I’m Sorry Did You Say Senior?

100_0531Time marches on, I was just taking this picture,  Notice the very sad face on R, Kindergarten was delayed a week because of some new classroom restructure construction issues.  C was going into 4th grade, we loved his teacher, J was just a baby, only 17 months old.  I love this picture but what I want you to see is that little girly.  She was starting 2nd grade.  She was so very excited to start 2nd grade.  Her classroom was right next to her aunt, she was in the same class as many of her friends, and she adored her teacher.  Today she starts her senior year.  This is it, the end of her education at our school, I am so very sad, I just don’t know how to put it in words.

I did not worry about a college when she was a pink-faced newborn in that hospital room, if only I knew then, what I know now.  I would have been more worried for her about college than for anything else.

I cried when she started kindergarten, I knew that this would be the beginning of the end, that we would know exactly how long until she left us for college, left us to find her own way, left us for her own life.  Now as she starts her senior year I realize that all her life we have been preparing her for this year.  We have prayed for her daily, to be successful in her education.  We have prayed for friendships and patience, we have prayed for teachers and staff who love on her.  This is it. this is the final year we will have the faculty and staff from our school pour into her life.  And that makes me sad.  I know that I should be thankful or glad {I know, because, people keep telling me I should be glad she is growing up, ready to show the world what she is made of} but I am not glad, I love having my girly home with us.  She is a calm and constant steady, she loves on A, she has ninja packing skills, she is patient, she and R have become a club of 2, they have bonded since C left for college, they have grown closer. The girls look up to her, asking her questions and listening to her, J and O talk sports statistics. And as this year progresses I know that it is closer to the end. closer to her departure for college, closer to the change that will happen in our family.  And it makes me sad.

Sure I am thankful that she can attend our school, one of the best Christian schools, with excellent staff who know her by name, I am thankful that she has been pushed academically, that she has been prayed for and taught the words of God, she has been pushed spiritually.  I am thankful for all that, but each day this year I will also be reminded it is the last, the last first football game of the season, the last homecoming, the last Christmas musical, the last of the exams, the last prom, the last of finals, the last of everything as we know it.  So if you see me crying on her very last first day of school, please let me be sad, or encourage me, but do not say I should be glad.  Do not say I should be thankful that she is closer to spreading her wings, and go out on her own.  Do not tell me to be thankful that school started, because it is the last first day of school she will have.

11911744_10208308226249542_1035017756_nThe beginning of the end for O, her last first day of school.

11911686_10208308226489548_705586097_nIt was supposed to be the first first day of school for little A, but someone was sick last night {that is a whole blog on its own, so she is home one last day with me!  We might just go do some retail therapy}  R is in 10th grade now, and as he said “you don’t have to be sad for me, I’m not changing or doing anything new this year.”  He is right, I am thankful that he is in 10th grade, no changes this year. He is nervous about some of the classes he is taking, his math teacher LOVES math, love like, jump on the couch, Tom Cruise crazy, loves math.  He is fun and energetic, but he is a teacher who expects you to learn by leaps and bounds.  He will push and guide and cheer a student on, the others have had him, have worked hard, but loved him.  R will too. I need the non change year, because in 2 very short years I will be a mess, he will be a senior.  J has some changes this year proving how fast he is growing, he can join the school cross-country, middle school is on the 3rd floor all to themselves, his dad will be his principal, and he has a top locker.  He is quiet and helpful and has more energy than I could ever have.  E is in 4th grade, this year, she has a teacher who will be perfect for her, sensitive and gentle, a teacher who understands how sick E can get, and is laid back enough not to get uptight when she misses school for illness.  Her teacher has a joy of teaching and a sense of humor, she will help E so much this year.  {E’s glasses are just for fun, because they are super cute, not for any necessary reason}

Time marches way too fast for me!

Go hug your kids, one more hug, back rub, and kiss on the head.  Because we know time and tide stop for no man.


2 thoughts on “I’m Sorry Did You Say Senior?

  1. sandra musick says:

    I am sorry you used the Tome Cruise analogy because you saw how that turned out, and I can’t stand him. But the kid look so darn cute. I really like O’s hair short, but I guess I am the only one. Pray they all have a great year.

  2. Linda says:

    I know exactly which math teacher you are talking about. The description made me smile.

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