Changes in Our Family (also In Which We See God Is Faithful) Part 1

So, like I promised some Changing News.

This is a long one.  It is so long in fact that it will likely be a 2 part or 3 part series.  Just depending on how quiet the girlies are while I write this story.

All set?

Ok, if you will remember last year, March to be exact I announced that a biological mom had chosen my sister to be her child’s ‘forever mom’, do you remember?  I posted our excitement and thankfulness for God’s goodness on our lives.  We were so thankful for this mom and her gift to us.  My sister began putting money to the bio-mom’s account (per the adoption agency policy-lest you think she did anything dishonest) and we all began praying for her, and loving her from afar.  (how can you not love the woman who is going to give you her child?)  As school drew to a close, the bio-mom wanted to meet my sister.  So it was decided that Ellen would drive up to meet her.  (In the beginning the bio-mom lived in a different state, by the time they were going to meet the bio mom had moved to the very farthest corner of our state)  So Ellen, my mother and O went up to meet her, planning on taking her out to lunch, loving her, getting to know her, and then going to the doctor’s office with her to hear our babies heart beating and get any other medical news we would need.  Through a series of unfortunate events, it was determined that the 3 travelers would only get to go to the doctor’s office.  After returning home from the visit, the bio-mom made it increasingly difficult to get in touch.  With 2 days left to her due date the bio-mom texted her agency she changed her mind, she was not going to give Ellen her baby.  She was going to keep our baby girl.  We were left speechless, and dumbfounded.  We were blindsided by this news, and struggled to cope.  We knew God had a plan, we were so sure that baby girl was our plan.  We cried, we sobbed, we got angry (okay I got angry, I was very angry) but strangely enough my sister did not get angry with the bio-mom, she was sad for her and she was scared for baby girl, but she never got angry.  (I did, I was very angry HOW could anyone do THAT to my sister?  What was she thinking? Why had she changed her mind, this was not best for our baby.-I might still be a little bitter)  We all suffered and began the slow process of healing from that loss.  My sister had a brand new room all outfitted for baby girl, she had clean sheets in the crib, and her hospital bag packed and sitting by the door, she had plans drawn up, the car seat was buckled in her car, the stroller was in the trunk.  Now this woman has dealt us a blow that we did not know how to recover, it was like a death to us.  July was an extremely difficult month for us.  Slowly we began to recover, our hearts began to mend.  Through it all we knew that God had a plan, we assumed that baby girl was our plan, we trusted God, but we were confused and hurt. Did you know that you can trust God and still be sad or hurt?  Yes, God knows your emotions and your heart and He is the one who created you and that pile of emotions you have!  God knew best for our lives, we trusted him, but we were so sad, we were surprised at the change of His plans for our families.  July turned to August, which was difficult in a different way, school was starting, at the end of the school year, all of my sisters students, current and former had celebrated her great news, now she would have to share over and over the loss in her life.

But God…

You see this is the happy start of our story .  Or actually the amazing showing of God’s faithfulness in Ellen’s life.

But God…

But God knew what was best for us, God knew Ellen’s needs, God loved my sister more than I did, more than my mom did,  God loved Ellen so much more than we can grasp.  God had a perfect plan for Ellen and her future.10478113_10202860306921517_6834142442920912498_n-1

Soon after school started, August 19th actually, a young woman went into labor…

Go hug your kids, and look for the rest of the story.  While you are waiting, look for some But God… in your life,  Look to see how God shows Himself faithful over and over in your life.



4 thoughts on “Changes in Our Family (also In Which We See God Is Faithful) Part 1

  1. sandra musick says:

    It is amazing how angry we can get even when we are trusting God. I can’t imagine anyone other than G.. Except maybe a sister for her.

  2. Ellen says:

    Ahhh…this…made me cry on our field trip today! I love my sweet girl so much…and Sandra…it’s not completely out of the question.

  3. macfishreed says:

    I was in tears reading this! What a roller coaster ride of emotions you all must have been on, particularly Ellen! God IS Good!

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