Where Is The Sun?

I am aware that the few readers I have in the north are not going to have the sympathy that I am requesting right now.

I Miss the SUN

Miss it.

The sandal tan is gone on my feet

The last of the bathing suit tan marks are gone

The beach towels have a fine layer of dust on them

The floats are all shriveled around the pool

The POOL (looks like a pond)

The van has not a grain of sand hidden in any cracks

My Sunglasses are free of sunscreen smudges

Oh I miss the sun.

I know my friends to the north are rolling their eyes at this.  BUT you signed up for your weather you live up there, I live in the south I signed up for humidity and sunshine and the beach…

I promised the kids when the temperature hits 85 we are going to the beach.  There was some cheering in the house, for a brief moment I was the favorite parent.

How do my friends in the north get your vitamin D during the winter?

How do you survive with all the cold and gloomy sky?

go hug your kids, they need your love


Snow Days and Penicillin and New Jeans

So the oldest child called one night last week, the cold and snow are making him stir crazy!  The campus has been virtually shut down for a week (4 days technically) of no class, and late start on Friday.  Oh sure the snow is fun, it is exciting to a Southern Kid, but after 4 days of no purpose the man-child has grown stir crazy.  To make it worse, if that is possible, they can’t go anyplace, the roads are terrible, they are in the country so clearing roads is not a top priority for the county.  He has written his name in the snow, he has played in it, and now he is annoyed by it.  He is experiencing Cabin Fever.  He needs to get out of there!  He is looking to go to NYC for spring break.  The man-child loves the big city and now that he has been trapped on campus for days on end, he sees the big city as a great escape.  He is planning a trip there for spring break.  Do you think he’d mind if I joined him I do love that city?

Fridays have come to be a favorite of mine, the last 2 months or so Keith drives in to school on Friday taking kids with him.  Which means that on any given Friday I am still in my pajamas at 10am, even better PS gets to sleep.  My girl is not a great napper, but she does love to sleep.  Friday she gets to sleep until she wakes up.  Unfortunately I still have to get up and parent little A so I cannot sleep until PS wakes up, but if I could..

On a recent Sunday afternoon, O and I were in the kitchen, R was playing some sort of rowdy throw Little A in jail game, O was trying to drown ants in the sticky cups that were waiting in line for a washing.  R noticed and asked her what she was doing, I replied “a scientific experiment” he started to correct us, pointing out that a real scientific experiment would require paper or some way to document the research, “and besides drowning ants is inhumane”  I pointed out “inhumane was only people, not animals, and didn’t the penicillin girl discover it by accident.”  He politely told us “I’m pretty sure the penicillin is a GUY and read me the definition of inhumane…” then he looked up penicillin and showed us the picture, O said it takes 10 days for ants to drown and said she thought it was a woman still, to which R pointed out SIR and the picture…  We then threw back non information at him.  He just shook his head and said “you guys are impossible to argue with, you don’t know anything, so I can’t even talk to you.” and calmly walked away.  O stopped drowning ants and wiped them up with a paper towel.  {I think he just called us stupid?}

The week before a simple Latin conversation morphed into a mini Greek lesson.  When I posted the picture of it on Facebook the one-off in college replied in French.  Oh the joys of having kids who are great learners.

Truly my kids are too smart for me

Old Navy has deals every Saturday, just sign up for their emails and they alert you of the deal.  It is usually a really good one!  This Saturday they had a style of the women’s jeans that were only $12.00.  I have not had regular jeans in forever.  Seriously I don’t actually remember, the last few pair of jeans I have owned have been maternity jeans, and if I think really hard I still cannot remember when I had a pair that were not maternity.  I do not need maternity jeans and considering my age, I will not be needing maternity jeans ever again.  {fingers crossed} so when the email came in I mentioned it to Keith, he said go look-see if you like them.  J and I ventured out for a bunch of errands, stopping at Old Navy.  I found the style but not the cut I liked, I do not look good in boot cut, I am just too short.  I look terrible.  So I gave up, went to check out with a pair for O.  The woman at the check out counter informed me that denim was buy one/get one half off.  I questioned that with the $12 jeans.  Sure enough, so back we went to look for the $12 style in a different cut.  The attendant at the dressing room had a pair.  I tried them on but I was doubtful.  Having the almost 11-year-old along, and having not purchased jeans in longer than I remember, I asked the attendant if they looked alright, she pointed out that I am short so I need to roll them {Roll not peg, was that the last time I owned jeans that were not maternity???}  So 2 pair of jeans at Old Navy for $18 not a bad deal at all!  I also had a $10 off coupon for JcPenney and purchased myself a new shirt for $3.  I’d say it was a great deal day!

Go hug your kids and spread some love, for my north friends try to stay warm!

I Admire Her Confidence

Thursday is Ballet day at our house, one Thursday J was home, suffering from broken heart.  We are working on fixing it, but in the mean time he has missed a day of school.  While we were getting ready for ballet, little A ran up to J and asked if he wanted CFA for lunch.  “Sure!”  After all who would turn down a spicy chicken sandwich and sweet tea?  So after ballet we went to CFA for a Spicy Sandwich, or the Cobb Salad Yum-O
When we finished eating PS needed to nurse, J and little A went to the play place to play. When the kids came out I sent them for ice dream, when they came back we chatted it up.  This was one of our conversations.  I actually wrote it down word for word it was too funny!
Little A: Mom how do you get a baby in your tummy?
J:God puts them there
Little A: Do you close your eyes?
Me: Ummmm I guess so?
Little A: I am going to keep my eyes open forever
J: Shrugs his shoulders

I don’t even know what she thinks some times…

At dinner this last week:
A: I’m going to marry John, when I am older, he is going to be a dad and I am going to be a mom, we are going to share a queen size bed because I will be the queen.
Family: *laughing*
A: he takes ballet, and he is old and can sit in the front seat.
Family:*laughing again*
A: We are going to have a wedding, my sweetie is going to get married to me
Family:*egging her on now*
A:he will put a ring on me then I will nurse a baby, but God is going to put a baby in my belly it will hurt my b**bie, so I will have someone give me a baby and I will use a bottle.  She will be my last baby.
A:we will get a rocking chair

Really, where does she come up with this stuff?

Our church runs a winter basketball league for children ages 5 and up {its on the box} little A finally can play basketball.  She was 5 in November so she is one of the youngest if not the youngest child out there.  On our way to her first practice, dressed in high top pink check converse, a basketball shirt and a purple and gray warm up suit, she was talking trash.
Already talking trash.
A:Mom I am so excited to go, I am going to be the best ever basketball player
I will take lots of shoots
and I will snatch the ball from the little kids.”
{Did I mention she is most likely the youngest one out there.  She is not the shortest , there are 2 little boys who are the same size}
I laughed and said “go for it honey”  After practice she said “I am the best defensive player, I stole the ball from that boy”  she had a great practice, she cannot get the ball to even come close to the backboard let alone make a basket but she is “the best” and loves every practice she has had.
The only time she touches the ball during games is when it is a dead ball, and then she runs towards the closest basket and throws the ball with all her might.

Take time to really listen to the funny things your kids say, they have some pretty amazing thoughts.

Go hug your kids and smell their sweaty little heads (that is the smell of life)

You Sound So Young???

One Saturday our termite company called me to tell me they were in the area, they were trying to get me to buy into the lawn service.  {I’m sorry to tell you friends in the north, we still have green grass} Anyway the day before R pointed out yet another pile of termite ‘fras’ {termite company word for poop}  A nice big pile in the window that was treated less than a month ago, oh it was in a different spot but same window.  So while I turned down the lawn bug removal service I asked for a day for my bug guy to come treat that same area.  I asked about having the house tented, we cannot seem to get rid of them in that corner of the house.  So she offered to have the manager call me back to talk prices, I said “please don’t call today I was up 6 times in the night, 4 times with the baby and then with the 8-year-old and the 10-year-old, bad dream and needing to use MY toilet in the night.  {quick question, why the heck can’t they pee in their own bathrooms?}  So, while I look forward to his call, I am going to take a nap.”  At that point she made a comment about having 3 children, I informed her that I had 7 children.  Her response “you don’t sound like you have seven children”
What does someone who has 7 children sound like?
Besides of course TIRED

Monday I ran into Publix, again to my friends in the north, I am sorry you don’t have Publix.  In the South we know Publix Grocery Stores are THE BEST!  When you come south be sure to get a sub from their deli, enjoy some sweet tea, and their carry out service with a smile.  I digress, I was at Publix I had a cart full of children, 3 under 5 with me, and the cashier made a comment.  She said I looked great for having that many babies {next time remind me to just say thank you}  So anyway I opened my mouth and volunteered that I actually have 7 children.  The oldest is in college now, and they baby was my youngest.  She looked right at my very tired self, and said “you don’t look like you have had 7 children”
I am now wondering what I should look like?
Besides of course TIRED

So how should a mom sound?

Go hug your kids, the need your love.



Nursing Problems

Ok If you are my child and you don’t want to hear all about this…  go ahead and quit reading…  If you do not like nursing babies or nursing stories, go ahead and leave now, if you have struggled, this one is for you.  I am only sharing MY experience with this illness.  Everyone is different, but if it helps you get treatment faster, then please read ahead.

Not for the faint of heart.

I’ll jump right in.  We are still nursing PS and I.  Not that it is your business, but she has some serious growth issues we are working through, so nursing is a great option for US for NOW.

{How you choose to nourish your child is up to you, as long as you are in fact nourishing your child I don’t care how you do it.}

Like I was saying we are still nursing, up until this, everything has been going along smoothly, minus the first few days in the NICU where it was a real struggle, we have a very easy feeding time, I nurse on demand, and we seem to be in a good groove.  Yes we are up in the night at least 2x a night, yes it is exhausting, yes I do not really enjoy it, but, yes it will end and I will never be up nursing a baby in the night again, so I will do it.  Blurry eyes and crick in my neck I do it.

So a few Sunday’s ago, after PS went to bed, I went out to hang out with the family, talking to the people who were still awake, my left breast hurt, just a little, kind of like she had not finished off that side.

On Monday morning I woke up with E standing over my head, she had a bad dream.  I looked at the clock PS would be waking in about 45 minutes I could go lay down with E before PS woke me up.  I spread a blanket on the girls bedroom floor, and took a throw pillow, 45 minutes later I woke up, E was snoozing away, I slithered out of her room and back to my room.  Took a quick peek at PS and laid down in bed, but had to turn over my left breast was really hurting.  I fell asleep knowing that PS would wake me in a minute, she did not, 5am rolled around I could not sleep my breast hurt so bad,  I got up and tried to express some milk, but the pain was intense.  Finally PS woke up, might have been my moaning that woke her.  At any rate I could hardly nurse her, when she latched on needles of fire shot through my breast.

I remember the feeling from 17 years ago

I had the same problem only 1 time before back when O was just a few weeks old.  It was terrible.  As soon as I felt that first shooting arrow of fire I knew that I was in for a long time of pain.  {FYI if you are a nursing mom and you feel flames shooting through your breast, call your OBGYN right away, as in, as soon as they open the office}  Always one to take my own advice, I took the family to school, crying and whimpering in pain, I waited until 8:01 to call my OBGYN office.  I left a message for my nurse, within 30 minutes I answered the phone crying, the nurse, told me what I already knew.  I had a Yeast Infection In My Breast.  {Ewww, you say?  You were forewarned I told you, that you might not want to read this}  I knew it.  I cried when she told me she would call the medicine in for me.  I cried because I knew it would take a few hours to a few days to start feeling relief and I cried because I was in so much pain I could not sit up straight.  I moved like the Hunch Back of Notre Dame {the Disney version}Keith was having a slow day in Middle School World so he ran to the store to get my prescription.  A friend came to take away A for me so I could try to rest and sleep.  It was a long painful day, all day long it hurt to breath, arrows of fire shot through my breast, and every time I nursed i was in screaming, and sobbing, fire, and pain.  I could not breathe, I could not move, I could not stop the pain.  By nightfall the medicine was starting to offer some relief, now instead of it burning flames and aching, throbbing pain continually, I had a few seconds between pain spasms.  all day long, it only hurt while I was moving, or breathing or nursing, I screamed and cried, and cried and screamed in pain.  I had such a huge amount of mom guilt,  I was dreading the next feeding because I knew how bad it would hurt, I cried and cried and scared my poor baby.

By Tuesday night I could not get PS to nurse because instead of my crying she was screaming in fear.  I’m sure she might just need therapy for all that I scared her while she was trying to nurse.  On a good note, the burning arrows were no longer shooting off, I was engorged and in pain, but not shooting arrows of fire.  My skin hurt and was still swollen, but the arrows of fire were now only comets of random fire.

I went to bed knowing that Wednesday morning I would feel like a whole new woman, but…  Instead I woke up in more pain, this time it felt like someone was trying to rip off my nipple.  I could not take a breath again, I could not stand up straight again, I could not focus again.  I cried in the shower.  I suffered all day long, I had a fever and body aches, during the day my sister texted me, I told her about the body aches, and fever, since we both assumed it was the yeast infection we were not worried about the flu, I neglected the family, I neglected the house, I was in so much misery.

Thursday should have been the magic day, I should have been completely fine, I was not, I began having anxiety about nursing, I knew that I needed to do it, not so much to nourish the baby, but to get relief.  And the nurse told me to keep nursing through the pain.  Thursday evening I told Keith I was going to call the doctor again, he and a friend encouraged me to seek more treatment.  I put out a call on FB for a breast pump to borrow.  A kind friend graciously gave me hers, she is done with it.  I was hopeful that pumping would relieve pressure, I was hoping pumping would offer some relief.  It did, sweet relief, but it was only for a short time.  I pumped again in the night and in the morning.

I called my doctor first thing Friday morning.  Now my symptoms included a baseball tucked under the skin, hot red splotches and angry red lines on my poor breast, fever and body aches, my bones hurt.  I was insane miserable.  The nurse listened to me and said that the yeast infection had progressed to mastitis.  She offered to call in a new prescription.  I texted Keith, as it was, Friday was a crazy day in the world of middle school.  He managed to slip away and bring me the new medicine.  Relief would take up to 48 hours.  I am not ashamed to admit I did a lot of crying, the pain was more than I could handle and knowing that I was going to be this way for another 48 hours was almost too much for me to take.

Saturday I went to watch R and the rest of Trial Team, compete for the chance to go to regional.  Keith had hoopsters, and then we took a double date with our friends.  As the evening progressed, the pain I had been experiencing was changing again, the once mild comets of fire, were turning into a meteor shower of fire.  I did a little research I should not have quit the yeast infection medicine to start the other, they were to piggy back.  So not one to love pain I did piggy back the 2 medicines with more ibuprofen to help.

Sunday morning I swear I heard angels singing!  Sweet relief.  I stayed home from Church to nurse PS (My skin was so tender to the touch, the baseball was still under my skin, I still had the red splotches, and the angry red streaks, but I was beginning to get relief.  I cried as I nursed, but we did it!  I did laundry, washed, dried, and put it away, I cleaned up a dresser, and started to sort clothes for selling at the JBF sale.  But by mid-afternoon I had pushed it.  I was beginning to feel the familiar pains.  I quit everything to spend the rest of the day and evening lying around.

Monday morning, I managed to drive the kids to school with out crying out when I hit a bump.  My skin was still sore and swollen, the baseball, smaller but still there, my nipple still felt like someone ripped it off and stuck it back on.  But the pain was getting better.  By night fall the pain is back, but during the day the pain was manageable.

Tuesday I wish I could say I was completely better by Tuesday.  I still had a swollen breast, but the red streaking was gone the large red spots were not gone but fading, and the lump was a smaller ball, my skin was still sensitive to the touch.

A full 2 weeks after the first pin, I still have a golf ball swollen spot under my skin, and this morning I noticed a fire arrow, I’ll be calling the doctor when they open.    I wish it was different, I wish I had not lost 2 weeks of my life to such crazy pain.  I am so very thankful for doctors and drugs to heal our bodies.  Last night was the first time in 2 weeks that I felt good enough for a full hug from Keith.

I was informed that it can take 2 rounds of treatment before the body is fully healed, today I started round two of treatment.

So, there you have it, my story of a yeast infection in my breast that moved forward into mastitis.  If you think you might be getting a yeast infection while you are nursing, if you have arrows of fire shooting through your breast, if you notice angry red streaks on your breast with a fever and body aches, call your doctor, there is no need to be in such pain.  There is a cure, it makes things so much better.

Feel free to share this with other nursing moms who might be having the same troubles I was having.

Now that I am free from pain, I can hug my kids, go hug someone and tell them you love them, life is just too short to not tell your loved ones how important they are!

P.S.  I promise my next post will not be anything so terrible, but back to my normal boring self