Don’t Take My Penny, the Actual Play

Have you seen the play Don’t Take My Penny?  Do you know the story line?  I did not, I did not even know what was actually going to happen until I saw the first production, which made it fun to see.  The basic story line, Penny is smitten with the possibility of becoming a movie star, in a movie based on a popular book.  Kerry is her boy friend {C} he does not want Hollywood to “take his Penny”  do you see the name?  Yes it was an ah’ha moment for me.  Kerry and his best friend go through all sorts of schemes trying to make sure that Penny does not go into movies.  Included in the cast of characters is the funny grandma, Penny’s best friend who thinks she will go far, his best friend who is willing to do anything to keep Kerry happy and the girl friend home.  Penny’s brother who only wants a chicken farm, and a sister who truly is a movie star quality, an agent, a former child actor playing a maid and the parents who are clueless to their family problems..  Yesterday I posted pictures of the set that we did for Don’t Take My Penny.  I promised that I would post pictures of the actual play.  I did steal a few pictures from AV {the friend who helped with the set}  I will try to remember which ones are hers and give credit where credit is due.IMG_0762The seniors LAST play together.IMG_0659Kerry and Penny IMG_0658Kerry and Penny’s best friend.IMG_0660Kerry and Grandma, she was trying to devise a plan with the boys to keep Penny home.IMG_0662Penny trying to impress the director of the movie she wants to star in.  {which is really Kerry in disguise}IMG_0663The “director” of the movie trying to convince Penny she is perfect, then again not so perfect.10009863_10202224846715523_911068294_nNotice the fine spray of tea that he spews all over the stage.  Spitting is apparently a skill that can be used later in life.IMG_0695Kerry and the “fake” maid, she was planted at their house in hopes of staring in the same movie Penny wanted to be in.IMG_0692Kerry worried about Penny really leaving him to go off and be an actress.IMG_0724Kerry and his best friend trying to trick Penny into thinking Kerry has moved on.IMG_0725Anyone notice anything familiar about this picture?IMG_0083Yes they were back at it again.10006976_10202224848795575_43830703_nThe “maid” and Penny’s brother went to look at a farm, they ended up with a chicken.  For a while we had a hard time finding a chicken we stumbled upon this one in the costume room, we really thought it would be funnier to use a real chicken.
{photo from AV}IMG_0742The brother, farmer, the fake maid, former child star and her agent {he is the one who came in and out our terrace window}IMG_0677They were so funny together.  Best friends who knew how to feed off each other, and the audience, to keep us all laughing.IMG_0697I’m sad that this is the last time I will see this boy on stage for a school play or musical.  I am going to miss sitting through all the productions, listening to him talk about practice and finding costume pieces, I’m going to miss set work {although AV said I have to work for 2 more years until our girls graduate then I can quit.} I’m going to miss watching him shine with the things he loves to do.  I am sure I will go to other productions {E is already talking about trying out for the fall musical} I will laugh and smile and hum along.  I know the first production I go to next fall, I will be sad, and nostalgic, when I think of the past productions I have watched.

IMG_2174This sweetness is glad that the play is over, only because she has no idea what she missed out on.

Go hug your kids and share with them a fun memory of high school.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Take My Penny, the Actual Play

  1. Looks like lots of fun…thanks for sharing! And of course, the sweet photo of PS at the end was divine! 🙂

    • overholt8 says:

      They did have fun, C was shedding a few tears at the end in the realization that this is the countdown to the end of high school for him…
      and isn’t PS the most perfect little baby doll!

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