I Thought It Would Be Fun.

As you all know, O is leaving for college in 1 very short year.  That is it.  I only have one year left before my baby girl leaves us.  I am heart-broken about it, I cry all the time, and I know, from experience, it will only get worse as time goes along.  We go out together as often as we can.  I am trying to savor every minute I can with her.
Earlier this summer, we went to a very nice flea market, antique fair.  We really enjoy antique/junk shopping together. I purchased an enamel ware pot and lid, I am so very attracted to them right now, and every time I buy one I find a use for it, making me realize,
1 I have too much junk
2 I need more enamel ware.
When we were finished, O asked if we could stay out and shop a little more.  I dropped R and E back home, they were babysitting cousin G.  O and I continued on to our favorite antique/retro store.  They have the wildest things, a wood and glass mermaid coffee table, an entire set of snow-white garden gnomes they are almost 3 feet tall, and a 10 foot metal rocket ship.  I found another enamel ware square dish for steal.
After buying that small enamel container we were finished, O wanted us to continue shopping and not go home.  I asked if she wanted to go in a store I had driven past many times I told her the name, “fairy something, or something fairy” was all I could remember.  I thought it would be fun to go inside and see what they had, from the window it looked very interesting.  I thought it would be fun. We drove up to the curb and parked.  When we walked in I stopped short, like a comedy routine, she bumped into me and I stumbled a step.  This was not the sort of store I wanted to go in.  It was a witch store.  Or more actually they help those who want to reach a new spiritual level.  Um, it was a witch store.  Full out wiccan.  They had stones and smells, and potions, they had cloths, and candles, they had some sort of dream catcher thing, and costumes, they had rooms for reaching that higher level.  A kind man came our of a curtained room, where he was sitting in a circle with other like-minded people, to ask if we needed help, {ummm yeah we needed help, an out, we needed a polite escape} I explained that we had driven by many times, and often wondered what was in this store.  He answered me, but my ears were ringing I could not hear him because I was trying to think of an escape. {They were not holding me captive by any means, I just wanted to get out of there.  I believe witch craft is real, but I also believe it is from Satan, and I wanted out fast.} We made a quick walk around, to be polite, laughed quietly at the awkwardness of the situation, and made our exit.  I am sure that the people in the store had a good laugh at us.

A few days later, we were all going to the library we drove past that fairy store, O joked about the kind of mom who takes her innocent daughter in there.  R asked what kind of store it was.  I said “a fairy store and by fairy store I mean wiccan store.”  Little A looked at her sister and asked O “Hey want to go to the fairy store” R asked what they sell, we told him some of the things we saw.  E asked what wiccan is, I explained it is witch.  A piped up “it is an evil witch, wait it is an evil fairy, I want to be wicked, O will you be a wicked fairy with me?”  O was laughing, and answered “sure I’ll be a wicked with you.”  A rubbed her sisters arm and said “You are my favorite sister.”

Never a dull moment.

We have been going out on Wednesday nights for a few months now.  I started out going alone, but soon O was coming along.  We don’t talk, we just sit in quiet and peace.  Sometimes we read, or she works on pictures on her computer, or does homework.  We do talk sometimes, but usually we are quiet.  We like it that way.  A few weeks ago we went to Village Inn, my mom says the pie is the best ever (I say it was good, but not the best ever.)  We went O was reading Tess of the d’Urbervilles for her summer reading for her English class.  (She still has one more book to read, but it is much shorter)  O hated Tess, she read/listened to it read to her, it took 24 full hours of reading/listening to get through the book.  She is glad it is over, and even more glad I purchased her copy in the clearance section of Books A Million.  So as I was saying we were at Village Inn, eating breakfast at 8pm at night.  We were in a booth, we were both reading, we were quiet and content.  I rather tall, skinny, man came loudly into our area, he was stretching, like a runner after a race, talking quite loudly to the waitress, he then loudly announced to her, and everyone in the area he was going to go to the bathroom.  We could not help but notice him, and his party of 3.  After we finished eating we resumed reading while waiting for our pie.  The man was talking to his group about his knee, and lowered his knee brace to show the group, then he lifted his leg right next to our table he ripped the knee brace off his leg and stretched his toes wide, like Ariel did when she discovered she sold her soul for feet, only this was right near our table.  O noticed the white knee soft brace fling up and thought he was taking off his socks.  She looked up and caught my eye, we started to giggle, at first it was quiet, but the more we tried to stifle it the funnier it became, it was such an odd thing to see an adult yank off a knee brace and flex their toes next to a table.  We could not stop laughing, and those who know me, know I can get quite a cackle going.  We had tears in our eyes, we were not looking at each other, we were taking shallow breaths to get control.  The server for his table came to get their orders, he looked at us and said “I’ll have what they are having,”  We were only having a case of the giggles at the preposterousness of the event.

Never a dull moment.

How about you?  Ever go into the wrong store, and get surprised?
Go hug your kids, they need your love!


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