A Dream Come True or It Could Be Titled I Have The Book!!!

Monday at dinner, before we started to eat, I went back into the kitchen to grab a knife. As I sat in my seat I was pleasantly surprised at what was on my plate.  My heart did a happy jump and I looked at that man I said “I do” some 22 years ago and I smiled. Sitting on my plate was a book voucher.   The very book I have been anticipating, since, well, forever.  image{I know it is upside down I cannot figure out how to rotate the picture…}
Isn’t this the most lovely piece of paper?imageHe knows me so well!

Now one would think that with this anticipation I would be standing in line outside of BAM! Waiting for it to open, I had planned on it.  I mentioned going over with a lawn chair for the midnight opening.  And I might have mentioned wearing costume, but there is no costume for GSAW.  Sadly our BAM! was not going to open at midnight, at least that is what my family told me, I was in my pajamas and laying in bed when I remembered my plans.  I was held captive by my bed, the cool sheets, and the just fluffed pillow with the fan gently blowing was more than enough force to keep me in my bed.

There was always Tuesday to go get the book I thought as I drifted off to sleep.  {Keith makes fun of me, the instant my head touches my pillow, my eyes shut, I am sound asleep.  So asleep, that if he talks to me once I shut my eyes it scares me and I usually jump up like a wild woman.}  Snuggled in my bed I went to sleep thinking about my book voucher and how excited I was to go get the book.

Tuesday…  Was Cow Appreciation Day, you know, at Chick Fil A, my favorite place to eat.  The morning was spent was spent making cow costumes {I’ll blog on that later.}  Costumes, lunch, naps and family time.  By the time we got home Tuesday night and I had enough people in bed that I did not feel guilty about leaving it was just too darn late.

I know at this point my friends, who know how much I love TKAM, are now disappointed in me.  Honestly I was disappointed in myself, but again, not enough to put my clothes back on and go out.

Wednesday a full 24 hours after the book was released, I finally made it to BAM! to pick up my copy.imageI wore my sunglasses into BAM! because I was afraid the clerk would think something was wrong, my eyes were  misty, I did not want to alarm her by crying when she gave me my book!imageIt is the most beautiful cover.
I don’t even know what that means, I can’t wait to find out!imagePlease, notice the glasses, yes it was sunny, but I was so excited I did have tears in my eyes.

I have had the book in my possession for 15 hours, {8 of them sleeping} I have only read the book flap because I am afraid, I am worried that Atticus might die, or that Jem has had something tragic happen.  I am worried that Calpurnia is already dead.  I am afraid to read it.  A college friend send me a message asking if I had finished the book, she was afraid to go on any social media for the spoilers.  She was on chapter 5 and promised not to give anything away to me.  I asked her if she has cried yet, she replied “can’t say yes or no to the crying, it might spoil it for you”.  That is a good friend!  So for now I will just hold the book and wipe finger prints off, I have hidden it because my man-child thinks it is funny to try to grab it and run away with it.

I have not yet opened the book, so don’t spoil it for me, but are you liking it?  Was it every thing you wanted it to be?  Were you anxious about reading it too?  Maybe one of the reasons I am putting it off, I want to savor every moment?  I know that when I finish this there will be no more Scout, or Atticus, Jem will be just a memory, and Cal, she will not make me smile any more.  I know that when the book is finished, it really will be finished.  Harper Lee has no more for me, her lawyer will not find another manuscript in her papers, it will really be the end.  So forgive me if I want to savor the book a little longer before it is over.

Go hug your kids, and enjoy a great book, life is just too short to read bad literature.




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