The First Time in 18 Years

I’ve been a mom now for 18 years.  I have cared for children for almost 30 years now.  I have experienced a lot of things as a mom that I never planned to experience.  I’ve had many mom’s ask me parenting advice on things like biting, or hitting or lying.  {Can’t offer advice in biting, none of my kids have been biters YET, can’t offer advice on hitting, my kids seem to not be overly aggressive, as for lying, we are still working on that, I’ll let you know if I land on a solution when I find it}


Yesterday, yesterday was a parenting first for me.

For breakfast little A wanted fruit snacks, before Keith left for work I pointed out little A’s problem solving skills, and how well she handled the scissors all on her own.

I had to eat my words.

I had a headache yesterday morning, so while the little PS was napping I thought I’d lay down with little A, we could watch some tv and relax.  We turned on DisneyJr {DisneyJr has no “people shows” all cartoons, and we like most of the shows} Doc Mcstuffins was on, I swear my eyes just shut, the headache, the relaxed quiet show, and snuggling with little A, my eyes just shut.  Then opened, when she asked me to help her take out her pink hair bow.  Only she was holding scissors, the same ones she expertly used to open the fruit snacks for breakfast.

“I need help I can’t cut the bow out”

I sat right up.

“My bow was falling out so I tried to cut it”

I reached up to pull out her bow and hair came out.

Lots of hair came out.

Large clumps of hair came out.

I started to cry out “Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby, your hair”

She answered “my bow was stuck I tried to cut it out”

Only in trying to cut out the bow she cut her hair.

Her LONG gorgeous LONG curly LONG beautiful LONG hair

17-19 inches of hair cut off the crown of her head.

{It has never been cut, the ends are healthy it has been so pretty}

1780864_10203916929869877_424399609_nNever been cut until yesterday.1899968_10203916928989855_1866347218_nSorry the picture is blurry I am actually crying at this point.1970752_10203916929429866_973598906_nSome of it was so short I could not actually pick it up for the picture.1017568_10203916931749924_1092861489_nThe total damage, until after her bath when I started brushing her hair.1978791_10203916930229886_2053244190_nHer hair was all the same length, so long that when she showered it was to her bummer.10002978_10203916930469892_442384904_nOur hair dresser asked for pictures when I sent her an SOS text.  The whole crown is cut short, the front is about 2 inches long, the back is less than an inch long.1891204_10203916930749899_325232618_nWe both did a lot of crying.

For now we will use clips to hide the damage but unless we wanted to go with a short cut {short as in less than an inch long,} we have to wait until it grows some.

Here is the text I sent Keith.
J- A cut her hair
it is BAD

K Oh NO!!!
The back?

J-I can’t even explain how bad
No the front

K-You just said how good she was with scissors
{thank you honey for putting that out there}

J-It might be 1.5 inches long
{After I measured it is less than an inch in spots}
I am sick

K-What did she say

J-Her bow was falling out
I have a headache, so I was laying down watching tv with her and I fell asleep.
Not for long, but long enough to have her be a problem solver.
It is bad
The whole top of her head 17 inches cut off
We had a shower and I’ve tried to hide it
She finally stopped crying
All I kept saying was
Oh baby Oh baby

K-She cried because she realized what she did?
Was she trying to cut the bow out?

J-I think so.  Or because I was crying
Yes the bow was falling out so she was going to cut the bow,
At first I thought she was cutting the bow then I realized it was her hair.
Waiting for TS to see my text and help
If I part the hair WAY OVER then I can hide it we see TS today at 3:15

Yup there is NO WAY to fix the damage.

I sent another friend a text of the picture of the hair on the counter.  She laughed at me, while she was in the grocery store, I hope people stared at her!  She suggested I hang a sign around her neck to explain that she did it herself.  Then she asked if I could make a toupee with the cut hair or give her a weave… I told her we were going with a combover, she found that funny too…

The kids were warned so they came into the house on tip toe afraid of what they were going to see.  At first it is not noticeable, because of the combover, but once you move that hair, it is bad.

I had told her that only Mom or only Mrs T cuts hair.  I am pretty sure by her response today she was really just trying to cut out the bow and did not realize that the bow was clipped in her hair.  She was only being a problem solver and was just trying to get that bow out.

I know it is JUST HAIR.
I realize that people lose hair all the time, bad hair cuts, chemo, reactions to medications or stress or other reasons.  I just was not prepared for this.  I did cry over it, she cried over it.  We went to school to take J birthday donuts where Keith saw it.  If I keep it in a combover then it is not as noticeable.  It is bad.  Just not as noticeable.  We went to the NHS induction tonight for R {jr NHS} and O {NHS} and C {Who served for the dessert}  When we returned home little A came running “I did not cut anything with scissors, I did not cut my hair.”

What about you, any hair cut tragedies in your life?
Go hug your kids they need your love, life is short tell someone how important they are to you.


19 thoughts on “The First Time in 18 Years

  1. Darise says:

    I’m so so very sorry. She will be adorable even with short hair.

  2. sandra musick says:

    I used to cut Mike’s hair, I didn’t like doing and I kept saying so. So one day I was trying to do like the barbers do and used the clippers. I took a big chunk of his hair, no comb over could help. Needless to say that was the last time I cut his hair. And I really didn’t do it on purpose:)

  3. I am sorry, but I did laugh at this, lol.

    Ask AJ (your neighbor and former cheerleader) about the time that EW played salon on her sister AW’s hair, lol. When it was all said and done, I told A, “Listen, if E ever wants to play salon, just start screaming. Scream until an adult comes, ok?”

  4. Patty says:

    I cut gum out of my own hair when I was probably about eight years old at church. After everyone left I sneaked into the teacher’s cabinet and used her scissors. I had a headband on so was hiding it until I could get to the scissors which just smashed the gum down more. It was as close to the scalp as it could get. My mom explained she could have gotten it out with peanut butter. I more a headband every day for a long time. Poor A and poor you – I remember when A was playing with that little hand held plastic fan when you guys were here and she caught it in her hair. Luckily it came apart to get her hair out.

  5. christine says:

    Oh my goodness, that is the most pitiful face on A! Poor girl. It almost makes me sorry for laughing. 🙂
    I have to tell you the conversation I had with one of my boys, telling him about this hair debacle of yours. I showed my kids the photo, then told them…
    Me: My friend Jen’s daughter cut her hair by herself. It’s long in the back, super short in the front. A really bad mullet, really.
    11yo: How did she do that?
    Me: With scissors. What do you mean?
    11yo: Why didn’t her mom stop her?
    Me: It’s not like it took her an hour. It was only a couple minutes.
    11yo: A couple of minutes?? She let her do it for that long?
    Me: Her daughter is 4, like your brother. He’s not always in the room with me. Her daughter isn’t always in the room with her.
    Me: Hold up. The 4 year old cut her own 4 year old hair.
    11yo: OOOOOOHHHH!!! That makes more sense.

    I lost it all over again. He thought you just laid there and let A cut YOUR hair into a terrible mullet.

    Moral of the story, be very glad you didn’t have a loose bow in your hair when you fell asleep.

    Sorry, still laughing.

    And really, with it pinned back, it still looks cute. You are very good at the comb over!

  6. Yes, I too almost feel badly for laughing…especially once I saw her face. I’m sorry. I am. Especially because I only have boys who have never shown an interest in cutting their own hair. They don’t even like to let ME cut their hair. I guess I don’t fully understand. But I am sorry. She does still look cute! And it’s a great story!

  7. Ellen says:

    Oh, that face…so pitiful!

  8. Robin says:

    Yep Meghan cut her bangs to hers scalp….. See there is hope!!

  9. Kristi says:

    I found your post thanks to Christine. I can relate. My youngest cut her beautiful ringlets off for who-knows-why, years ago. She left me no choice but to give her a pixie cut. It was such a sad day!

    Like others have said, though, you did well with the comb-over!

    • overholt8 says:

      So glad you found me! Christine is a Hoot!!!
      Thanks we are working that comb-over like an old man! The problem is the super short hair is curling out of the comb-over and I am having a hard time hiding it.

  10. Seems like cutting your own hair is a natural part of childhood for a lot of kids… I know so many who have done it! My little 4-year-old cousin recently cut her own bangs, so they are REALLY short and jagged. When I see little kids with very strange haircuts, I kind of assume they did it themselves!

  11. Rachel says:

    I fallowed a link from Christine on her blog. It think I would cry too. I recently had brain surgery which left the whole strip about 3 inches from the top of my head down to my neck shaved, because the hair on top was cut there is no covering it. I had really short hair as a kid and teen and was always teased about being a boy so I refuse to cut it short so I totally see where you are coming from. I decided not too but my friend who is a hair dresses said that there are a lot of products some even organic that help with hair growth to make it faster.

    However if you do have to cut it short you could make it more of a special day so she does not feel bad. Get ice cream, let her pick out a new hat or new clips for her hair. I know when I was little and cut my hair my mom gave my the choice if I wanted to get it cut short or not, which helped make me feel less guilty.

    • overholt8 says:

      Thank you for stopping over, you have some good ideas! I noticed last week she did not want to tell her ballet teacher or my friend when we met for lunch after class. She is embarrassed now. I don’t want her to feel terrible about it, especially since she did not intend to cut her hair, only the pesky bow.
      WOW brain surgery! That is something to be amazed and proud of! I think a nice shaved patch would be a badge of survival!
      thank you for stopping in, come back again if you’d like!

      • Rachel says:

        The badge of survival is part of the reason why I wont get it cut. Right now with going out I just wear a hat, but I am slowly getting more comfortable with taking it off (like out to lunch). I have enjoyed reading your blog so far! Glad I clicked the link. I have to say you are a wondermom!

      • overholt8 says:

        I was reading your story, you are amazing! So strong and that scar is beautiful!

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