Our Miss Brooks, a little Kissing

Our school did the play Our Miss Brooks 2 weekends ago.
I had a clever and witty post about the play
I deleted the first draft.
Word press deleted the second draft.
I am getting a little over this…
So here are a few pictures from Our Miss Brooks with out all the clever and witty remarks.
or skip this one, go check out a different post.

DSCN2816Ted WilderDSCN2828Miss Brooks, Miss Finch and TedDSCN2845Ted
He made these faces and other faces that we see frequently at home, which cracks me up, even when I am frustrated with him.DSCN2852Here it comes…DSCN2853Wait for it…
Wait for it…DSCN2854The KISSDSCN2857A baffled Miss Brooks, a bewildered Ted, and a bitter Ronda Allen.DSCN2866An Awkward moment between the Coach, Miss Brooks, Miss Finch.DSCN2871A romantic moment between Ted and JaneDSCN2875Almost another kiss.

The play was great, the kids did a great job, and the set was perfect.
A few years ago, the play director decided there was just too much talent to have only one cast, after talking to administration she decided a middle school and high school play would be a great solution.  They do the same play, use the same set but have a different take on the play since they are different age groups.  It is fantastic, the kids love it, the parents love it, and their classmates love it.  Everyone wins in this.

Unlike the last musical or other plays I did not help with a thing, no costume help, no set painting, or prop gathering, not a thing.  They could not decorate the set until 2 weeks before the production, the stage was being used for piano and band state competition so it had to be empty.  The 2 weeks of set work were held the week J and E had their field day, and we had the giant Adoption Yard Sale, I had not a minute free, then the week of the play when they did final touches, we fought the stomach flu.  So sadly I was not able to do anything.  Next year I will work as much as I can, for senior hours.  {YIKES}

Did your school do the play Our Miss Brooks?  Were you involved it in?

Go hug your kids because before you turn around the big one will be a senior.

Another Teen in the House

DSCN2951I am not sure how it happened, I only know that I just gave birth to R.  My sweet, scrawny, happy to be wrapped like a burrito child yesterday, and now he is a thirteen.  {Okay so I had a few computer user issues, this was to be posted last week Tuesday, but I just did not get it up and on, so pretend this was last week Tuesday March 19th, which is not actually his birthday either, but closer to the actual date}

I know how annoying it is at the baby shower when the older women say “enjoy each moment it goes so fast” and sigh, well it does, go fast, too fast, way too fast.

The sweet little boy who always was a ready playmate for his older siblings, ready for a good snuggle, ready to tell me something, my go along for the adventure child is now thirteen.  He is thirteen.  I don’t like it.  I miss that scrawny little boy with nobly knees, I miss that little boy who twirled the front of his hair, I miss the little boy who was always smiling.  Oh I know that it is the same boy, knees are not nobly anymore, he is not scrawny but growing taller and more man like by the minute, he still smiles and visits, but no longer climbs on my lap to listen to stories,  I guess that is a good thing, since he is taller than I am.DSCN2958

We celebrated R by going out to dinner, and you long time readers know that he is the O N L Y child who chooses me for their birthday meal.  His restaurant of choice The Melting Pot.  He loves the melting pot, the food is yummy, the atmosphere is cozy and the meal is slow and relaxed.  Just his style.DSCN2957A little melting pot of RDSCN2961 This is not what I had in mind for dinner.

DSCN2968We started out with the cheddar cheese fondue and enjoyed every hot cheesy bite.  We laughed and laughed and laughed.  We talked and talked and talked.  It was wonderful.  The booths are high so we could not see anyone unless they walked past out booth, I was able to focus on him, listen to him and enjoy him.
R loved the brown bread and the broccoli in the cheese, while my favorite was the herb’ed bread and the cauliflower neither of us were fans of the raw carrot or apple, but we ate it.DSCN2966My what a big bite you are taking.

Chocolate fondue dessert was next, the list is about 8 choices long, he wanted flambé, which eliminated a few, in the end he chose a dark chocolate s’mores flaming fondue.  DSCN2976It was so good.  They made the chocolate at the table, and brought out a plate full of goodness. DSCN2977 There was a candle in the cheese cake.
R lead the decisions of what order we ate the treats in.  His favorites were the chocolate dusted marshmallow and the cheese cake.  The evening was wonderful.  Our plan was to stop and get him some new clothes for his real birthday gift, but it was so late when we left, we had almost an hour drive, homework, and school the next day.  So we decided to go shop the following afternoon.  {his real birthday gift was a new pair of red shorts and a collared shirt}  We will have his family party this weekend, almost 2 weeks after his real birthday, sometimes these things cannot be helped.

We had a lovely evening celebrating R.  We are thrilled to be his parents, he is smart, kind, obedient, a helper if asked, and a great student who wants to learn.  But we are most thrilled that R loves Jesus, and desires to serve Him, obey Him, and learn more about Him.

Happy {late} birthday R.  We love you!

Go hug your kids, because next time you turn around, they will be asking for the keys, a phone, or their own Facebook account.


If Catching the Stomach Flu were an Olympic Event… We’d Get the GOLD

If only there we an event or a record or a medal for stomach bugs we’d be winning all the awards.  All you novice puke’rs you’ve got nothing on our family.  Nothing.  I know now you are jealous, you wish you could be champion puke’rs like our family is.

You wish.


I wish .

Yes, I wish.

I wish we were not so good at catching the stomach flu.

Tuesday night while snuggled in bed with Keith, I heard little A give “the cough”  I jumped up and said “I think she is going to be sick”  He jumped up to grab a towel.  I had just enough time to sit her up before she had a go at it.  Boy did she go.  She pukes in her sleep so I had to hold her up and try to clean her up, while trying to contain the contamination.  All the while Keith is pulling things out of her bed and throwing them into the washer.  Finally cleaned, changed Pj’s everyone.  Back into our bed.  I offered Keith the couch he declined so in the end he kept his complaints to a comment and nothing more.  For the next 6 hours every 15 minutes in her sleep A would reach out for me and tap me, I would sit her up and hold a towel for her, she would not open her eyes, would finish being sick and lay back down.  I would throw the towel into the dirty laundry, grab another towel and lay back down.  For 6 hours.  6 Hours.  6.  Every 15 minutes she would throw up.  It was a long long long night.  In the morning my smart husband said “She only woke me during the loud ones.”  Nice honey, I am so glad you got to sleep.  In all fairness there was nothing he could do for us, still I was exhausted.

Morning drop off and naps.  We both slept for a few hours by evening she was rip roaring through the house as though nothing happened.

Fingers crossed

Thursday  was hopeful.  C was in the play Our Miss Brooks, he was Ted.  Keith was gone, O babysat so I could go.  It was enjoyable we laughed a lot.  I was distracted by his character and the faces and actions of “Ted” when I should have been listening to others.  He was good.  The others were good!

Thursday night did not look so good.

O complained of a stomach ache and took a trash can to bed.  I won’t go into the details but Keith took the first tour of duty while I slept {he had paper work and school stuff to do} when he came to bed I took the second shift.  Things were ugly, thankfully she is a great.  We had pulled her hair back before she went to bed.  And she has great aim.  Along came 3am.  I had just enough time to run to the bathroom.  We were both sick.  Sick.  Keith slept.  The whole house slept.  Except us.

Morning routine, C woke to tell me his stomach hurt.  I was gun-shy.  Grab a trash can and stay in bed.  He texted me, “tell NO one”  {they had another show Saturday, he did not want the cast to worry or panic}  A few minutes later he texted me, “I am sick”  I went to clean his trash can and give him a fresh bottle of water.  He has developed a much stronger stomach.  And was only sick one time.  Lucky dog.  But he did sleep.  He slept for 29 hours, yes 29 hours.  {He went to sleep Thursday at 11pm and woke Saturday morning at 8am. awake for 1 hour in that whole time period} He woke Saturday morning feeling so much better.  Lucky dog.

So now that we are 4 down.

It has been 4 days.

I am anxious about leaving them Thursday to go to Michigan, I am going to “spring” grandma from rehab.  {Actually another family member is springing her as she gets out while I am someplace over Tenn. and unable to get her at that time.   One of our cousins will “spring” her.}  She took a spill out of her steps in February on some ice, and injured her wrist, her finger and, her ankle.  She took a fall later that week, and after testing they found an ulcer.  The hospital, while the ulcer healed, released her to rehab where they were kind enough to notice that her wrist and finger were more badly hurt than was previously thought, a broken wrist and finger {if I remember correctly} and a boot on her foot.  She is ready to be released this week.  She has loved the workers and time there.  They are so sweet I love when she was telling me about them. They were so kind to her.  Anyway she gets released Thursday so little A and I will go up for a few days to get her settled,  that is one of the joys of family!  And the love of a husband who realizes how important family is.

Anyway, I am a little concerned that the 4 remaining family members will get the stomach flu while I am gone.  I don’t mind missing the mess but I do mind missing the chance to comfort and love on them.

So between the stomach bug and some sad news I just did not have it in me to blog.  I am feeling better, and I keep trusting in God’s Sovereignty and His plan.  So we keep going on.  I have a birthday to share with you my sweet little boy is now 13.  yikes!  I also have  pictures of the play to share with you.  But my camera and computer are not talking right now…  One of the big kids changed something so the electronics are pouting and not getting along.  {Don’t look for any set pictures I did not do a blasted thing, between the giant Adoption Yard Sale, and the elementary olympics, and life, I just did not have any time to go up.  I did not have any time until today to clean my house.

So fingers crossed that there is no more stomach bug in the house, I bleached and washed and cleaned the sick areas.  Hopefully I killed the germs.

Go hug your kids, and be thankful that the stomach bug does not come your way.

Wednesday Fun Day

At dinner one night J asked C who he would get trade out of the family for a different friend to be family?  C hemmed and hawed and finally said “i pleaded the 5th” to which E said “HEY!  I’m the 5th” “No silly the 5th amendment…”

After the long and hot yard sale weekend CH and I went to treat ourselves with a pedi.  It was wonderful, although they usually do a better job on the leg/foot massage.  This time, not so much.  She finished a few minutes before I did and went to the fans to start drying.  As I sat there watching paint dry {literally} the man who had done CH pedi, looked at me and asked if I wanted to get my eyebrows waxed.  I smiled and said “no thank you.”  He looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and said “if you change your mind let me know”  Okay seriously for the next 3 minutes it took everything in my not to reach up and see if they were bad enough that they needed petted, or if he was just trying to get more money out of me.  I did not get one, but when I mentioned the funny thing to my sister, she told me the lady who cuts our hair {in an organic shop} does eyebrows, so now a total stranger and sister both think I need a little wax job.  Guess I’m making a call tomorrow morning.

I gave the camera to little A during J’s Olympic day.  Here is the final productDSCN2684 DSCN2685 DSCN2686 DSCN2687 DSCN2688 DSCN2689 DSCN2690 DSCN2698Can little A be any cuter?

I also took a few pictures of her being super cute with J.DSCN2678 DSCN2679 DSCN2681It was a beautiful and sunny day!
Notice the megaphone, J was very much wanting me to bring it to cheer him on!  I did, cheer for him and the other students in his class.  Specifically the mile runners.  Good thing I brought it too, because the mic battery died during the day and the coaches needed to use it.

Laundry day has extra loads this week, little A threw up 5 times an hour last night from midnight until 6am, she finally stopped only to wake with diarrhea.  Yeah stomach bug is in the house.  Not going to lie this makes me nervous because we all throw up so easily.  C has a play this weekend. {he is Ted in Our Miss Brooks} So we really need to not all pass this around.

What about you anything funny to laugh at this week?

Go hug your kids, they need your love

Salt Rock Deodorant and Irish Butter

Okay so all of my readers know my quest to go organic or as organic as possible on a limited budget with a large family.  I have done research and have so much still that I don’t know.  I have a list of which products are important to go organic on and which ones are not top priority.  There are a few sites with lists on them, if you care enough you can look it up, I think I searched dirty dozen or top priority things to go organic.  I have my list and am noticing that like any food, all organic is not the same.  I mean it is actually, but it is not…  I have 2 things I have gone “natural” on that I love and wanted to share with you.

DSCN2782I purchased this deodorant from drugstore.com and am pleased to say it did the trick.  It arrived over a week ago.  And can I just say this last week put it to the test.  If it was not going to work, last week would have given me a heads up.  I spent Monday afternoon outside, on a football field cheering J on in his Olympics, it was sunny and got quite warm, I was also over dressed so I was sweaty.  When I got home {don’t judge} I gave the pits a good sniff and nothing.  Hummm good work so far.  Tuesday morning was E’s olympics, it took a little longer to warm up and I was not too over dressed.  That did not stop me from getting hot and sweaty,  I rushed home to shower before heading out to J’s check~up.  Before I jumped in the shower I gave the pits a good sniff and nothing again.  As you know Friday and Saturday were Ellen’s Adoption Yard Sale.  I was in the sun from 7:45am until 4pm on Friday, I was overdressed, a long sleeve shirt and a short sleeve one on top.  I was really sweaty, but when I checked no stink!  Saturday I was out from 7:45am until 3pm, again no stink.  I was pleasantly surprised and pleased.DSCN2784The THAI crystal salt rock deodorant stone is actually a sample size.  I did not want to order a larger one which cost a pretty penny to not have it work.  We already know Tom’s is expensive and I smelled like a man who works in a barn.  {Please no offense to men who work in a barn and read my blog, but you should smell that way, I don’t work in one so I should not smell that way}  The THAI brand had a few different styles of deodorant to choose from.  I chose sample, that is what it looks like.
You get the rock wet and rub it on your pits 15-20 times.  I kid you not this stuff is amazing.  It does not clog your pores {it is not an antiperspirants } it is supposed to kill the bacteria that causes stink.  So far so good.  I give it a thumbs up!  I actually don’t get the rock wet, I put it on as soon as I step out of the shower, while my pits are still wet.  It dries in no time and I love it!

DSCN2779The dirty dozen of organic tells us to go with dairy as a priority.  I have finally used up all the butter in the house, so it was on my list.  At Target I was looking at the Archer Farms organic butter, I put some in my cart but I noticed the butter right next to it.  It was an Irish cream all natural butter from grass-fed cows in Ireland.  On a whim I purchased it too.  For dinner I was going to make grilled cheese I put the Kerrygold butter out to use it.  I opened the butter and gave it a smell, ahhhh it smelled fresh and buttery.  DSCN2780I pulled out some saltines and buttered them right up.  Oh goodness that butter is excellent.  I licked the paper lid it had on in order to keep it fresh, made a few more butter crackers and then made grilled cheese.  The former room mates and Ellen came to dinner and everyone loved the butter on crackers.  It is not organic, but is from grass-fed cows, not pumped with steroids or hormones to make them produce more milk.  It was good.  I will be getting more.

So there are two success stories from my quest to go clean and organic.

What about you any delicious things that are organic that you think I should try.  I plan on making a run to Whole Foods in the next big city over this weekend.  What should I try?

Go hug your kids, and share some organic tips.


A Great Day for a Yard Sale

16795_4459224391527_456290457_nLet me just start by saying that this yard sale was amazing.
We were blessed
The weather was perfect!  Not a cloud in the sky, a lovely breeze, too much sun and sunburnt popliteal’s{look it up}, and swollen sunburnt lips. {I will spare you the pictures, but lets just say the picture Ellen sent me Sunday morning, made my lips swollen and sunburnt hurt to crack a smile and laugh.}  But it was perfect yard sale weather!

I had asked for everyone to pray, we really wanted the money to come rolling in, we really wanted to reach $15,000 but most of all we really desired for God to be glorified in the entire event.

We worked until our skin hurt, our eyes burned and we felt discouraged, we worked so hard, the hard work of sorting and labeling and pricing paid off.  The yard sale was a success {Chicken Coop keep scrolling to get the amount of $$ we made, if you need to then come back up and finish reading!}  Friday morning she had 7 people show up at 5am and begin to set up tables, tents, boxes, unloading the things for the sale.  She had everything pulled from the building and in designated areas in record time.  The storage room was emptied in an hour and fifteen minutes.  When you see the pictures you will be shocked.  The amazing part is the people who just showed up to help, J’s teachers husband and a student’s father.  No one asked them they just came out!  We were so blessed.  Saturday morning and again at the end of the sale we had people show up to help us pack up and load up.

When I arrived 15 minutes before it was set to be open on Friday, there were about 30 people there, the entire day we never had less than 10 people there at a time, and some points during the day the pay line was 10 people long.

We had people just look and leave a donation.  No purchase, just a gift of money for baby girl! What a blessing from someone who will probably never even meet baby girl.  Just to give.

We were blessed to listen to others share their adoption stories and offer words of encouragement.  That was a sweet blessing.  I only heard a few of these stories as I mostly worked the crowd offering deals they could not refuse and moving things around.  Ellen’s former room mates both came down one brought her 6 week old baby.  He is beautiful!  The new mom worked the check out table and CH was a woman of all trades, from moving furniture, to pricing, lifting, listening, to checking people out, and helping.  But when we worked the cash table we were able to listen to their stories and be blessed.

Okay here are the pictures.  I do not know who organized what when where but it fit together perfectly!DSCN2764 Before 7am the furniture buyer came she bought up 2 complete bedroom sets and came back for more later.DSCN2763The holiday and craft area.  We never did get those boxes all emptied on Friday, but people who love to yard sale loved digging through for treasure!DSCN2766Some of the furniture and a stray ladder.DSCN2767Tables Full of every imaginable thing!  And I do mean E V E R Y T H I N G!DSCN2768Christmas I am sad to say the pearl reindeer did not sell but the large garden gnome santa went home with a happy lady!DSCN2769More tables of things!  DSCN2770Here are only some of the clothes, we had 4 tents ladened down with hanging clothes, tables covered in clothes, and boxes sorted by style clothes.  We had one worker SM who only hung clothes on Friday and spent most of Saturday working with clothes.  We had 2 ambitious ladies take the boxes and boxes of clothes and sort them by style, jeans, shorts, shirts.  We had people buy garbage bags full of clothing.  We had a mother of the bride dress, a few prom dresses and matching shirts.DSCN2774Yes we did put on matching shirts!DSCN2771The furniture is more than half gone at this point.
There was a constant stream of people all day.

Okay I know some of you have rushed down to the end to see the final total that she made for her adoption fund…
Here it is.
Are you ready?
This is amazing!
The weekend total is
God is good!
All the time.
All the time
God is good!

We cannot even begin to comprehend the amount of money brought in for baby girl.
How breath taking is that!
God gave us friends who love her and prayed for this weekend.
God gave us friends, family and strangers who donated things for this sale.
God gave us a place to store all the donations.
God gave us a location for the sale.
God gave us beautiful weather for the sale.
God gave us friends who were willing to help.
God gave us friends who gave up sleep to come out at 5am.
God gave us people who wanted to buy our stuff.
God gave us $6,021.28 for baby girl.

Every where we look in this event we see God.

What about you?  How was your weekend?  As you can tell our weekend was wonderful!DSCN2776We were exhausted after this weekend.  We have sore feet, swollen feet, and sunburnt faces.  But we also are shining from the joy of gladness for the gift of this weekend.


p.s. Ellen corrected me the International cost of adoption is not $100,000 but closer to $40,000-$50,000 depending on the country.  Some are even cheaper but then you have to factor in the cost of housing, transportation and padding the wallets of the people you encounter.  I read that number some place in an article and it stuck, did not mean to misinform you all.

An Adoption Plan for The Weekend


As most of my regular readers know my sister Ellen is going through the adoption process.  When she signed up with the agency HEART OF ADOPTIONS, {here is her profile}they told her a typical national adoption can cost between $18,000 and $30,000.  That usually they are closer to the higher end of the financial scale.  {International adoptions are above $100,000} so when you see a baby who is adopted, realize that family made a huge sacrifice to have a new member in their family.  A few years ago Ellen did “Financial Peace University” the Dave Ramsey program.  She realized that adopting a baby girl was going to be costly but so very worth it!  She also wanted to adopt this baby debt free.  She had a plan.  All of you know that she sells, THIRTY ONE, you know those cute and useful bags, purses, and totes.  {I have a house full and “need” more}  As with any business you get paid,  she has taken every paycheck from them for the last year and a half, and placed it in a different savings account at the bank.  She has been able to watch her money grow for her adoption.  She has reached the half way point in her savings.  She has used money from that account to purchase a few things for the baby, some furniture and accessories. 734195_4523643521965_174916974_nAfter reading this book and many helpful blogs, she began to dream of ways to save and earn more money for this new sweet baby girl who God is going to bring to our family.  {Okay I know the baby will really only belong to Ellen, but she is still “ours” and we can’t wait!}  While reading the book she shared stories and ideas of ways to make some money.  She was given the name of a donation site but really struggles with asking people to give her the money, she realizes that most families expecting a baby do not ask for financial aid from others so she does not want to ask for money but wants to provide something in exchange for it.  Some of the ideas were not practical for her but a giant yard sale was an excellent idea.  We have one every spring at her house and make about $300 at the sale.  We could do a BIGGER sale and make some more for her adoption fund that would be great.I am a big dreamer and not afraid to ask for help.  I have a house full of stuff that could go, knowing that, I was sure my friends had stuff they would be willing to donate.  I put out a call for yard sale stuff on face book.  A few weeks later I put out another one.  Don’t forget if you are spring cleaning your house and you find you have stuff to donate, please donate it to ELLEN’S ADOPTION YARD SALE!!! we’d love to have your stuff!!! also we’d LOVE LOVE LOVE your empty hangers! we are doing a trailer pick up again in a few weeks, send me a message if you want in on our pick up route!

We were so blessed, things came pouring in.  One day over Christmas break, every time Ellen came home there were more things on her porch, and when I went to check my mail there were bags of things on my porch.  We could not believe it!  We were quickly filling her “yellow room” and the storage area at her house.  We were overwhelmed at the generosity.  Around that time Keith and his dad were working on the electricity in the attic, I had no power for me to cook our, we went to Red Elephant for dinner.  While eating, the manager and friend of ours stopped at our table to tell us her daughter had things for the sale, and did we know where we were going to host our sale?  Also did we need storage for our stuff for the sale?  We were thrilled at the offer of her daughters things, we also let her know we had no idea where we were going to host the sale but knew we were going to need to rent a storage unit to hold the things until we had the sale.  She offered to let us use the half of their building that was up for lease, it was empty and H U G E we could store our things there for free.  Then she offered up the back parking lot for us to use too.  We could not believe it!  we were stunned into speechlessness.  While we were sitting there mouths hanging open, she also offered to do a “Share” event at the restaurant for Ellen.  {Red Elephant is a great supporter of community, and they offer share events, where the patrons need to say the name of the event and a portion of the proceeds go to that organization or cause.  I have a mutual friend in another state that went to one to support a friend with cancer.  RE had done 2 of these events already for Ellen.}  In one “chance” or sovereign event, GOD gave us a location to store the things for the sale, on the most traveled road in our city, at a popular restaurant, with plenty of space for the sale, and another way to get some money for this baby.  God amazes us all the time!  580570_4495743664486_1903466425_n

We shared this information with our friends who began dropping things off at the restaurant instead of our houses.  A few of the workers at RE have been so kind, if they see Ellen bringing things in they offer to help, making it a faster and lighter load.  After helping one of the workers told Ellen that if she sold every item in the place for only a dollar she would have all she needed for the adoption.  Those kind words blessed her.424389_4577006736012_1929627335_nWe did a trailer run for people who had furniture!  They took 3 trips having to go back and collect on another day.  I sent Keith and 2 kids along to drive and help carry, at every house it went from going to pick up a storage shelf at the first house, to them leaving with bikes, and storage shelf and a few dressers too.  Each house they stopped at had many things to add to the trailer.
Again we were blessed seeing people donate so many nice things to the sale.521357_4763233911575_2043530192_nEvery time we cane to drop off a load there were more boxes and bags and furniture.  {After Kim and O’s help this area is now FILLED with clothing, there are prom dresses, fancy shoes, cute baby clothes, mens clothing and a wedding dress}557970_4763243991827_304244758_nAt this point we were feeling blessed at gifts before us.  Ellen went over a few times alone to sort but overwhelmed at the amount of donations she would leave feeling as though nothing was accomplished.  Until the Saturday Kim {Keith’s sister} and O went to help.  I came a few hours after they had been working and was shocked! Both Kim and O were organized in their thoughts and the lay out of the room.  There were rows of sorted items, and areas all planned out.379280_4544531084141_972902447_nThe toy area is nice and sorted now, you can see the tile floor, the girls were a huge help to Ellen.385970_4831507818380_1358866189_nWe had a location and we have a date.  And we think we have plenty of workers.  Now all we need are people to come and shop.

We are praying that this yard sale puts all the money needed into the adoption fund.  I had a friend ask me “how much do you think this sale will make for you?”  I told her $15,000.  She asked if I really thought I’d make that much, I told her God is bigger than I can even understand, I would love if He would bless Ellen with the rest of the money for this baby’s adoption.

479734_4318071582795_1053203238_nWe do not yet have a baby who can fill these shoes.  But we are praying for her, and for her birth mom.  What a selfless decision, and an amazing gift of life and love to many people.

Okay so why did I tell all this to you, most of you do not even know where I live.  {lets keep it that way shall we}  But many of you do know.  I would LOVE if you are in my area to stop in, give a hug to the mama~to~be and visit for a minute.  I would LOVE if you came in a bought it all up for a small fee of $15,000.  We’ll even deliver it all to your house!
485194_4752215556123_420224441_nBut what I need, what we all need is for you to pray.  Pray that this sale honors God.  Pray that this sale brings in the funds needed to pay for this adoption.  Pray that Ellen will be the excellent mama to her sweet baby girl.  Pray for the birth mom and the choice she is going to have to make.  Pray.  We need you to pray.

734006_4831492898007_4239399_nGo hug your kids, and remember the joy of holding that new baby in your arms.  Pray that Ellen will soon be holding her new baby girl in her arms too.  {Oh and come shop our sale!}