Blessings, and Looking for Them.

I have been very purposeful in showing my children how God blesses us, in both BIG and little things.  That because he loves us, and cherishes us, He blesses us.  In the past few years I have said things to them “look God is showing us his favor, we got a great deal on the shoes we wanted.” or “look how God blesses us, someone gave us a gift card for dinner out.” even “thank you Lord for the parking spot up close and under the shade.” For the big things as well as the small things, “Isn’t it great of God to give us with a cute and fun car?”
I want them to see the blessings He gives us daily.  He did not have to provide the cute shoes we wanted, or the sunny day when we were anxious go to the beach during a rainy weekend, or even another car, we have been 24 years with only 1 we could have gone 24 more with only 1 car.  He did not have to grow the tree that provided the shade for our trip into the store, but He blesses us.

As busy as we are, we really need to stop and look for His blessings.  His favor to His children.  I know that the busier I get the more ‘put out’ I am when things don’t go the way I want.  When the dishwasher soap door does not open, when the soft toilet paper runs out, when the rains threaten our outdoor activity.  I know I get so consumed with me and my little world I forget to look for the blessings I am getting all day long.

Anyway, all that to say today I had a proud mommy moment.  Little A was playing with a magnetic girl, she walked away to get a drink, and in that short minute PS snatched away the magnetic girl’s shoe, just one shoe.  I heard Little A whisper talking as she ran from room to room.  She never called to me so I did not ask, she came running into the dining room, where I was sitting, saw her magnetic shoe picked it up, kissed it and said “thank you Lord for keeping my shoe for me.”  Then she ran off.

Sometimes the purposeful statements stick, because we all know that one time we slipped and said a ‘bad word’ they don’t ever miss it, they don’t ever forget it, and they do repeat it.

Todays blessings were just that a gift and a favor from the Lord.  I went on a field trip, the sun was shining the sky was beautiful blue, the zippy new car only sipped at the gas tank.  Keith drove the bus for the field trip, we were both able to be with little A at the fire house.  As a bonus, so when we got back to school, he snuck away for some alone time together.  Or as much alone time as we can get with a baby and a 5-year-old at Chick Fil A.

Yesterday afternoon it was hard to look for the blessings from God.  I had some frustrating news, it made me cry, it made me anxious, it made me remind myself to look for the blessings from God.  So I looked, and saw my 17-year-old daughter choose to spend time with me instead of her bff, I looked and saw my husband willing to wash the little girls hair for me so I could run an errand, I looked and saw that my 11-year-old was asking to help his aunt and her little church class.  I need to keep looking for those blessings.

Go hug your kids and look around you at the things God has blessed you with


2 thoughts on “Blessings, and Looking for Them.

  1. sandra musick says:

    God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and good friends. Good health so I can help my good friends.

  2. Patty says:

    Thankfulness changed my life!

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