Hunting for a Beach Condo

????????We are hunting for a beach condo.  I am noticing a lot of things on these listing sites, I thought in the interest of your sanity I would give you some definitions and tips for searching.

????????Tip #1 “a short stroll to the beach” is really translated into, a burning, hot, schlep your stuff 3 blocks down the street over the foot bridge and across the sand, only to realize that you have to drag the kid 3 blocks back to go to the bathroom because some people cannot “go” in the water.????????Check out the amount of stuff we need to bring down each day.  Our beach is private so we leave everything when we go in for lunch or to the pool.

Tip #2 “garbage disposal”  you have got to wonder what is wrong with the condo if they offer up ,including garbage disposal, how bad is the rest of the place that they choose to highlight the garbage disposal?

????????Look what babies they are.????????Tip # 3 “sleeps 8”  if it offers to sleeps 8 but does not show pictures, 3 of your kids will be sharing a queen bed.  And after a night of that no one will be happy. Trust me.

????????Tip #4 “sleeps 8” if they show the sleeping places for 8 in pictures, don’t forget to count the chairs around the table and counter.  Meal time is quite difficult if everyone is sprawled all over the house dripping water, juice, and ranch on everything.  Again we learned that lesson the hard way.

????????{bonus tip, make sure the big kid knows how to cover completely with sunscreen before letting him have a tube}????????Tip #5 you will need more sunscreen than you brought.  Go ahead and buy a few more spray cans, a sunburn the first day on the beach makes the rest of the family miserable.  We overload sunscreen, we repel water so no worry about sun burn for us.  Seriously water beads up on our skin after day 2, by day 5 we really do not need to apply because when we get wet you can see the white sunscreen on our skin.

Tip # 6 “exotic dining” should be interpreted as one dark, of questionable origin, dine at your own risk, and don’t ask to see the food police comments, restaurant.

Tip # 7 “colorful locals” actually means there is a crazy man on a bike that comes through making weird noises, a woman wants cat food for her kitties and if you don’t take your trash all the way to the dumpster someone goes through it while you are sleeping.

Tip #8 if the condo provides breakfast, be sure you are allowed to get the “free” breakfast.  Trust me when I say they get kind of cranky when you go and you are not supposed to.

Tip #9 you don’t really need to bring every last thing, there is a Wal-Mart located within 15 minutes of everywhere in America.  They have everything you need and many things you don’t need to make your trip enjoyable.

????????Tip #10″equipment provided” if the condo provides water toys realize that the person renting ahead of you might not be so nice on toys and you may in fact have to buy your own boogie board because the kids who played on it last week broke it and shoved it in the toy cupboard so go to Wal-Mart and get that boogie board that was broken.

Tip # 11 do not wait till the month before to spend hours looking…  Seems this is the one we struggle with the most.

Tip # 12 toilet paper is provided, but not the amount a family of 8 will need for a full week.  So be thankful that Wal-Mart is only a few minutes away and grab a package for your family.

????????Tip # 13 DO NOT FORGET YOUR CAMERA.  I actually have the Thirty ~ One Pocket~a~tote it hooks on the back of my chair, and I can keep my camera inside dry and away from water but close by so I can snap a picture in the moment.  Oh I have to tell you the special the month of June!  This is one of my favorites! For every $35 you spend you can get the Large utility Tote for only $10.  I love mine, and plan on getting more this month.  There is the most adorable flip-flop print I need.  3 of these bags fit in my Sam’s club cart and it holds towels for all 8 of us.  If you do want one click on over to Ellen’s Thirty One and tell her I sent you!

????????Tip # 14 take full advantage of beach pictures, get a great one and there is no need for the annual Christmas Card torture.????????  Or grab some cute things and get a super cute picture!????????

What a great family!

????????Tip # 15 don’t forget books.  Lots of books!  We are a family of readers and cannot actually take enough books anyplace.

So there you are 15 tips for looking for a condo. We are still looking.  More accurately we are waiting for a reply from one of the many renters we contacted.  So far no one seems in any hurry to get back to us.  Which is weird.

Here is a freebie a tip to condo renters.
Tip #1 IF you really are interested in renting it out reply in the 48 hours you promised you would make your reply.  We are a pretty awesome family looking at your perfect condo and want to give you our money to stay at your place!

Go hug your kids life is just too short.  What is your favorite beach place or tip?



6 thoughts on “Hunting for a Beach Condo

  1. Patty says:

    Oh, that was a really fun read!

  2. Ellen says:

    IF you get good pictures and there is “no need for the annual Christmas Card torture” then WHY do we do that every year!?!?! 🙂

  3. sandra musick says:

    This year if you like and it works well for go ahead and reserve it for next year:)

    • overholt8 says:

      we are planning on scouting the area. because we found another deal but it was rented. going to snatch it up early if we like the outside of the place

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