The End or Torture, also knows as P.E. class (or gym class)

As I type this, the kids are in bed, most of them before bed time, it was a New Year Miracle, tomorrow is our first day back.  Am I ready, nope, oh sure lunches are half packed, and uniforms are washed, so technically we are ready.  The P.E. uniforms is clean for the 10th grader, and there is no love lost on the fact that in 2 weeks he will be finished with PE until he goes to college.  We have not yet told him he will be required to take a physical education class, or two, once he gets to college, we don’t want to burst his happy little bubble.  He makes no claims to be athletic, and does not even pretend to like the class.  He will still end up with an A because, while he does not like P.E., and he is not gifted athletically, he will try his best in class, participating and dressing out.  I think he might have a uniform burning party in 2 weeks.  Even though he is not athletic, each year his P.E. teachers tell us they love having him in their class, he is funny and surprises them with the things he says.  Sure he will never lift a weight again, and I am positive he will never run laps around a field if he can help it, but, he still had fun in class.  He celebrated when he could bench press the bar, and when they added weight on the bar that was the first thing he shared that night at dinner.  He is proud just to have survived 11 years of P.E. every single school day he has had P.E. and he survived!

Did you jump on the resolution band wagon?  What are you going to do?  I need more pictures of everyday things, so I resolve to take a picture a day.  I know that one day I will look back and see I have missed things, so I hope in taking pictures I won’t forget those little things.  (not going to lie, so far… it is iffy, at best.  I’m shooting a 50% on this goal)

So you know the whole set of cute little wooden sings or magnets or banners that say DO WHAT YOU LOVE or FOLLOW YOUR DREAM or some such sign, supposed to be inspirational.  Well O hates them H A T E S them!  Every time we see one she complains.  Do What You Love?!?!?  Are you kidding me, what if you love doing things that are illegal, what if by Following Your Dreams, you are making immoral choices?!?!  So every time we go into Hob’Lob and she sees one of those cute little signs she complains. Every time.

Go hug your kids, they need your love!




3 thoughts on “The End or Torture, also knows as P.E. class (or gym class)

  1. Christine says:

    I’m with O. I am not a fan. Unfortunately, half my Facebook feed is memes with sayings like that. I never “like” them.
    Yay to the end of PE! And hold up. There’s PE in college?!?

    • overholt8 says:

      All the colleges we have been looking at for C and now for O have a 2 course PE requirement. I took floor hockey and ROCKED it i LOVED it, ended up with more bruises than I could count but it was so fun! Also took an aerobic class, that was the stupidest class ever!

  2. sandra musick says:

    I love how you have such a broad spectrum of people in the family. But tell Mr. R that unless he want to end up looking like some of the people we know, he need to stay active in some way.

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