I Am a Genius


I think I even spelled it correctly.  I am a genius, not a speller. {Honestly the only reason that the blog is mostly spelled right is my computer underlines the wrong spellings, sometimes it gives me the wrong word.  At least the wrong word is spelled correctly.}

As I was saying I am a GENIUS .
I am a give me a kiss Keith, seriously smart mama!

{Or I will be if my plan works}

Yesterday did not go over as well as I had planned, the little kids needed guidance, I did laundry, it rained most of the day, so, they ended up watching TV more than I wanted.  R and C were in C’s room watching Psych on Netflix.  All. Day. Long.  {that was for you coop}  After a day of television on, I needed a TV plan.

Here it is, here is my plan.  They may watch as much TV as they want during the day, but they must purchase the TV time.  Sounds reasonable.  Every child gets 1 free hour of TV during the day.To purchase an additional hour, they must complete a task.  Not just any task, but a task I have picked.  Or actually they have picked.  It is up to them.  Here is my list, it may change as summer goes along.

DSCN3761To earn an additional hour of TV, you may choose from the list below
wash a floor
wash/dry/fold a load of laundry
fold 3 loads of laundry {J and E may fold the towels
vacuum the pool
wash windows {10 of them}
wash/dry/put away a load of dishes
ride bikes/play outside/jump on the trampoline
clean the van
play a game or 2 with a sibling
write an actual letter to a family member
clean pantry or refrigerator
organize your dresser drawers
write a book report
dust ceiling fans in the dining room and family room
draw or color for 30 minutes
wash dining room chairs
your idea

To earn an additional 2 hours of TV you may choose from this list
work a 4 hour shift
clean/vacuum/wash the van
mow the lawn
clean out the shed.

So there you have it.  We can watch as much TV as we want, but we must earn that time.  Sounds simple enough.  We’ll see if this sinks or floats.  I’ll keep you posted.

Go hug your kids, they need your love, and spend some time snuggled up breathing in their stinky kid smell.

p.s. what about you, unlimited viewing all summer, or do they have to earn the privilege?


5 thoughts on “I Am a Genius

  1. christine says:

    i love summer. It means a cleaner house! 🙂
    We don’t have much screen time around here. When they do, they get cranky and lazy and no fun once it goes off. I let them each have 30 minutes of video game time per day. On yucky days, we’ll watch a movie instead. If I am going to be gone for an appointment and leave the little kids at home, I do let them watch a bit more while I’m gone, just to keep wrestling and indoor ball playing to a minimum.
    Good luck! I agree. Kids need some direction.

  2. Ellen says:

    One suggestion to add to the requirement: Put away whatever you are playing with BEFORE you can cash in the hour(s) you earned. And send them on over to their aunt’s house. I’m sure I can come up with some jobs!

  3. Sandra musick says:

    I don’t turn on the tv, k loves Disney, I hate it. I know that is a strong word, but I do. So after a while I will ask her to play a game or something.

    • overholt8 says:

      I LOVE some of the disney jr shows. NOT a fan of Disney channel. Too much grown up comedy,too much sassy kids, too much stupid parent. We watch disney jr (directv 289) no commercials no grown up stuff just happy shows. No Sassy Kids!

  4. Susie Kallan says:

    I love this idea and I’m going to try it in our house! Have a great 77 days of summer and believe me I know it is short!

    Susie Kallan

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