Crowns and Clocks and a College

My life is split in two, I am a mama who is doing final educational school activities, while starting up with first of the education activities.

Late last night I stood in the dark, because my husband shut the lights out on me, and spray painted a gold burger king crown.  Shiny gold.  Because my girl is a senior, tradition at our school, is for the seniors to wear their crown to different days.  Today is the Homecoming game.
We did not yet decorate the crown, just the shiny gold.  Decoration will take all year, as she adds to the crown, until the final day of her education at our school when she puts on that crown.


At the same time I was spray painting the crown gold, I was spray painting a car seat box black to make it into a clock.  You see my newly schooled little one, is learning about rhyming, and they covered Nursery Rhymes.  At the end of the unit the children dress as a nursery rhyme character.  I think #1 was the spider from itsy bitsy spider, we took a black shirt stuffed his dad’s dress socks and pinned them to him,  easy and fast, we had one boy hold a candle stick and jump, one of them dressed as a sheep from a sheep costume we already owned.  But not this girl she wanted to be the clock, you know Hickory-Dickory’s clock.  I cut out an amazing cardboard clock but could not get it to work out.  At bedtime I remembered the dismantled clock and told the girly that she was going to have to be something else.  The sad face, the tears, i was afraid she might throw up for crying.  I saw the car seat box that should have gone to the recycling earlier in the week when I told the 9-year-old to take care of it. Thankfully she did not.  I stood in the dark with 2 cans of black paint, painting that box black.

Did you know that when you bring in fresh spray painted things to dry under the ceiling fan, most of the house will get a headache.

I cut a face out, added brown shading and gold accents, we have that terrible IKEA mouse and someone dug that thing out of the costume box.  I attached the mouse to the clock.  I do think I had the cutest Clock in the kindergarten parade.12081439_10208636535657072_1097248522_nCheck out my cute little clock!

If a Crown and a Clock were not enough a College called my girl today.
And they want her.
They want her.
When she told me I cried.  (not surprising right?) She looked at me and said “she did not mean to make me cry”  How can I not cry this college all the way up in Tn wants to take my girl from me.  There are 4 colleges on her list.  She is not sure, but they want her.

A very emotional day for sure for this mama, Kindergarten in full swing, Senior activities in full swing and a college wants my girl…

12067899_10208636535857077_1112713370_nGo hug your kids, time moves so fast!
(get it)



One thought on “Crowns and Clocks and a College

  1. tbraysfan says:

    What a cute clock indeed! Love the clock face. Hopefully she was able to take the box off during the day…lol

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