What Is That Smell?

One morning I was walking little A into school, I parked my giant van (the babies were home with a sick bigger kid) we got out and walked hand in hand my girly and me.  I cherish the time with her because I know how fast time moves along.  So while I am having sweet unicorn rainbow thoughts, she looks up at me with her newly acquired teeth, and sniffs.  A giant boogery sniff.  Smiles at me and says “did you just toot?”  I stopped thinking sweet mom/daughter thoughts.  “what?”  Little A asks again “did you toot?”  I laugh and said “no, baby I did not toot.  Why did you?  Are you trying to get me to smell a big toot?” She shrugs her shoulders and replied with another big sniff, “I did not toot, it must be the cold air.”  Apparently the cold air smells like toot to my 6-year-old kindergartener.  (we stopped in the lobby for kleenex and took care of that boogery sniffer, in case you wondered)

Baby PS has some serious yogurt love going on.  She stands at the refrigerator yelling out ‘yo urt’ to anyone who will listen.  She gets in at meal times, because IF I let her, she would eat the entire 6 pack of baby yogurt in one day.  One afternoon she was asking for yogurt, and I told her no, offered a book as distraction and walked away.  She came to me all snuggles and 2-year-old wiggles.  I was playing with her and asked “PS Who do you love?”  she smiled a big silly smile, with a twinkle in her eyes she answered “YO URT” while laughing.  I asked again she then told me over and over “E”  or “yo urt” laughing the whole time.  I could not convince her to say ‘mama’ that little stinker already knows how to work a crowd.

During a lively dinner conversation, about nothing but about everything, most were talking over the other, and some were just sitting watching.  Little A had already made her after dinner lap rotation and was back to the chair next to me.  She raised her hand and waited patiently for about 10 seconds then whispered to me that she needed a turn, at the lull in the conversation I interjected that it was Little A’s turn, she had something to say.  Everyone looked expectantly at her, she raised up her right hand with 3 fingers showing, then raised up her left hand with 4 fingers showing.  We all waited.  She looked around the table “thirty-four” smiled and sat back down.  After a full second of everyone trying to process what she was telling us, we waited, she started laughing so we did too.  After that every so often someone would hold up 3 fingers and 4 fingers.

I took a van load of 6th grade boys to an activity recently, my job was to transport them to the arcade.  I loaded up seven 12-year-old boys, and off we went.  O was with me, R gave me a ‘Better you than me’ thumbs up as the boys loaded in our bus.  The ride was surprisingly quiet for 7 boys, unless I am so used to riding with 7 kids I did not notice any difference.  Oh sure some forgot there was an adult in the car as one child tried to make arm fart noises, but all in all it was a pleasant ride.  We sat through 6 cycles on light, as a train crossed the road, when we arrived to our destination the boys were heard singing with gusto “we’re going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship, going through the night little Einstein’s.”  O looked at me and we just smiled.  The ride home was a little more noisy as one of the boys won two plastic pigs that made an oink noise when squeezed.  His parents are going to LOVE that prize!

The baby loves to call for her people, she will cup her hands around and over her mouth as she calls out for which ever person she needs.  One night she had her hands cupped around her mouth and was calling out  “Keith” over and over, she was looking for her daddy but our 2-year-old is going on 16…

Go hug your kids, enjoy the arm farts and the smell of toots, because time moves too fast and you can’t get that missed hug back!




I Need You.

You know the sound of the voice and the urgency in the tone.

Mom, I NEED…

So many times it makes my skin crawl, my ears cringe, and my body sigh… Now what?

Mom I Need…

“Mom, I need you, my head hurts and I cannot stop shaking.” I opened my eyes to see my tall child standing over me, I blinked a few times to be sure it was not a weird dream, I climbed out of bed and found him some ibuprofen.  He was experiencing his first migraine.

When I went to wake the kids for school I heard, ‘Mom I need more Tylenol, my head still hurts.”  J has had a headache for over 2 weeks now, we are trying chiropractic care to see if that is the source of the headache. (Turns out he might have a mild concussion from a basketball game, we are waiting more testing to be sure)

Last week was the 100th day of school for little A.  “Mom I need a costume to make me 100 years older.”  So the night before I was in Party City buying silver hair spray.  We were a little late getting to school, as I was hurrying her along, she replied “Hey I’m a little old lady, we can’t go that fast” I quipped back, “just don’t break a hip.”image

I got a text right after drop off. “Mom I need you to go pick up the pictures from Sam’s Club.”
I dropped the pictures off with O’s Art teacher so they could prepare her portfolio.

Back home both boys were laying on the couches now, trying to watch tv.  R said as long as his head did not change elevation or he did not move his eyes than his head did not hurt.  Sitting down to watch with them we saw C park his dad’s moped in the gate, he came limping into the house.

“Mom, I need your help, I was run off the road and I need you to help me.”  I jumped up to clean and care for the wound.  It was pretty gross, not huge but the 2 spots on his knee are pretty deep,  It is very nasty, and I was sure he would be sore the next day.  He was run off the road by a black Lexis, they did not stop, he crashed into the median, no other driver stopped.  My poor boy had to get his sore, bruised, and bleeding self up off the ground, upright the moped, and then come home for me to clean it for him.  While the road rash is minor on one leg, the left knee looks terrible, it is deep and bruised, bleeding, and will take a very long time to heal, multiple layers of skin were removed.  I am so very thankful that he is okay, sore, bruised and bleeding but will be okay.

“Mom I need my uniform washed”

“Mom I need to go to the chiropractor in a few minutes”

“Mom I need to be at school at 6”

“Mom we need snacks for our trip”

Mom I need…

 I can appreciate that I am needed all the time.  I was reminded that my kids still need their mom for the little and big things.  I was the one the injured kid came to, I was the one who rescued the dirty uniform, and I was the one who made sure they did not need anything before they left for their trip.

It is nice to be needed, I just need to remind myself that I should be thankful that they come to me still, and they all still need me.

Go hug your kids and look for the thankful in being needed.