We Have A Winner

Ok I know that the contest was yesterday and a good blogger would have had the winner up first thing this morning…  Well, guess what?  I am apparently not a good blogger…
Or I had a lot to do first thing today.
What you ask was more important than announcing the winner???
Ummm showering.  Yes my general hygiene was more important than the big announcement.  Ok you’ll give me hygiene, then lunches, my kids are funny they like to eat, so I had to assemble lunches, and wash out J’s thermos since he never, and I mean NEVER empties his lunch box when {I should say IF} he remembers to put it on the counter.  Let him do with out you say.  I have, that did not work, but made him sick.  It is too hot and he is too small to go without.  Ok so hygiene and lunches, what about morning drop off?  Yeah I have to take the kids to school, funny thing is most of them love going.  It is picture day for elementary and that took some time to actually fix J’s hair since he looks part lion when he gets up.  Ok so everyone was accounted for, and all approved.  Thank you.  Of course today Keith scheduled an oil change.  It was long overdue, so that took up time.  Then I had to make a Sam’s run.  We did not have chocolate powder for our milk today and THAT my friends in an emergency.  How could chocolate powder be an emergency?  Let me take away your coffee and then we can talk.

SO without further ado…  {thank you Shakespeare}

1175595_10202525786852171_756991011_nThe Bag1239398_10202532528060697_1154932334_nThe Names1234382_10202532528580710_953658298_nNames in the bag1006048_10202532528940719_1730404812_nThe adorable name drawer999195_10202532529300728_1979507788_nTa Da!!!
Is it you?  Can you tell?1173802_10202532529580735_570153948_nIn her excitement of opening it she tore the top but we can all see that Marsha Lazenby is our winner.  And for those of you who missed her comment..
I don’t have a 31 bag yet and am a teacher so winning would be my favorite fall thing. I also enjoy candy corn, pumpkins, and Bath and Body Works fall candles. Bought some new scents yesterday!
Well congratulations Now you have a your very first 31 bag.

For those of you local readers all 7 of you {See DM I counted you!}  I am having a First Glance At Fall 31 party at my house on Saturday, with oreo balls, pumpkin muffins, and some more sweets.  10-2 see you there!  Marsha Lazenby let me know how to get this bag to you!!!

Happy Kids999221_10202532528420706_998054852_nWhen they notice I will have some happy kids.  I wonder how long until they see them?

Go hug your kids, the need your love.
And again I was reminded how short life really is Please tell someone important that you LOVE them!


One thought on “We Have A Winner

  1. sandra musick says:

    I just saw the blog today…I didn’t know it was a one day thing. I guess I should say congrats Marsha.

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