He Was Just Trying To Be A Gentleman

He was just trying to be a gentleman, some guys come by it naturally.  My R is one of those guys, he was born to hold the door for you, or help you carry something.  He delights in giving a hand in helping someone.

We were at the library a few weeks ago, an older woman was carrying a large box of books to the donation bin, R gave me his books and ran up to help this woman carry her box into the library.  Smiling and listening to her the whole while.

At the beach his sister complained because he ran past us to open the beach gate for her.  “mom make him quit trying to help me I can do it myself.”  {it was NOT the little girl who said that either}  I replied “honey he can’t help it, that is just how God made him.”

He has grown and matured to the point that he sometimes sees the full, clean dishwasher, but not always.  But if someone is struggling he sees it.

On Sunday we went to the early service and then to Sunday School.  Some of us had birthday and even Christmas gift cards we wanted to spend, using the back to school sales would be a great excuse to shop.  We went to the early service, then after eating a quick-lunch at home we went to the outlets about an hour away.  I say {quick-lunch, we left church, got home had lunch, changed clothes and back to the van in just about an hour.  For our family that is a quick turn around time!

We shopped until we dropped.  Literally.

Keith and I were able to get some great deals, I worked my gift cards so hard they were crying for me to stop!  {My favorite thing about getting gift cards is seeing how much I can get out of them!}  C also found an exceptional deal.  While the rest of the kids came home with the money they brought.  {No worries.  I am sure they will spend it sometime.}  It was hot in our great southern state and our outlets are like so many others, each individual store opens to the outside.  We were sweating and flushed and just so hot.  I sent the big kids with some money to buy some lemon aid for the kids who wanted it, and I stepped inside a pretzel place.  After a very long wait I had 3 cups of pretzel pieces.

The lemon aid was so huge the person who purchased it, decided that the ones who wanted to drink it could share it.  We share a lot in our family.  The pretzels were divided into 6 or 7 servings.  Each child slipped lemon aid and had a treat.  I was the fun mom!

When we left it was raining so badly we could not see 2 cars in front of us, roads were flooding and the lightning was so close we could feel the electricity in the air.  We could not stop on that ride home because there was no way we were getting out of the van into the lighting, and C brought the van up to us in the rains, he was dripping wet, shirt off and wrapped in a towel in the van.  No shoes, No SHIRT, No service, we were not going to leave the wet man-child in the van while we ate.  We had snacks in the car as we headed home.  We came to a calm patch I told Keith to take the next exit we’d grab something to eat, as we got off the exit another wave of storms hit.  We got back on, I announced that I would make scrambled eggs and toast for our late dinner.

She said she was not hungry, thankfully I did not force her to eat.

Around 9:30 the house was settling down for the night, the little kids had already been sleeping for 2 hours.  I put a sweet comment on facebook;
sometimes when I watch my children sleep I check to see if they are dead. and then I cry because I love them so much and then I sneak out of the room so they don’t wake up!

My friends were in agreement that they did the same thing sometimes.  O was in my room asking for help, when E came in sleepy-eyed and complaining.  A was crying, it woke her up.  I went up to check on A, she was sound asleep.  I walked closer to her to push her legs on the bed when the smell hit me, it hit hard.  Poor little A, she had gotten sick in her bed, puke was everywhere!  Puddles and piles on her sweet pink sheets, on her pillow, in her hair, on her stuffed friends and baby dolls, on the jammies that did not get put away from the night before.  I called down to Keith to come help shower little A while I took care of the cleaning,  O ushered E to her room, to sleep on the floor while we cleaned it all up, then she brought up cleaning products and took down clean pajamas for A.  I cleaned and picked up as much as I could, I took a few dolls to the sink to wash them.  While Keith was helping get the mess out of A’s hair the crying woke PS who started crying.  R went in to help with PS.  Keith came upstairs, as I was walking down with the laundry basket of dirty bed sheets.  On my way down O followed me, R was at the family room, he came towards me as I stopped at the landing, his arms were out, he wanted the basket.  I told him “I can do it”  He asked for the basket, I told him “I’ve got this”   I may have twisted my body away from him in effort to carry the basket myself .  {the real reason I did not want his help, R has a very sensitive stomach, I did not what him to get sick}  I then misjudged the step (#3) as being the ground.  That part is R’s fault, the boy is 6’2 and I forget how tall he is, I thought I was at the bottom, but I was not.
I stumbled, and fell.

I fell the last 2 steps smacked my right knee and shin and ankle,on the steps, I hurt my left heal.  I used the laundry basket and the chin up bar as a way to slow down as I hit the ground and slid to a pile of bruised pain on the ground.  My shin is swollen, bruised and the skin is missing in places.  It hurt so so so bad.

When I stopped moving down to the ground R took the laundry basket and O ran to get Keith, he came to me while O went to rescue A who was still crying and R went to comfort PS who was awake and very much a sad baby.

I told Keith it hurt so much I could not even cry.  After a bit I stretched out my legs and laid on the floor.  When the pain subsided enough I was able to get up and walk around, it throbbed and stung and burned all night long.  Today more than 3 days later it hurts when I bump the area, last night I was able to sleep with out the pain waking me up.

I had to update my facebook status:
UPDATE on the beautiful I love my sleeping kid mom moment…
O was asking me to help her do something when A started crying in her sleep, woke up E who came to tell me, I went upstairs A had thrown up ALL over her self, her jammies her bed, and about 50 dolls and stuffed friends, and was then sleeping in the throw-up, all in her hair. Keith came up to take the child to the shower, O came up with cleaner, on the way down the stairs with the laundry basket I fell down the last 2 steps because I was too stubborn to let R take the dirty laundry, scraped my shin all the way down, now I am sporting a lovely bruise along my whole leg, and A’s crying in the shower woke up PS. R is snuggling PS trying to get her back to sleep, O is comforting A and I was going to go to bed at 10:30…
so now I have 3 children awake who should be sleeping, a set of sheets and love friends in the washer, and a shin that hurts, stings, tingles, is bruising and the skin is peeled off.

A friend tried to encourage me, saying maybe it was something she ate, when I read that I realized that J R E and A all shared the same drink and then realized that we also shared the same pretzel bites…  I was in for a long night.

An hour later, after my tumble on the stairs I went back up to cover the spots with baking soda to hopefully pull out the smell.  When O went to her room, to bring E back to her own bed, she called out to me.  E was kneeling on the floor in O’s carpeted hallway leaning over a bucket throwing up.  

Two kids down in an hour.

R was still up I told him to take a trash can to bed “your next dude”  he asked why would I say that???  Now his stomach hurt because I scared him.  J was soundly sleeping I woke him up, told him the girls were sick, here is a trashcan next to your bed if you get sick aim for the can.  In the morning he told me he though he had the weirdest dream, until he saw the trash can on his floor and then realized that his mom did tell him about the girls…

If I had only let R do what he was born to do, be a gentleman I would not have knee pain, a swollen bruised leg.  I am thankful that sweet kid did not say anything to me about how he was only trying to help.

He’s a good kid that child-man.

Thankfully we still had 2 days before school started so the girls had a chance to recover to go on that first day.

What about you, ever refused help only to land flat on your face?

Go hug your kids


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