it cleaned off. Have a lovely day!

    • overholt8 says:

      Thank you! I do remember putting marshmallows in the oven as a teen. I don’t think I put chocolate with it, I am sure I would remember that! sounds delicious! Unfortunately last year I BLEW UP our microwave, with a mislabeled bag of micro popcorn. It was a terribly stinky mess for 2 weeks, at least the oil fire I caused on the stove did not stink that long! And the sweet smell of burnt mallow was hardly noticeable this morning. I don’t like blackened marshmallows but a nice toasty crunch on top, a little past golden is perfect! Have a wonderful day yourself! Give the kids and Hubs some extra loving!

  2. christine says:

    First, I have to say this is quite weird, seeing my friend in real life chatting with my first ever blog friend. Weird in a good way.

    The eight year old’s response to your fire yelling is fantastic.

    That photo of the burnt dessert looks quite sci-fi-ish. The glow behind the rocks kind of thing, where something bad is going to happen any second.

    I think my family would love a dessert like this. (My husband has the record of eating 11 smores at one campfire.) Let me know when you have the kinks cleared up and tell me how you made it.

    • overholt8 says:

      ok high~five to your husband I ❤ s'mores and when we go to NC in the summer we have them almost every night, a camp fire is for s'mores although i could not eat 11 of them. I do not enjoy the super big marshmallows because the crusty outside peels off the inside is still cool so I have to retoast them. The pictures do not even do justice to how bad it looked and thank goodness the screen is not scratch n sniff…

      I will keep at the recipe R had it today warmed in the oven because as you know we have no microwave hahah

    • overholt8 says:

      I found her from your blogroll, she is FUNNY and I am random so random is a great thing!

  3. Yes, I think we would like that recipe too…please be posting that for all the world. 🙂

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