In The End Her Balloon Popped

The day was just not her day.  We should have known from the beginning, as we were walking out the door to go to school, the girly was not yet dressed for school.  At departure time while everyone was scrambling out the door, O walked past me and said “you might want to go up and help her.”  I went up the stairs to find her trapped in her dress, it was twisted, and her arm and head were fighting for the same hole.  I rescued her, grabbed a bow and a hair band, she grabbed her back pack, and rain boots (it was not raining or even predicted to rain.)
We made it to school.

After school my sister dropped the girly and her brother at home, I was not yet home.  By the time I arrived she had her blanket in her arms and tears in her eyes.  Mario Cart racing is not her thing, she cries every time she plays, the boys like to play it often, she begs to play, they resist but eventually give in to her sweet smile, and her big blue eyes, their NO breaks down.  After about a minute into the game she is crying and they are telling her that she must finish, no quitting.  Which makes the crying harder, louder, and more ugly.

She came to me for comfort, I cut her out of the game, took the her along with the baby to Publix to get dinner, spaghetti was her choice.

At Publix somehow the cart fell on top of her as she was climbing in.  I pulled the cart loose, and as I was turning it she was climbing into the cart.  As it fell people came rushing.  The sweetest Bagger who was on the other side of the carts rushed over, grabbing managers on the way.  There was a man in a red shirt, I handed the baby to him as he righted the cart, (he promptly put her into the cart for me, she was so stunned that a stranger was holding her, she did not even move) a grandma was making soothing noises, another man was trying to see if I needed anything, and I was picking up a 6-year-old who has grown more than I realized in the past few months.  She had her ear smashed by the cart.  Two different managers came rushing to see if she was okay, to be sure Publix was not at fault and the cart was not the fault, I assure them that it was fine, the cart and the store were fine, and the girly would be fine.  Taking a minute or two, and assessing her injuries she determined she would be fine, or maybe the baggers promise of a balloon was the answer?  We quickly made our way around the store, and went to get our balloons at the end.  The assistant manager was sweet and kind, letting her pick a balloon out, and letting the baby pick a balloon, choosing the string was important and he knew it.  We checked out and she gave more smiles and some giggles to the original Bagger who walked out with us.  On our way home she chatted happily.  She ran into the house with her balloon closely following her.  She stopped in the kitchen to tell her daddy about her new balloon, when it flew up to the ceiling.  A loud ugly sound, followed by more crying.  Poor girly, never saw it coming.

Dad carried her to the dining room to snuggle and talk with her.  Tears were over when she was promised a new balloon.  As she was walking back to the kitchen she walked backwards into O on her skate board and scratched her leg.  More tears.

Trying on a new dress, more tears.

I left when they were eating dinner, I assume the evening was uneventful, when I got home she was sleeping.

What about you, have you had a balloon make everything better?  Ever have a shopping cart fall on you?
Go hug your kids, and pick up a red balloon it makes everything better, even a shopping cart bruise on your ear.



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