A Letter to the Cute Blonde Girl at Chick Fil A

Yesterday little A and I took our weekly {or bi~weekly} field trip to chick~fil~a.
On our way out I couldn’t help but notice a teen couple.
The observations started while they were ordering and we were getting a refill of sweet tea.
{the drink of the gods}

Here is my letter to that cute blonde girl.

Dear cute teen girl,

Don’t you know your value?  Don’t you know that God created you for a purpose?  Don’t you know that you are special, you are important, and you have a whole life ahead of you?

If you know this already, did you notice that your boyfriend only has one thing on his mind.  That is not the furthering of your education, not college or your career, or even your future family.   He does not view you as anything more than a make out in his truck partner.  You are his preferred choice to fulfilling his sexual desires.

When he ordered he walked away from you, leaving you to order after him and to pay the bill, he left you to collect straws and napkins while he texted I can only assume a buddy and not his mom.

When you paid, and collected the bag and the accessories, he grunted at you and walked away.  Did you hear him?

When you went to leave he let the inner door swing shut in your face, to get out before I quit holding the outer door for my 3yr old child.  He still did not have your best interest in mind.  Leaving me to hold that outer door for you.  Did you notice?

When you trotted along behind him because he raced ahead ignoring you and the conversation you were trying to have, he was not thinking about you. Or actually he was, but not the way you really wanted him to be thinking about you.  Did you realize that he was not listening?

When you got to his truck and he climbed into his seat and shut the door, leaving you to hold the bag, and the accessories and open your own door.  He still did not have your best interest on his mind.  Remember how awkward that was opening the door and climbing in with the food bag?

When you climbed in to the truck, that is when he noticed you, when you sat down and he climbed on top of you to make out, that is when he wanted to listen to you that is when he was willing to talk to you, to pay attention to you.

You are worth so much more, than make out partner, you have value far above rubies.  God created you with great value, he formed you in your mother’s womb, you are fearfully and wonderfully made.  You are worth so much more than the position that boy has given you.

You need to leave that boy and look for or wait for your own gentleman.  A true gentleman does not order first, does not expect you to pay, does not grunt at you, ever.  A true gentleman does not leave you behind while racing out the doors, he waits for you and treats you with respect holding the door for you.  A true gentleman walks with you listening to you and talking with you, not about you in a text.  A true gentleman is not going to let you struggle holding the bags and open the door while paying you no mind as he climbs in the truck.  A true gentleman knows you have more value than to climb on top of you in the chick~fil~a parking lot.

Cute blond girl, you are worth much more.  I hope you find that out before it is too late.
best regards, the mother with the toddler at the second door.

I was heartbroken for that girl.  How will she view herself when her boyfriend decides he is tired of her, how will she feel when she realizes that he never loved her?

We need to protect our daughters, teach them value in their body, in their mind, and in their heart.  We need to teach our daughters that some boys are truly only after the shell of their body, they are not interested in who they really are.

We need to teach them that how a boy treats you while dating is how he will treat you when you are married.  We need to teach them to value their bodies, how they view themselves and how boys view them.  We need to teach them to be cautious how they dress, what does their father think of that bikini or the other bikini, that short skirt, that tank top.  Better ask the man who loves her most who wants her best, whose desire is to protect her and guard her, ask him.  At one time he was a teen boy, who knows that their hormones block thinking skills, ask her father what he thinks about her outfit.  If it is questionable explain her value to her, explain that she look cheap like a fake jewel and she is really worth more than rubies.  Teach your daughter, question your daughter, hug your daughter, {does she smell like a boy?} Talk you your daughter.

This parenting job is hard, but, if you are a parent it really is your most important job.

Go hug your kids and teach them their value.


7 thoughts on “A Letter to the Cute Blonde Girl at Chick Fil A

  1. That was beautiful, Jen, and very well put. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to write it down…I pray that somehow that girl sees this.

    • overholt8 says:

      Thank you. I think my mouth was agape when I pulled out realizing that it was make out time. How lowly to make out in the back parking lot of a restaurant no care, no love, no concern but his own desires. Tragic.

  2. Patty says:

    I just read this to Neal as I was so impressed. Neal, said, that’s why you’re such a good mother and I agree.

    • overholt8 says:

      Thank you both for the compliment, I try my hardest at being a mother for God’s glory it is not easy, it is hard, messy and honestly ugly. But God does not expect me to be perfect yet, He expects me to obey and try.

  3. Linda says:

    So very, very sad. When I see young women with their bodies so fully on display, I want to say many of the things that you’ve said here.

  4. laura says:

    The bad part is that blonde girl probably don’t have a father in the home and if she does he probably treats women the same way so she only knows those actions as all too common. We need more Godly men in this world and then some change will be done. Or some more moms that might speak up and say something so they might feel ashamed and disgusted by the comment but when they are home at night maybe they might think about that comment from the woman holding the 2nd door with the toddler when she goes to bed that she is worth more than she thinks. I love that you are so open to share and I know you speak up often and love that about you 🙂 Thank you for your friendship and familyship 🙂

  5. sandra musick says:

    I have the problem with kids and grands they think the bikini looks good on the old and cute on the young. I feel bad for all the boys..men who are trying to not look, but it is everywhere. They say that I am old and things have changed, yes they have and not for the good. Thanks again.

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