A little bit of funny the last week of school.

The end of school brings crazy rushing get projects done, study for final exams, and try to motivate the kids to finish strong.  End of the year means class parties, finals for the big kids, and awards.  Trying to get up and moving is getting more difficult, leaving on time is a challenge but the year is ending and summer vacation is quick approaching.  Here are a few quick funnies from the past few days.

~Tuesday morning I told little A that I needed to color my hair.  She put her hands on her hair and said “oh mommy do brown like me” I smiled at her, she took that as a cue to keep going “pretty please, pretty please brown like mine”  I told her we’d see what color it turns out to be.  A few minutes later while coloring my hair with her company, she said “Oh mommy I like your green hair”  WHAT!?!?  I am not going green “look mommy your hair is turning green, now it is turning blue.”  Looks like it is time to shut the girl out of the bathroom when I am doing that task.

~I went to help Keith with some of the house project this last weekend.  When I came out, he was perched on top of a ladder and holding something over his head.  He looked over at me and laughed.  “What? I came to help.”  “You need to go back inside” he insisted, “I don’t want your help.”  I could not figure out why, his answer ” you look ridiculous in that outfit.”  It was my set painting outfit I was covered in many colors of set, most of Wonka set had rubbed against me, or I had used my shirt as a handy rag, and the new kitchen paint was prominent along the sleeves.  I laughed at him and kept cleaning up his mess outside.

~We only have a few days left of school.  On Tuesday I was trying to motivate them to finish with fun.  On our way to school I said “Only 5 more wake-ups then C will be a SENIOR, only 5 more wake-ups and R will be a HIGH SCHOOLER.  To which O told me to stop talking and R told me, “mom I’m only going into 8th grade.”  Yeah I need more sleep.

~Asking little A about her Bible story at church, she goes from one story to another, telling us that “Daniel caught a lion with his fishing pole”  maybe she is not the best listener in the class.

Butterfinger~Curse you Butterfinger Bites.  Have you had them yet?  I am ashamed to say once I opened the bag I hid them from the kids.  They may or may be gone already.  I admit I am a chocolate snob.  I only like good dark chocolate, I like dark it can have add ins or it can be solid dark.  I love good chocolate, the candy in the check out line does not tempt me.  I had a coupon for these and they were on sale so I grabbed a bag to share at movie night.  Yea I did not share.

Go hug your kids they need your love.


10 thoughts on “A little bit of funny the last week of school.

  1. Shelly says:

    I love your posts!

  2. christine says:

    Ha! Some sleep would probably do you some good. 🙂
    Butterfinger is my very favorite candy bar ever made. I will never buy these bites of which you speak. I finally got over my M&M addiction, I can’t be starting on another.

    • overholt8 says:

      Yes you should avoid them at all cost! unless some terribly rotten friend mails them to you?!?! then what will you do?
      how did graduation go?

      • christine says:

        That rotten friend would get something in the mail, too, and it wouldn’t be anything as yummy as Butterfingers. 🙂

      • overholt8 says:

        Hahahah Is that a threat Mrs. In the Coop??? Are you trying to scare me? You can’t scare me I’ve got 6 kids and no siding on my house. Oh, you’ve got 6 kids and pigs… ok you might win!

  3. Patty says:

    Yeah, you would have to hide them to get any with that many people. I only like, I mean LOVE dark chocolate, too. The candy in the check-out line is lame. Actually now that I think of it I gave up candy and haven’t had any this year. Yay me!

    • overholt8 says:

      WoW good for you! i have not given it up but since I only like DARK chocolate it is expensive and not a impulse buy. i do love fresh twizzlers and i heart Swedish fish

  4. Keith Overholt says:

    I must say I was sitting in the living room by myself when i read this and I started laughing reading about Jen coming out to help and me sending her back in.

    • overholt8 says:

      If I remember correctly you were not looking too hot that day either, you had termite poop in piles on your skin, your shirt collar was ruffled from being stretched and you had white sweat rings dried on your back… At least my clothes were clean. Glad to help you!

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