The eyes do not lie.

It is official, I am old, I can continue to claim that I am 36, but in reality my eyes do not lie.  I have 20/20 vision.  Except when reading.  Actually reading small print.  Or anything, I guess I should say,  school papers, mothers day cards, notes from the kids, my phone, price tags, or most importantly books… I can read street signs from 2 blocks away, I can read the cards at the zoo, but I cannot read a book.  Not easily, and not with enjoyment, now that my arms are not nearly long enough to hold a book and read.imageGlasses are a silly thing to be vain about.

I did not realize how tired my eyes were, until we were playing a game with friends, the dining room is dim, and the game cards were small, my arm was not long enough.  She gave me her readers.  Those silly readers were great!  A few days later I was at Target, struggling to read the exp date on my coupons, I picked up a pair of readers, the 1.0 level and I could see the date.  I bought those readers.  imageI cannot walk around in them, I cannot drive, they make me very dizzy to do anything but read, but who needs to walk around while they are reading.  Unless of course you are SPEED READER from the GREAT SPACE COASTER.
I am not.
I have more than four pair, I just keep buying them from the Dollar Store, but as fast as I buy them I lose them…  I mostly wear them on top of my head, until they fall off, this is how I look almost every day, Wearing them on top of my head also works like a headband, keeping the fly away hair off my face.

image(Don’t judge the selfie, bathroom lighting is the best!)

The eyes don’t lie, but at least I can read now.
go hug your kids, they need your love!