Alice in Wonderland post 6 or Props

This is it, the final Alice in Wonderland post.
Again this musical was the Prince Street Players Alice in Wonderland.
My Pinterest board of set ideas has been cleared of all Alice evidence and this week I am meeting with TE the musical director to start planning and talking about the next musical.  It looks to be a doozy and in a few weeks when the name is released then I will again slam Pinterest with ideas to copy.  I apologize in advance if you follow me on Pinterest.

Without further ado…

Trees/MushroomsIMG_2000 IMG_1982 IMG_1983 IMG_1981Music room/croquet match trees
These were made with giant sheets of cardboard cut into the shapes of a deck of cards,  2 of each shape, painted and then attached to thin plywood (we tried cardboard it was not strong enough, the morning after we made them they were laying bent and sad.  So we removed the cardboard tree trunks and used the plywood.  We attached the stems to a 2×4 cut in 6 inch lengths, screwed that onto a 1inch plywood base and then used screws and heavy duty staples.  The roses are glued into place as well as the music symbols.  We added the glitter after dress rehearsal wen the musical trees faded into the background.IMG_1995 IMG_1998 IMG_1997 10744577_10205759720658495_1849677270_n 10728993_10205759716658395_1628212839_nOur floating trees and mushroom boxes.  The trees were made from styrofoam, attached to plywood on carpet to slide easier.  The tree tops-mushroom tops were originally styrofoam but I was convinced that the drop cloth fabric would look better, and they were right it did!  The bases are covered in indoor/outdoor carpet stapled onto the plywood base.  Ropes were uses for pulling.  The small mushroom toad stools were the standard black boxes we’ve used for years, painted flat black then using the mushrooms on the backdrop as inspiration they were painted up while I sat and nursed the baby on stage, behind closed curtains.

Random props10567909_10205341664967364_312311194_n 10653986_10205341668167444_1145114961_n IMG_1990 IMG_1991 IMG_1992 IMG_1993 IMG_1994
Giant Tea cup from Walmart garden center
Giant cupcake from the Wilson Cupcake Cake mold and plaster of Paris
Giant Lemon foam footballs spray painted yellow and cut in half
Giant spoons are plastic cooking spoons spray painted silver
Giant sugar cubs are styrofoam cut into cubes, painted white and glittered
Giant tea cake was yellow bunting pan and red plate both purchased at a thrift store and glued together
Cart all put together {the red watering can tea pot was a distraction and removed during the dress rehearsal}IMG_2003A close up of the tea party propsIMG_2005Drink Me
A 2 liter bottle emptied and painted mushroom red, the label was printed and then “aged” with brown paint.  {Originally we wanted real strawberry pop in the 2 liter but it was just too awkward for the table girl to hold.  The giant baby rattle was from Party City.IMG_1986Table that grows and shrinks.  We added a tap light to the bottom for light on her face and changed out the table cloth from plastic to the same shimmery blue as the “sea of tears” and the door.  Table model is AM who only came to paint because we would give her straight lines, after breaking her in with the giant checkerboard canvasses she was willing to try some not so straight lines.  As a bonus PS grew to really like her, frequently falling asleep in her arms at the end of the work day.IMG_1987Extra large hearts were for the King and Queen of Hearts.  They were plastic baseball bats with large cardboard hearts painted on then glued together.  The flamingo head is from the croquet party and was purchased as it is.  10728805_10205759713138307_951810391_nOn Stage 3rd period babysitter.  He came every single day and held baby PS and played with little A.  Every. Single. Day.  He had a study hall and with a pass joined us on stage.  I worked fast and furious when he showed up since PS loved him and did not cry I felt like I could really work hard and fast.  10736056_10205759713098306_1440406898_nO joined us during her lunch period every day, she would hold PS and eat her lunch, again it was time for me to work fast, with free arms, it was a huge help.  She took little A to Greek class almost every day after lunch which gave our ears a break from her constant chatter.IMG_2013 IMG_2006 IMG_1984The prop table.  The admit one sign was from the thrift store it was part of a 3 piece wall hanging I just yanked it apart and painted it like a ticket, it was perfect and sturdy, the salt and pepper shakers were from a thrift store I really wanted the 2 foot tall ones but did not want to pay that price.  Eat me was a glass jar that I put pumpkin mini muffins in for each production. The blue fabric is the sea of tears, I attached the fabric to wooden dowels with both hot glue and staples.  I did not want to have to fix it between shows.  The bread was from Hob’Lob, and the books were purchased at the thrift store.  We borrowed the gavel from the history teacher, and the deck of cards survived each production.IMG_2011 IMG_2010 IMG_1989 IMG_1988The doors.  Styrofoam layered with thin plywood attached to dowels and then the fabric was glued to the plywood {FYI hot glue and most strong glues do NOT bode well with styrofoam, it melts easily}IMG_1980 IMG_1979Our to do list at the beginning.10743536_10205759713058305_1994429256_nOur to do list the day before dress rehearsal.  10729104_10205759712978303_563880766_nThe rabbit hold sign.  And Little A helping hold it up.  We attached styrofoam signs to the cardboard pole then slid the pole onto a microphone stand.  The whole thing stood a little wonky but was perfect.IMG_1978This little girl was done with the whole process, hated her play yard with a passion, and was almost able to climb out, but when you don’t yet weigh 11 pounds it is easy to climb the side of a play yard.  She never fell out, but I have a feeling if we had been there one more week she might have toppled over the edge.  10706465_10205494598670611_1526445077_nNext time this little helper will be in kindergarten and won’t be on stage helping us paint.  We will miss the funny, little scooter riding, chocolate chip eating, chocolate milk drinking, bbq chips eating, singing frozen songs, watching little Bill,  little girly, now who will entertain us and PS when she is not making a great escape?

Until next year, no more musical posts.  R you can come back now…  I promise I think this is it.

Thank you for staying here as I put off and put off and put off the final post on Alice In Wonderland.  Come back soon I promise not to talk of props, or trees, or mushrooms but instead I will fill you with entertainment from my family.

Go hug your kids, they need your love.  We’ve been reminded again how very short life is.  Please go hug your kids, and call your mom!


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