Another Phone Call You Do Not Want To Get

Today as I was getting ready to run errands Keith called, his voice was a little wind-blown.

Him “Hi, um our bus is on fire.”
Me “I’m sorry I did not hear you, what did you say?”
Him “I said our bus is on fire, everyone is safe”
Me “ahhh WHAT?  did you say Fire?”
Him “yeah, we are all safe, on the side of the road, but the bus is engulfed in flames”
Me “you said everyone is okay?”
Him “yes”
Him ” I think everything is lost under the bus”
Me “but everyone is okay?”
Him “yes.”
Me “hummm so I gather you are going to be late getting home?”
Him “We are waiting for the girls bus to turn around, come back and get us.”
Me ” ok I love you and can’t wait to see you.”
Him “I love you too.”
He told me that some of the boys in the back of the bus noticed smoke, the called out to him, he called out to the bus driver.  Who had already noticed the smoke and was pulling over.

They began evacuating as soon as the bus pulled off the road.  When the smoke began coming towards the front of the bus, they picked up the pace, everyone got off except a father who was trying to grab kids things knowing the boy’s electronics, and Keith heard a pop sound.  With that both the father and Keith rushed off the bus.

Here is the link from the local news.  Bus Accident.

We can see the hand of God, in this entire process.  Not a single person was injured.  An ambulance just happened to be right behind the bus, the driver made sure everyone was safe and okay then called Fire and Rescue.  An Off Duty Fireman stopped to help.  They boys were all safe.  The bus driver was helpful and professional.  As of right now they have determined it was a mechanical problem.  A farther investigation will be ongoing.

Keith got home hours after it was planned.  Everyone has a story to tell.

Hug your kids and kiss someone you love.  Life is just too short.  Things can change in an instant.



4 thoughts on “Another Phone Call You Do Not Want To Get

  1. christine says:

    Good grief! Keith must have taken notes from your past posts, getting right to the point with his bad and good news. 🙂
    Glad everyone is safe and sound, in their own beds.

    • overholt8 says:

      Yes, he is like that. He gave just the basic facts than hung up to talk to the police and other parents who were flooding his phone. He called back when all was calm to share the information. But he has always been right to the point. I knew you would like that. No build up, no wondering, just the facts!

  2. sandra musick says:

    God is good. Someone said that the boys bus got hit last year, is that correct.

    • overholt8 says:

      Yes, last year the bus driver hit another car. front end damage and the bus driver was lost all.the.time. Keith had to sit up front to help him find the hotel every night. He called the company and sent in a letter, I don’t know what happened to that driver. But this time it was a great driver, just a mechanical malfunction. Makes one NOT want to ride Keith’s bus.

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