I’ll Pray for You.

Just today a friend shared a heavy burden on her heart, a physical illness with her brother, she asked me to remember him and to be praying for him.  I answered of course I will.

This weekend a friend shared some very sad news with me, and asked me to be praying for her.  I cried when I learned her news and of course I would be praying for her.

It happens all the time, I ask people to pray for my own family, for strength, for choosing a college, for better doctor news, for something to work in my favor, and my friends always respond in a loving manner that they will pray for the situation.

I am well-meaning,  I just do not pray continually, or as much as I think I should.  Oh God knows my heart, He knows the moment by moment happenings in my life, He knows my intentions.  But I can see how I am not praying for my friends who have shared their heart, as much as I would like.  He knows my heart and He knows my mind, it wanders.  The whole close your eyes you can focus better when you pray, nope my own mind distracts me, the sound of my breathing the feel of the socks, the tick of the clock.  It is not really any better if my eyes are open, now I see the distractions.

I have activities in my life that I pray while I do them.  I am a little OCD on my floors and how to clean them.  I do them all on my hands and knees, and while I wash my mind wanders, or it used to.  Years ago, about 9 years now, I spent hours each week on my knees, I had a crawling baby so I had to stay on top of the floors, she put things in her mouth and she was an army style crawler for a long time.  I washed those floors daily.  But while I washed I prayed, and I prayed.  Daily I was literally on my hands and knees praying for dear friends.

My question to you all, is how do you stay on top of your promise to pray.  What do you do?  I am asking because I need a solution to my promise.  Unless I see their picture on facebook or someone mentions something that reminds me of that person, I forget.  Not usually when I first learn the request but as time moves along.  Romans 12:12 says to be “faithful in prayer” and as much as I try, I get distracted.

I need help, ideas really.  Someone out there must have an idea that will help me stick to the promise I made to take their request to the Throne of Jesus.  Colossians 4:2 says to devote yourselves to pray.  I want to, I just need suggestions.  So if you have an idea of how to remember to pray for someone I promised I would pray for, please share it!

Go hug your kids, life is just so uncertain.


3 thoughts on “I’ll Pray for You.

  1. lydialk96 says:

    If your out and about, take a picture on your phone of them. Then if you’re really adventurous you could set a reminder on your phone to remind you to pray for them by scrolling back through your pictures. Sometimes I even use the notes app on my phone to make a note to look back on. Love you! I think We all struggle in some aspect with prayer. Although, can we ever pray too much?😃

  2. sandra musick says:

    I am much like you in that respect, I start the praying then my mind is on tho something else. It doesn’t matter if I am in the dark alone or in a roomful of people. I start to pray then start and stop. I am sure God know more about what I am praying about than I could ever imagine, so I do what I say I will do as often as I can and allow God to do the rest.

  3. Christine says:

    A great priest of ours was once asked how he remembers all of the people who ask him for prayers. He replied, “I can’t. So each time someone asks for prayers, I stop and say a prayer, then lock it in my heart. When I sit down to pray, I ask. God to open my heart and hear all the prayers.” God knows what we need. God knows the plan. The fact that we take a moment to acknowledge all of those people, whether by name or not, is what matters.
    Of course, there are some situations that stick and I have no trouble remembering. Those get named especially, but I don’t see them as any less heard.
    My mind wanders during prayer, too. Even when I am trying to focus. I have found that frequent prayer in short bits all day long is what I can do now, in this stage of life. Someday, circumstances will be different, and so will my way of praying.

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