An IKEA Towel

We went to IKEA, little A and I, last week.  She had a Dr appointment in the next city over,  we were running out of glasses and I like to see what other deals I can get there.  We seem to break glasses with flare.  We go through at least 15 glasses a year.  Since the IKEA trip we have broken 2 glasses already.  {I know what you practical minded people are thinking, “Why not get plastic?” I’ll share my weirdness with you, drinking milk out of plastic is gross to me, and then I am afraid of BPA leaching into my drinks, as I told the kids when we were looking for drink containers for school I don’t want men with man boobs, and now with the whole breast issue for me, no BPA!!!}
So as I was saying, we went to IKEA.  Since I was on a time crunch we skipped the upstairs much to little A’s chagrin.  She L O V E S to run and hide, and climb, and look, and open.  There are signs all over that it is family friendly, kid friendly, climb, touch, open friendly we let her have a go at the place.  We went upstairs only to go to the elevator down to the bottom floor, we were out of the place in just over an hour.  Which if you have ever shopped with me you know that is amazing.  And if you have ever shopped at IKEA you know that is also amazing.

We stopped and collected some glasses, ended getting some super cute flamingo glasses not at all practical but so adorable.  We looked at the fun kitchen gadgets, and moved on towards the towels and aprons.  In the kitchen towel area, little A found a super cute stripe~y towel that she insisted we needed and put into our yellow bag.  As we wound our way through the store, we found some interesting prints, we decided that those would be nice for C’s bathroom since the re~do project we never did get any artwork, or ceiling trim for that matter, put up.  {Keith and O did replace his bathroom window and Keith is planning on trimming out the window tonight.}

When we got home little A showed my sister the cute stripe~y towel.  My sister suggested making it into smaller dish towels for little A’s kitchen.

Here is what I did and if you want you can do it yourself.

DSCN3705Take 1 super cute stripe~y towel

DSCN3714Cut it into quarters, I did not measure I just folded it in half and half again and pressed hard, then cut along the folds.DSCN3717I rolled/folded the raw edges twice, so it would not unravel over time.DSCN3720I rolled/pinned/sewed the raw edges, because it was already a towel the other two edges on each quarter were hemmed making less work for me.DSCN3721Ta~Da 4 super cute little hand towels for little A.DSCN3707They fit perfectly with her cute pink and blue kitchen.DSCN3711Washing “hot toffee tups” and sitting pretty on her shelf.

I decided next time we head out to IKEA I will pick up a few more, then I can make an apron and dish cloths for her to take to a birthday party.  How cute is that?

Today is the last Friday of school for us!  I cannot even begin to express how happy I am about this.  Although part of the joy might be based on the fact that I actually thought today was Thursday.  I can see the end of the year and it makes me very glad!

Go hug your kids and share some love.  Life is just too short!


One thought on “An IKEA Towel

  1. christine says:

    Cute idea for a birthday gift!

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