I Need You.

You know the sound of the voice and the urgency in the tone.

Mom, I NEED…

So many times it makes my skin crawl, my ears cringe, and my body sigh… Now what?

Mom I Need…

“Mom, I need you, my head hurts and I cannot stop shaking.” I opened my eyes to see my tall child standing over me, I blinked a few times to be sure it was not a weird dream, I climbed out of bed and found him some ibuprofen.  He was experiencing his first migraine.

When I went to wake the kids for school I heard, ‘Mom I need more Tylenol, my head still hurts.”  J has had a headache for over 2 weeks now, we are trying chiropractic care to see if that is the source of the headache. (Turns out he might have a mild concussion from a basketball game, we are waiting more testing to be sure)

Last week was the 100th day of school for little A.  “Mom I need a costume to make me 100 years older.”  So the night before I was in Party City buying silver hair spray.  We were a little late getting to school, as I was hurrying her along, she replied “Hey I’m a little old lady, we can’t go that fast” I quipped back, “just don’t break a hip.”image

I got a text right after drop off. “Mom I need you to go pick up the pictures from Sam’s Club.”
I dropped the pictures off with O’s Art teacher so they could prepare her portfolio.

Back home both boys were laying on the couches now, trying to watch tv.  R said as long as his head did not change elevation or he did not move his eyes than his head did not hurt.  Sitting down to watch with them we saw C park his dad’s moped in the gate, he came limping into the house.

“Mom, I need your help, I was run off the road and I need you to help me.”  I jumped up to clean and care for the wound.  It was pretty gross, not huge but the 2 spots on his knee are pretty deep,  It is very nasty, and I was sure he would be sore the next day.  He was run off the road by a black Lexis, they did not stop, he crashed into the median, no other driver stopped.  My poor boy had to get his sore, bruised, and bleeding self up off the ground, upright the moped, and then come home for me to clean it for him.  While the road rash is minor on one leg, the left knee looks terrible, it is deep and bruised, bleeding, and will take a very long time to heal, multiple layers of skin were removed.  I am so very thankful that he is okay, sore, bruised and bleeding but will be okay.

“Mom I need my uniform washed”

“Mom I need to go to the chiropractor in a few minutes”

“Mom I need to be at school at 6”

“Mom we need snacks for our trip”

Mom I need…

 I can appreciate that I am needed all the time.  I was reminded that my kids still need their mom for the little and big things.  I was the one the injured kid came to, I was the one who rescued the dirty uniform, and I was the one who made sure they did not need anything before they left for their trip.

It is nice to be needed, I just need to remind myself that I should be thankful that they come to me still, and they all still need me.

Go hug your kids and look for the thankful in being needed.




One thought on “I Need You.

  1. A great perspective to have. Food for thought. Thanks!

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