They said What?

After arriving home one night A climbed out of my tub and said “where is my mama” to which I replied “I’m right here”  she scowled at me and said “you are the old mama I have a few mama now.’  she walked out of my room and said to my sister “Poosie you are the real mama.”  My sister said, your mama will be sad if  I make her leave. I answered “try me”

A~Mom when are you going to have to go to the baby doctor?
Me~ummm not anymore honey
A~well then? when will we get out boy baby?
Me~I don’t think we are going to get a boy baby.
A~but I really want a boy baby!

When R was 13, (only last year…) we were watching one of the muppet movies.  R was closer to the tv than most of us. he looked back at us and asked “do you think they know they are puppets, or do they think they are really animals who can talk?”

One night PS was laying on my bed “talking.”  I was telling little A that the more we talk to her and pretend her noises are words the better she will learn to talk…  She looked at PS asked her what she was saying then looked at me after a particularly long babble, “mom she says ‘I like to nurse on my mommy, I am cold and we want that fan off, and I love to sleep in my Moses basket with my lambie and blankets.”  I asked little A wow did she really say all that “Yes, I can talk baby talk” which lead to her laying behind PS and making a high-pitched voice saying things for PS.  Later when PS started to fuss little A laid behind her again and said in that same voice “mom please nurse me”  That is of course right after she asked if I could nurse her baby doll…  um no.

Little A has decided she has a baby in her belly, the same baby she wanted me to nurse is now tucked under her shirt.  She informed me that tomorrow she was going to the hospital to the doctor to get her baby out of her belly.  I forgot this discussion, when later I reminded her that we were going to get her picture taken tomorrow.  She looked up at me, rolled her eyes and said “I think you forgot I’m having this (pointing to belly) baby tomorrow.”  So pictures have been canceled to have a rag baby tomorrow.

At dinner one night Keith informed J that when R leaves for college it will just be the 2 of them the only boys in the house.  E was quick to reply, “not if mom has a baby boy for us.”  I am not sure why she thinks I’m having another, this is NOT a birth announcement, just wishful thinking on their part.

Tonight the man-child returns from his Senior Mission Trip.  It has been a very quiet week with him gone.  When he returns the chaos of the end will be in full swing.

What about you any funny little things happening in your life right now?
Go hug your kids summer vacation is right around the corner!


A Count Down

We are on the count down to the end.  The end of C’s education as a student as a school student.  We are rapidly racing towards the finish line
{that being graduation}  IMG_2213
The time is short but also long, and if you’ve had a child graduate high school and begin college or a career, you know what I am talking about.  I am sure it is by God’s grace things have been tough at home, the man-child is stretching his wings, he is pushing at boundaries, and he is struggling to become his own person.  {God’s grace, so I will be ready to send him off.}  It is rough and hard, he has forgotten how it feels to be a middle-schooler, and an elementary child, he has a hard time remembering that he is a part of a much bigger picture.  He is becoming a self-absorbed college student right before our eyes.  Oh don’t read this as a bash C blog, it is just a fact, a warning for those of you who will soon be approaching this time of your lives.  I had a sweet mama friend come to me a few months back at CFA, she asked “how do you do it, how do you plan to send your child 13 hours away for college, how can you calmly sit there knowing that he is leaving?”  I wondered that same thought when he was starting school, when he was in 8th grade, I wondered that same thought until middle of 11th grade.  Then I knew it was time, God was preparing my heart for the separation.  The beginning of the end.  {Don’t read this as a send him away never to miss him.  I cry when I think about our life ‘after’  as in ‘after’ C leaves for college, and we begin the first year with out him, I also don’t want to sound dramatic, he is not dead, just not with us, he will return for holidays and vacations, and summer time.  I realize that we will never be a whole family once we leave him on campus at that university 13 hours away.  Although, it is time.  He is ready.  We are ready.  We are all ready.

The count down to graduation is moving with record pace.  We are in the final stretch, this is exam week.  With a terrible case of senior-itis, he no longer wants to study.  Yesterday I had to all but force feed him his Greek book to get him to study.  Even now I am not sure how much studying he actually did, as he laid on his floor with his eyes shut.  He is studying now.  If he scores high this will give him an A in the class.  I have a feeling that this whole week will be forced study time.

10363379_10202541207264225_6929703483575432994_nLast week was his final choir concert.  I look forward to the year-end concert, since our school hired this choir teacher the end of the year concerts have been amazing.  The music, the singing, whole atmosphere, every single chance she gets she points the classes and the audience to Christ.  This is just one more reason why I love our school.  As I was saying this was his last choir performance, I know for a fact that I will not have to go to another one for years and years.  I will miss it.  I knew during the concert, or at the end when the hundred plus student choirs {from 4th grade to 12th grade choirs} circle the audience to sing one last song to glorify God, to point our hearts towards him, I knew I would probably tear up, maybe even cry a bit.  What I did not know is during one of the songs I would begin to sob. Yes sob, body heaving, ugly noise, tears running down my face, sob.  I was holding the baby, R was to my right, O to my left, O started to laugh, she had to look away, R; my compassionate child, got a little teary eyed.  I sobbed through the song, these kids are graduating.  It was during a solo portion of one of the songs, four different seniors had a solo in the song, when the first one started to sing, I started to cry.  It was ugly. I know it is a foreshadowing of the next few ceremonies we will be participating in before graduation.  I cried because I have watched these kids, some from the age of 3 others only through middle and high school, but I have watched them grow up, I feel a little ownership on them, they have been class mates and friends for years.  So I sobbed, and was quietly crying during their last song.

Last choir concert check it off the list

Our church honors our seniors a few weeks before graduation.  I knew it was coming I was mentally prepared.  Ok I knew it was coming because I was emailed by my husband too many times to count to turn in the pictures of C for his recognition during the day.  I turned them in at the last moment.  The youth pastor sent C a text to remind him.  The text included a picture of his computer screen where another graduating senior was on the screen, the threat was that student’s picture would be used for C if he did not turn anything in by the deadline.  I said he should have replied”challenge accepted”  In actuality Keith scanned pictures and we got them in during that last hour.  {I know they love that!}

During the 2nd service the seniors all sat together on the front row, I was sad but okay with that sight.  Then the youth pastor called each student up to the platform, I was still okay.  Then the youth pastor asked us all to pray for our students as they leave our church and go out on their own.  Surprisingly I was still okay.  I did get misty eyed but never cried.  10373840_10202556022714602_2311394456725364326_nI thought I could check senior Sunday off the list and was thrilled that I did not cry.
Silly me.

Sunday night on senior Sunday they have the students set up a display table, we have a senior reception, and honor the seniors again.  {It was a little chaotic to get there as I forgot about this.  Oh sure I had the emails, but did not see, or know to open the attachments so I forgot about pulling stuff to decorate the table.  C reminded me on Saturday, so Sunday afternoon while Keith was at a meeting and kids were doing homework or sleeping I rushed out to staples to print off his picture.  J offered to do a powerpoint but since my computer is still holding all pictures hostage I had to turn down that offer}  We arrived in plenty of time to decorate his table, he shared it with his birthday twin.    The seniors again sat in the front, each child was introduced, and they gave a 2 minute bio on themselves and their plans for the future.  I still was doing great, no tears, not even sadness, just peace.  Our pastor was giving a challenge when PS needed to nurse so I sat and quietly nursed her, when I suddenly felt warm and wet, she had peed out her outfit all over me.  I slipped out to change her and put her in my moby wrap to hide the wet on both of us.  When I came back in the challenge had ended but the prayer time was beginning.  10341413_10202559325917180_576171753214751963_n The graduates were positioned in two groups on either side of the stage, we were to come up and lay hands on them while we prayed for them.  I took my place next to C, between 2 unsuspecting people.  10356346_10202559317716975_3283461224285581258_nPrayer began, we were given instructions on what specific things to pray about for our seniors.  I knew this would be tough, the youth pastor led and the people followed suit.  As we began praying I began crying, which quickly turned into sobs as we began praying for them to stand firm in their faith, to be protected, to shine Christ on those they come in contact with these next few years.  And the sobs got loud, and hard.  My friend also touching C started to comfort me while someone was praying.  The guy in front of me later told C “I felt your mom’s sobs”  It was ugly.  As soon as I gained control of the sobs, one of the graduates mom’s began praying and the sobs came up again.  Oh boy, this is tough.

Senior Sunday check it off the list

This week is finals for the seniors, next week they will be across the country on a senior trip.  They will be at a camp as far west as you can get, prepping the camp for the summer campers.  It is a great last minute bonding experience, and one last chance for some of their teachers and advisors to pour into their lives.  After that is Baccalaureate rehearsal, C’s graduation open house, Baccalaureate Sunday, graduation rehearsal and graduation.  Keith’s brother and wife are coming down, I am thrilled for the visit, although too short, that we will get to have with them.

We are coming to the end.  I will make it, with plenty of fluids and a nice soft box of tissues, I will survive.

What about you?  Ever have a kid graduate or are you at the beginning of your schooling?
Go hug your kid we are experiencing how fast time just keeps racing along!


Late Night Questions

We’ve been suffering with insomnia here, and suffering is the correct term.  There is really no good reason for it,  oh sure there are bad dreams, tummy aches, the sound of the train, frogs in the pool, and just waking for no reason.  But this mama needs her sleep

Here is an excerpt of some of the things that have been said in the middle of the night.  {I will leave out the ugly tired mom parts to save face}
The mosquitoes are making me itchy on my arms and face
but scratching only make it worse
they are kind of itchy mom

I can’t sleep because the frogs are so loud

Daddy is snoring I can’t sleep on the floor I need to sleep in your bed
{for the record he does not actually snore, but makes a funny puff sound if sleeping on his back}

Be’member how Donnie {the brother on Doc Mc Stuffins} had that red itchy rash on his arms?
{that was it, she just wanted to know if I be’membered it.}

Mom, my tooth just popped out of my mouth
{it actually did}

My mouth is hot

I can’t sleep
{thanks now I can’t either}

This morning I asked A why she climbed in our bed last night.  She looked at me like I’d lost it and said “I told you I did not want to sleep in my own bed last night, and someone put me in my bed, so I cam back to your bed.”

Our Mother’s Day fun.

My kids and husband gifted me things for my favorite hobby.
I was thrilled, new pajamas, because sleep is my favorite hobby right now.

Saturday night C was hanging out in my room while Keith took O and R shopping.  He finally noticed that they were all gone, here is our conversation.
C~Where is everyone?
Me~Dad took O and R shopping for Mother’s Day
C~is that tomorrow isn’t it?
C~Hummm… well I made you a mother

I am sure think he thinks he is my gift?!?! hahah yes so thankful for the child who made me a mother hardest job I’ve ever had is being responsible to train children up to love the Lord

We went out to eat for Mother’s Day, you know one of the moms eat free places.  Keith wanted to leave all the kids at home, only bringing the baby.  I insisted they all come along.  We ate a lovely meal at a local place, I had a huge plate/basket of chicken nachos while most of the men in the family enjoyed a burger of sorts.  O had a buffalo wrap, it looked good but PS protests if I eat meals that are too spicy.  When our server brought our bill Keith looked it over.  They gave O a free meal too.  So apparently my 16-year-old looks like she could be the mom of a 4-year-old, since PS hung out under a blanket nursing most of the meal.

O painted a picture for me for My day!  Last year she did a cool verse painting for me.  This year it was a funny sign.
If you want
breakfast in

Sleep in the

she painted a cereal bowl in the middle.  I love it and am hanging it in the kitchen today!  The kids made home-made cards for me and J painted a tiny canvas for me.

I will say I am blessed all my life I wanted to be a mom.  And I get to be a mom for a very long time still.

After morning drop off I pulled chicken chili from the freezer.  I froze it in a large freezer zipper bag a while ago.  All I have to do is add in chicken broth when I throw it in the crock pot.  {I freeze my chili with out broth, so if there is a leak in the baggie the broth does not drip all over my freezer.}  As I was saying I pulled it from the freezer.  Little A walked past the bag on the counter and said.  “What is that?”  I replied, “dinner” she looked doubtful and said “I will not be eating that I like my food cooked, not too hot and not frozen.”  Not that it matters I doubt she will eat it anyway.  She is on a bit of a hunger strike right now…

I hope you were honored on mother’s day.  If no one recognized you and all your work then I say thank you for the time and effort you are putting into your children’s lives.

Go hug your kids and enjoy this beautiful spring weather




PS Has An Announcement To Make

Ok, are you anxious to learn PS’ announcement?

I’ve had 1 friend, Mrs Random, and another reader AF, guess that we are expecting another baby.  AF is a friend of C, and she sent him in a mild panic yesterday when she stopped him in the halls to question him, he sent a desperate text to Keith, then to me, in mostly shouting text, asking if we were in fact pregnant…  {like I would tell my family on my blog… silly boy.}  So, no Mrs Random, no AF and no C we are in fact not pregnant.

But PS does indeed have baby news.

Are you ready?

We have been waiting for this announcement for more than 2 years, if we are honest we have been waiting for this news for 2 years and 10 months.  Or for 34 months.

PS is going to be getting a new COUSIN.  That is right, we are in fact expecting, and celebrating a pregnancy, just not my pregnancy.

734006_4831492898007_4239399_nWe found out in March that a lovely woman has chosen Ellen to become a mommy.  We could not be more happy or excited, or crying with joy.

We got a phone call leaving ballet one Thursday in March.  I was sworn to secrecy so I did not text, call, or post it on FB until permission was granted.  The same was expected from our family, with our babies born after social media knew everything about our lives.

Ellen has a match.  A dream come true.  She is going to be a Mama!  I cannot wait to see her rocking her baby, I cannot wait to watch her love her daughter, to snuggle her daughter and to sit still as her daughter sleeps relaxed and loved in her arms.

Tears of joy, racing heart, shock and excitement.

She was at school when the call came.  She grabbed my kids to share the news, some cried in excitement, some were confused and did not realize the ‘got a match’ meant she was chosen, some were awkward in their excitement, but all were excited.  So excited.

479734_4318071582795_1053203238_nBaby Girl is due first week of July, Ellen’s neighbor said she should name her Flag.  What?!?!  That is not even a proper noun, let alone a name.  So for now we are practicing nick names for baby girl.  I like cupcake and she says NO!  I’ll keep trying.

So a match.  The lovely woman is making a hard decision.  She chose life, and she chose Ellen for that life. We realize the difficulties of this decision, for which we can never repay.  Ever. I can not ever thank her enough.  I can, however, pray for her, and pray I will.  I am praying she finds peace in Jesus.  I am praying that she will find comfort and grace.  In the next weeks, months and years ahead.  I can not thank her enough.  And I love her because of this choice.

We are so filled with love for this baby girl!

We are in the final days of fund-raising.  Red Elephant has a few days reserved as fund-raisers.  Another local restaurant will be having 2 fund-raising nights this month.  I like the food fund-raisers.  Any chance to not cook a meal, not listen to the picky eaters complain, and not wash cereal bowls for those picky eaters, I am all in.  1384792_10201329688417011_1830303842_nEllen still has a few puzzle pieces left for sale if anyone of my readers is interested in being “A piece of her puzzle”  Of course if you don’t want a puzzle piece you can still go onto Paypay and donate money to her account.  My heart was full and happy on Monday.  All along we have told the kids if they want their name on a puzzle piece, they need to buy it themselves.  On Monday unknown to us R took his own money and quietly bought a puzzle piece at the Red Elephant fund-raiser.  My R is a part of her puzzle, a part of her story, he loves someone he has yet to meet.  When Keith and the kids got home {C and I were unable to come, that is a whole different blog post} J went to his room and took out his own money and bought a piece of baby girl’s puzzle.  He also is in love with this little one.  He cannot wait for a new someone to love and hold.

Ellen is about $8,000 short of the total amount needed for this adoption.  More than money, we covet your prayers, pray for Ellen as she shows grace and love and shines Christ to this birth mother and her family, pray for Ellen’s finances she still desires to adopt debt free.  Pray for baby girl to continue to grow, and stay healthy.  We love this sweet girl and cannot wait to see her.  Pray for Ellen as she transitions from single woman to single mother.  Pray for grace and a good sleeper.  Right now that seems to be her biggest concern, Ellen likes her sleep.  {I won’t tell you what I am praying for, insert evil sister laugh.}

This is only another part in Ellen’s adoption story.  We are thrilled for you all who have shared, loved, prayed and cried with us as we take this journey.  It is only a part of the story.

16795_4459224391527_456290457_nForever Family

What about you will you pray for Ellen and baby girl?
Go hug your kids, and sigh as you remember the feeling of bliss as you snuggled and held your new baby.

aunt jen