Oh, You’re In The Club Too?

You know the feeling when you are struggling as a mom, and you see another mom struggling.  That is the mom club.  We are united together the imperfect, who fiercely love our children even when life is messy and loud.

Some how it feels better to know we are not alone.

We see the teen sigh and roll her eyes as she gets out of her parents car.

We watch the boy walk as far as possible from his parents, as though they have cooties.

We talk with another mother whose child eats as picky as your own child.

We commiserate with a mom whose schedule forces her to miss class activities.

We all feel the pain, but in all honesty as much as we don’t like our own loud and messy life, it is nice to know we are not alone.  The mom club.  Welcome to the club, the parenting is HARD club.  Where one day, I am told that they will appreciate us, and tell us that we did one thing right.

Go hug your kids, and next time you see a mom who is having a hard parenting day, give her a smile, let her know that you are in the same club!

p.s. if you are not yet in the club, just hang on, we will welcome you when you have that hard day!





One thought on “Oh, You’re In The Club Too?

  1. phybil says:

    It is hard to believe they will one day say ” you did a good job mom” or something similar. I had several people tell me that mine would one day appreciate me…during difficult days. Okay…dark, difficult days. But I did hear it and I hear it still, only more often. It makes me happy but how I needed to believe it then! You’re not alone!!!

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