She is 18, Are You Kidding Me???

100_7838(rev 0)I swear I was just eating the final meal before I was scheduled to be induced.  (Peanut butter, jelly sandwich and chocolate milk) I swear I just way laying in the hospital excited to meet our new baby.  I swear I was just over exaggerating how to say the girl’s name because we spelled it with an O on purpose, a long O to be exact, a long O which says its name…  I swear I was just starving waiting for Keith to get back with food, I swear I was just breathing in her new smell, and worried about ‘girl’ things for her.  I swear it all just happened.  How in the world is she 18?  I was so nervous how was I ever going to be a mom to a girl.  A beautiful take my breath away “it’s a GIRL” how was I ever going to do it. I did not know anything about being a mom to a girl.

Today that girly is 18.  I swear she was just snuggled in my arms, only until her daddy came in the room.  She was a daddy’s girl through and through.  She always was.  Now that she is older, she sometimes chooses me over him.  I am not going to lie, my heart does a leap when she does.

Happy Birthday girly, thanks for making me a mom of girls!  I love you
go hug your kids time moves so very fast


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