Snowflakes and No Hearts.

DSCN2475So a few weeks ago I mentioned that I was taking down all my Winter decorations, and going to put up all my February decorations.
Well I never did.
That is right, here it is more than half way through February and I still have my snowmen up.
I still have snowflakes hanging from the french doors into the sitting room.
I have snowflakes but no hearts.

It would not be so bad if I did not mention that I was changing up the decorations on my blog, it would not matter except that we’ve had a few people over this last week/weekend and they all read the blog and they all noticed.

First comment came Wednesday, a friend came over to keep little A for me, I had a dr appointment, as she stood in the  diningroom, she said  “where are all your February decorations?”  I told her the month got away from me, and now it was too late to change them up.

The next comments came from family on Sunday, Keith’s Aunt PG and his mom and sister came over for dinner and games.  During dinner my M~I~L said, “I thought you said you were going to put up your valentine decorations?”  Aunt PG said “yeah I read it on your blog.”  I laughed and said the month got away from me, then I said “Oh I love the winter decorations so much I wanted PG to see them.”  We all know it was a lie, the month getting away from me was actually true.  Can you believe that it is almost the end of the month?  I am not going to take the time now to pull down all the snow to put up all the hearts only to take them down in a little more than a week.  I just don’t have time or care enough to do that.

Because I am enjoying my winter decorations I took some pictures to so you too can enjoy my winter decorations.DSCN2473Art work by EDSCN2474We might not have real snow but the sled lets up pretendDSCN2471The clay snowmen are all “melting fast”  the tall one is actually headless, the head and tiny snowman are just resting on top,
The fat one has a hole in his back and the short one has a lovely spider web of a crack.
I know they are not going to last much longer.DSCN2476I love this red shelf.  Not too big, not too small.DSCN2479I love the quirky snowmen.DSCN2478More quirky snow men and an ugly wax mess thanks to C and his curosity.DSCN2481I can’t decide it the lantern full of snowmen is morbid or fun, but I love it!

So, that is it, I still have snow up and have given up on putting up hearts.  I had some new heart things, guess I’ll be saving them for next February, unless of course it gets away from me again.

Go hug your kids and enjoy the last bit of winter.  My friend in Indiana said she saw a robin, so for all of you snowed in, spring is coming.  We had what I hope is our last cold snap down here this weekend.  We ran the fireplace and snuggled under blankets while we enjoyed family time.



6 thoughts on “Snowflakes and No Hearts.

  1. I love leaving my snowmen up through January and February…this year they all got packed up because of our flooring project, but I look forward to leaving them out next year. Thanks so much for sharing your collection…it makes me miss mine just a smidge less. And for the record, I think the lantern full of snowmen is a little morbid but fun. How’s that for sitting on the fence? 😉 Have a blessed day!

    • overholt8 says:

      I know, poor snow men in a lantern. The year we were knocking out a back wall and adding a little nook, I did not decorate nearly as much as normal I just wanted to keep the plaster dust off everything. It was a mess! Maybe next winter you can enjoy your new floor and your snow men!

  2. Jennifer says:

    We had a horrible blizzard!!! So I love seeing the pretty decorations of winter to remind of fun things… and the snowmen stuffed in the lantern is my fav. Keep them up for a while..!!! Still plenty of snow here my friend.

    • overholt8 says:

      Thanks Jen!
      Yuck for blizzards! I am leaving them up until March, then it has to go because we celebrate J’s birthday and looking at the pictures I will be confused as to who we are celebrating with the background all snow. I have spring stuff for March.

  3. christine says:

    Nothing wrong with leaving snowmen up through February. It is still winter, even if it doesn’t seem like it in your neck of the woods. If only you wouldn’t have mentioned it on the blog.
    The snowmen in the lantern crack me up. Always good to have a little conversational piece in the decor.
    Of course, all of this is coming from someone who puts up zero decorations all year long except at Christmas.

  4. sandra musick says:

    This sounds like ken…..where is the “t” Life is short and you should live it like you want… long as it is biblical:)

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