Go Big For GOD and Other Things That Bug Me…

It is graduation time in the south east.  Hey, we start in August, so we get out earlier.  Earlier so we can enjoy the immense heat, {reached 96 here yesterday} we can go on vacation before the rest of the country, and we can get back to our normal lives before all the tourists come down.

Since it is graduation time I keep hearing the phrase GO BIG FOR GOD or the variation DO GREAT THINGS FOR GOD.

Don’t get me wrong there is not a thing wrong with “GOING BIG” or “DOING GREAT”


If that is what we are telling our children as they graduate we are missing the biggest picture of all.

The small quiet servant.  The old lady who is a prayer warrior, the camp director who prays during the service at night for each camper, the worker bees, the church of GOD needs them just as much as the Pastor, the church of GOD needs the vbs snack maker, the older couple who cleans the sanctuary each week, the team of guys who pull out the tarp on the gym floor every time, the chair ministry, the woman in the kitchen who knows where everything is and how much to put out at once.  The church needs the people who do not GO BIG or DO GREAT.  The church needs  people who DO for GOD.  They do what they do to honor God.

The Bible is full of the quiet workers in the back ground, you did not notice?  Go look, they are everywhere some hardly get a mention by name.  You know the guy who served the water Jesus made it into wine.  {I don’t care your opinion of the “wine” Jesus made, I just read the Bible I did not write it and do not have to interpret it.}  What about the women who took the spices to Jesus body, or even the man who gave his family tomb for Jesus body.  What about the women in the old testament who prepared the passover feast, what about Moses’ mom?  The families of the spies in Jericho, they are everywhere equipping the saints for their jobs.  The mothers and fathers, who lived each ordinary day to GOD’s glory.

Did they GO BIG or did they DO GREAT?
They just did their job.
They did it humbly, quietly and unto the Lord.

We are making the graduates lives even more demanding than they are already doing on their own.
Hey welcome to the real world, you have graduated, do you have a career, a life plan, a summer job, a plan for your future, a direction to go, ALL while demanding that they GO BIG or DO GREAT THINGS…



We want terribly immature people to make sure they GO BIG or DO GREAT when they don’t even know how to do their laundry or take the fastest route to the pool store.

Why don’t we tell them, “I am praying you honor God in ALL YOU DO, why not tell them “I pray that you are a SERVANT for God” or even “I can’t wait to see God work through you.”
Yes there are many who will GO BIG or DO GREAT, there is a future generations of preachers, musicians, worship leaders, public speakers, teachers.  True the world can use more Billy Graham’s or Jonathan Edwards, or even Martin Luther Kings.  They do need to be encouraged to listen to GOD and DO for God.  But how about we encourage them to SERVE GOD and let GOD show them the BIG and DO?

While saying GO BIG or DO GREAT sounds inspiring, are we really offering the best advice?

Here is another “christian phrase” that bugs me.

“God really showed up and showed off”

Really, he showed up?
God Showed up… Did you invite Him?  Did the event He “showed up” at come as a surprise?  Did He forget to “show up last time?”

I was taught in Sunday School, and in catechisms that GOD is omnipresent, that he is every where, at all times.  {I do not actually understand how He does this but the Bible says it and regardless of whether I believe it or not it is a fact} So since we have established that GOD is all over the world at the same time, He cannot then “show up” because to say that would imply that He had no part in the activity UNTIL you let Him know of the schedule.
So God did not in fact “show up” because He was there already.

God showed off…

Really, who is He showing off to?  Satan, the angel he kicked out of heaven, the one who has limits, or to humans who are little sinners?  To whom is he showing off to?  God does not need to “show off” He is GOD.  He is the creator of all.
He is GOD.

Maybe, you just stopped to notice?
Maybe, you were too self involved to see the miraculousness of GOD in your everyday life?
Take for example your heart, GOD keeps it beating, that is a miracle, is GOD showing off, or the fall you took as a child, do you see a scar, show off.  The car ride you just took, showing off again…

To say “show off” is saying that GOD need to prove something to someone.  It is saying that every event is not a part of GOD’s sovereign plan and now He has to come back and “fix” what He missed before.

He has nothing to prove HE IS GOD.
What about the godly man who suddenly died, the mother who lost her child in an accident?  The young lady who just died of cancer?  Where was GOD?  Did they forget to invite him, did He forget to “show off”?

When we say “God showed up and showed off” we are putting limits on GOD.

So maybe instead you should say “I stopped my selfishness and saw the miracles that GOD is doing every day.”  Maybe you should say, “I stepped out and watched the amazingness of GOD.”

He is GOD he is there and He does not need to show off.

So there you have it 2 “Christian Phrases” that really bug me.

Go hug your kids, I went to another funeral this weekend.  Share some love and go “do” something for GOD.



12 thoughts on “Go Big For GOD and Other Things That Bug Me…

  1. christine says:

    I have never heard those two sayings before. You did a great job explaining your dislike for them. I agree! That second one doesn’t even make sense to me. I don’t remember God ever being a proponent of showing off. We all need to pay more attention to the small, good things going on around us every single day, all day long.

    • overholt8 says:

      They must be more southern sayings.
      You are right!
      thanks for reading. I can never tell how my thoughts are going to come across to people reading.

  2. sandra musick says:

    That is your best one yet. Why do you think the are christians sayings they sound more worldly to be or from a church that is not teaching the bible. Hope the youth pastor canidate doesn’t talk like that. I hope you are going to ask he some tough questions.

    • overholt8 says:

      I have not even heard the new guy yet… I need to pick Keith’s brain since he is smarter than I am. I will be praying he is the one who will make a difference.
      missed you all yesterday in SS

      • sandra musick says:

        They talked for a few minutes yesterday, they are so young. I saw your van on the way out of the parking lot. Missed you too.

      • overholt8 says:

        yes I heard they are 25 and 26. seems like a life time ago to be in my 20’s i had 2 kids by 26

  3. Well put, my friend. I have heard them both but you captured beautifully my thoughts about them. Thanks for solidifying them for us all. You are a blessing!

  4. Ellen says:

    Well done!

  5. laura says:

    We cleaned the sanctuary each week and we are not old !!! 🙂 Other than that I agree with the statements. It was 96 here today and it felt MUCH hotter with the no breeze heat. I love reading your blogs. I was reading a book the other day and while reading thought I could hear Jen putting this in her blog with these descriptions, you are very detailed and I LOVE IT.

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