A Trip to IKEA (In Costume)

So I took my own advice for a rainy day.
We went to IKEA.
To play Hide~n~Seek
But with a twist
In Costume

DSCN4279C did not to put on a costume.  {little bunny is O’s friend}DSCN4280Boldy go where no jammies/costume people have gone.

Once inside R and J sat in the lobby for 3 minutes while the girls took off to hide.

DSCN4282C choose to shop with us while the kids went off to hide or be found.  I have no idea why he is making crazy eyes…DSCN4283“I’ve been expecting you…”  {said in a creepy bad guy voice}DSCN4288We stumbled upon the girls in the children’s area.  We kept A with us while the girls took off again to hide.DSCN4286Telling me about his hiding spot while he waited for the girls to hide again.  R was perfectly comfortable in his costume.DSCN4291Yes someone showed the boy “duck face” which looks just as ridiculous on him as it does on teen girls doing “selfies” in school bathroom mirrors.DSCN4290One last round of Hide~n~Seek.

We did get a few fun things while out shopping.  I needed more glasses and they have for $.59 each.  We break a glass a week at our house.  Or more.  On Sunday I knocked 2 glasses off the counter, they both broke.  It happens all the time.  My silly family loves to try out new foods so we always pick up a sample of something while we are there.  I’ll save you the trouble, the marshmallow candy is not so good. O was completely grossed out that they ingredient list includes gelatin made from pork.  Then I told her most gelatin is made from pork or chemicals.  I think she is stunned and disgusted.  J was interested in the apple sparkling drink, he has not tried it yet.  I also purchased a jar of chocolate spread with caramel candy bits inside.  Not too sure if it should go on graham crackers or eaten straight out of the jar.  C talked me into a floor desk mat to keep his wood floor from being scratched up by his desk chair.  My sister got a few things too.  She purchased a sweet girlie set of curtains for baby girl’s room.  Don’t forget to pray for the baby that she will one day adopt.  Praying for the birth mom and praying for peace as we wait for God to give us this baby.  {I also need to make baby girl’s bassinet bedding.}21342_10200545470172045_2109399029_nTa~Da!  The cute turquoise cart my sister purchased and put together for her 31 office.  BTW this month for every $31 you spend on ThirtyOne in July, you save 31%off any product, check it out at My Thirty One  }

What about you?  Would you wear a costume to IKEA, would you let your children wear a costume to IKEA or another store, not at Halloween time?

Go hug your kids and play a game of Hide~n~Seek with someone.
jen1003267_10202043895085178_1145645733_nOne last shot of my costumed kids.  They make me smile!


10 thoughts on “A Trip to IKEA (In Costume)

  1. christine says:

    oh.my.word. I love your family. My daughter would never, ever play this game in a costume. The two oldest boys would have to be convinced. Of course, I would have to be convinced to let them play. We have always had the rule of no hide and seek in public places.
    We don’t have an IKEA anywhere near here, anyway.
    My 10 year old just came in the room, and I asked him if he would do it. He smiled and said, “yeah”.

    • overholt8 says:

      We play another game that you could do in a large park or some place. The “seeker” sits down and hides their eyes and counts. The “hiders” hide but ***MUST SEE THE SEEKER*** they must have at least 1 eye on the seeker at all times. The “seeker” stands up and looks with out taking a step and looks for the hiders, then calls out I see Buttercup under the bench, she comes out and waits till all are found. there is no running, only calling out. We played that at one of the lakes in town when we were waiting for the firework celebration. Not great in an over crowded area but fun with out a crowd.
      When you come down we’ll go to IKEA in costume! Your kids will love it. Buttercup and C can walk around in normal clothes together while we shop. And the rooster and Keith can sit and laugh at us. It is great fun!

  2. Ellen says:

    That is such a creepy picture of C behind me! YIKES! But…makes me look better…so thank you C! 🙂

  3. Patty says:

    I had no idea IKEA had food. Just not something that comes to mind when you picture a furniture store. I just added IKEA to our list of places to go hang out for something to do. You’re definitely making some fun memories!!!

    • overholt8 says:

      Not only do they have a small grocery area they have a cafeteria with reasonable priced meals. Before you go be sure to check online see if there is any free meals. This week the kids under 12 eat free if you have a IKEA FAMILY CARD, that you can get at any kiosk. In a few weeks their meatball mashed potato meal is free (with the card, that is free) They have an upstairs which is rooms on display, a “room” full of couches and a room full of chairs rooms full of tables, but rooms displayed and set up. The downstairs (there are no basements in at the ones near us, the downstairs is ground level) has all the products all neatly displayed and catoragized. It is a lot of fun! Ours has the food grocery area after check out but with it’s own register. Also the cafeteria (upstairs) and a snack bar(at the exit) It is fun and if you don’t go before next April I’ll take you!

  4. Kala says:

    Your kids are hilarious!
    In China, people go to Ikea to take a nap. In the beds. Under the covers.

    • overholt8 says:

      Are you kidding??? I just told R who was just as shocked as I am. What do the workers do when they are napping?

      • Kala says:

        The workers don’t do anything. Google it…napping in Ikea. 🙂 There are lots of pictures. It’s probably because most people don’t have a/c at home or don’t want to spend money on air/heat or aren’t close to home and they’re tired. Where I lived people used to take naps in the coffee/tea shops after lunch. I have to admit, though, that under the covers and babies in the cribs seems a bit much.

      • overholt8 says:

        Aren’t they afraid someone will snatch their baby while they are sleeping? Do people act as though there is no one in the beds while they are looking in the rooms? This is just too strange to me. At the coffee shops do they put their heads down on the table “heads up 7 up style” or lay down on the bench? what about people who want coffee?

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