Funny Things I Saw

You know those self flushing toilets?
The ones where you move an inch and you are on a cheap bidet, unsanitary at best.
Well try being 3 and wiggly on a toilet, after a few free toilet showers you don’t want to sit for long.
At Sam’s Club a few weeks ago I realized I had to do something or we would have “clean up in aisle 7.”
The sensor was too high to cover with my purse and just high enough that her little head kept setting it off. Well after the Sam’s Club bathroom issue, I posted a picture of the cursed toilet sensor on Facebook.  IMG_0693
Keith’s Aunt responded with the solution of carrying post-it notes in my purse and putting a post-it over the sensor.
I carry a mom purse so I put a small pack of post-it’s in my purse.IMG_0832Voila no more flushing while little A sits on the public toilet, singing about the stars or what ever song she is singing as her feet are swinging.

We saw this sign while traveling to NC for our vacation.IMG_0833Who knew the Bat Cave would be so easy to find.

SIGNSIMG_0384This sign is hung in many of the rooms at our pediatrician’s office.  The other rooms have signs threatening some other adult torture.  I went a few months ago with O who wanted to know how in the world it would happen, so I texted a friend to call me,  She was disappointed that no actual song started playing in the room.

The weeks before school ended we were coming home and noticed an unusual swing hanging in a yard.DSCN3447Seems safe enough to us.  The house was repossessed the same week and the new owners have been hard at work trying to clean it up {I counted 1 dumpster load and have not been by the house every day since school ended.}

When we went to the beach a few weeks ago O took some funny pictures.  We were laughing so hard that we had to stop to gain composure.DSCN3428One big bite.DSCN3423And he is almost gone.
I guess that is the easy way to get rid of a younger brother.

What about you?  Have you taken pictures of some of the funny things you have seen recently?

Go hug your kids and point out the funny things you see to someone.  Laughter is so good for the heart!


6 thoughts on “Funny Things I Saw

  1. Patty says:

    I couldn’t get out of the bathroom today and my insides were beginning to get frantic. Neal was just over nearby in his music area and I said that I can’t get out of the bathroom. I have never locked that door, ever. The doorknob is not at all loose, not even a smidgen. I was wondering why all of a sudden the doorknob was acting weird. I said it again a little louder as he did not respond. so then he responds but his voice is very close. I realized he was holding the doorknob from the other side. We just don’t do things like that so it never entered my mind that it was him. We did have a good laugh though!

    • overholt8 says:

      Oh my goodness that is funny!!! In college we tied the bathroom door knob to the door across the hall, the person was stuck inside and we all stood outside the door laughing at the person inside. It was quite funny. The girl got us back soon after. She had a great sense of humor and only laughed when trapped.

  2. tbraysfan says:

    Those are awesome of O eating…..

  3. Linda says:

    I know exactly where the Bat Cave exit is….right by Flat Rock, NC. Been to Family Bible Conference in Flat Rock many times. Love that sign.

    • overholt8 says:

      No kidding! We’ve never seen it before, of course we chose a different route up to NC for vacation. This route was actually 20 minutes longer (according to map quest) but the roads were so much LESS curvy and mountainous that we did not get car sick until the end.

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